Optical Fiber Connector

Definition - What does Optical Fiber Connector mean?

An optical fiber connector is a flexible device that connects fiber cables requiring a quick connection and disconnection. Optical fibers terminate fiber-optic connections to fiber equipment or join two fiber connections without splicing. Hundreds of optical fiber connector types are available, but the key differentiator is defined by a type's mechanical coupling techniques and dimensions.

An optical fiber connector is also known as a fiber optic connector.

Techopedia explains Optical Fiber Connector

Optical fiber connectors were introduced with fiber optic technology in the 1980s. Commonly used fiber connectors include the SC connector, FC connector, ST connector, FDDI connector, LC fiber connector and E2000 connector.

Most fiber connectors are spring loaded. Main components include a ferrule, sub-assembly body, cable, stress relief boot and connector housing.

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