Definition - What does Gingerbread mean?

Gingerbread is the Google Android 2.3/2.3.3 platform. It is part of an open-source software stack released in 2010 and designed to improve the speed of Android mobile products. It comes with improved features over previous Android versions, most of which are named after confections including cupcake, donut and froyo.

It is also referred to as Gingerbread/Android 2.3.

Techopedia explains Gingerbread

In December 2010, Google released a platform for its Android-based products for the Nexus S device known as Gingerbread 2.3. It became available in July of 2011. It is a downloadable upgrade for Froyo 2.2. and was developed in collaboration with Samsung's original equipment manufacturers. It is considered a very fast version of Android with features such as user interface enhancements, Internet calling (Voice over Internet Protocol/Session Initiation Protocol), improvements in copy/paste functions and it also includes a gyroscope sensor.

A Gingerbread software development kit (SDK) is also available for developers. The other features of the Gingerbread platform include more control over applications, near-field communications, vast downloads management and access to multiple cameras including a front-facing camera. Other enhancements include very efficient gaming applications. These are especially advantageous for faster 3D graphics performance.

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