10 Best Crypto Conferences to Attend in 2024


In this article, we review our choices for the 10 best crypto conferences to attend in 2024, with Bitcoin 2024, Paris Blockchain Week, and CONF3RENCE making the list. Most crypto conferences are live-streamed allowing you to attend from anywhere in the world — but much more fun and informative in person!

As 2024 unfolds, the global crypto community eagerly anticipates various influential gatherings poised to shape the industry’s future. From Bitcoin‘s 2024 halving buzz to Ethereum‘s Devcon Southeast Asia tour, these conferences offer unparalleled opportunities to learn, connect, and witness the latest innovations firsthand.

This article compiles a list of the ten best crypto and blockchain conferences to attend in 2024 – do any take your fancy?

The 10 Best Crypto Conferences to Attend in 2024

10. CONF3RENCE- Dortmund, Germany

CONF3RENCE is a cryptocurrency, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI) conference scheduled for 15 May and 16 May 2024. The event will take place in Dortmund, Germany, at an iconic football stadium called Signal Iduna Park.

CONF3RENCE will bring together executives from various industries and explore “exciting possibilities that emerge when bridging the gap between the traditional economy and Web3.”

The speakers include Stefan Ebener of Google, Madison Edgar of Activision Blizzard, Christian Rau of Mastercard, Timo Kistner of Nvidia, Thomas Barkias of European Central Bank, and more.

9. Consensus 2024 – Austin, USA

Consensus is a cryptocurrency and blockchain conference hosted by news agency CoinDesk. The conference features conversations with visionaries within the crypto industry about industry challenges, regulations, a decentralized future, and more.


Consensus 2024 will be held from 29 May to 31 May 2024 in Austin, Texas. The conference will feature keynotes from the industry’s prominent leaders on market-moving topics, programs focusing on finance and investing, crypto learning, fundraising platforms, and an immersive art gallery.

8. TOKEN2049 – Dubai and Singapore

TOKEN2049 is a crypto conference held annually in Dubai and Singapore, which hosts founders and executives of leading web3 companies.

TOKEN2049 will be held in Dubai on 18 April and 19 April 2024. Tyler Winklevoss, CEO of Gemini, Arthur Hayes, founder of BitMex, Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle, and Balaji Srinivasan, former CTO of Coinbase, are expected to take the stage at TOKEN2049, Dubai.

TOKEN2049 will be held in Singapore on 18 and 19 September 2024.

7. Paris Blockchain Week – Paris, France

Paris Blockchain Week is a five-day annual blockchain conference that brings together business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and developers from the blockchain, Web3, and finance industry.

The fifth edition of Paris Blockchain Week will be held between 8 April and 12 April 2024 in Paris, France. Key speakers at the event include Mihailo Bjelic of Polygon, Yat Siu of Animoca Brands, Tadge Dryja of Lightning Network, and Claire Calmejane of Societe Generale. Paris Blockchain Week will discuss decentralized finance adoption trends, artificial intelligence, web3 brands, NFT gaming, enterprise blockchain, crypto regulations, and more.

6. NFT NYC – New York, USA

NFT NYC is among the biggest crypto conferences that celebrates the world of non-fungible tokens (NFT). NFT NYC 2024 will be held in Times Square and Hudson Yards in New York from 3 April to 5 April 2024. The event will cover art, gaming, entertainment, community building, and more.

NFT NYC drew crowds of over 15,000 in 2022. However, the response was lukewarm in 2023 as the crypto bear market doused the NFT hype. The NFT world will be looking to make a comeback in 2024.

5. Crypto and Digital Assets Summit – London, UK

Crypto and Digital Assets Summit is a crypto conference hosted by the Financial Times (FT). The event will be held on 8 May and 9 May 2024 in London, UK.

The FT-hosted event will host thought leaders in the crypto sector and invite central bank officials, traditional banking executives, and government regulatory bodies. The summit will address key topics, including real-world crypto applications, the use of distributed ledgers in traditional finance, the role of stablecoins, crypto regulations, and more.

4. WOW Summit – Hong Kong

WOW Summit will be held in Hong Kong on 26 March and 27 March 2024. The 2024 edition of the WOW Summit presents an excellent opportunity to get an inside view of crypto developments in an Asian city that is slowly becoming a major global crypto hub.

The event is expected to attract more than 7,000 attendees, 100 speakers, and investors from across the globe. Among the speakers are Chinese government officials who may give listeners clues about the future of crypto regulation in Hong Kong.

3. ETHDenver – Denver, USA

ETHDenver is the largest web3 hackathon in the world for Ethereum developers. The event will be held between 23 February and 3 March 2024 in Denver, Colorado, USA. ETHDenver will see blockchain companies worldwide host live workshops, tech presentations, and boot camps. Developers will get the chance to build decentralized apps, team up with peers, share ideas, and learn from industry veterans.

SporkDAO is the community-owned organization behind ETHDenver. SporkDAO will raise a $10 million fund, which will be deployed into projects emerging from ETHDenver 2024.

2. Devcon – Southeast Asia

Devcon is Ethereum’s most significant annual conference. The Ethereum Foundation hosts the event. At Devcon, the crypto industry’s thought leaders will come together to teach the community and discuss the industry’s future. Devcon will also host workshop rooms, dedicated co-work areas, bookable meeting spaces, and hacker basements for people to come together to meet and work.

Devcon 7 will go to Southeast Asia after a one-year gap following Devcon 6, held in Bogota, Columbia, in 2022. The dates and venue for Devcon 7 have not been finalized, but the Ethereum Foundation’s blog suggests that the event will probably be held in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam. Ethereum Foundation has asked local communities to propose locations for Devcon 7.

1. Bitcoin 2024 – Nashville, USA

Every year, the Bitcoin faithful pilgrimage to an annual Bitcoin conference to bond over their shared love for Bitcoin. The annual Bitcoin conference hosted by Bitcoin Magazine has been the crypto industry’s largest annual conference over the last decade. In 2023, the conference drew a crowd of over 15,000 as US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy starred as the event’s key speaker.

The upcoming Bitcoin 2024 conference will be held in Nashville, USA, from 25 July to 27 July 2024. There is extra excitement about the 2024 edition as Bitcoin approaches its halving event. Bitcoin supporters and event organizers hope the halving event can prop up Bitcoin prices to create a buoyant mood at Bitcoin 2024.

The Bottom Line

There are so many crypto conferences that you can attend in 2024. If you think the above events are too Bitcoin and Ethereum-oriented, you can participate in annual conferences of your favorite altcoin project.

Solana hosts the Breakpoint conference annually. Cardano celebrates the Cardano Summit every year; similarly, the NEAR foundation organizes NEARCON to recognize past achievements and announce new goals. The list is endless.

The best part is that you can attend almost all crypto conferences remotely, as these events are live-streamed, allowing you to be part of the community from anywhere in the world.


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