Hadoop in Transition: From Proof-of-Concept to Production

Early success stories highlight the potential benefits of adopting the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, and within the past few years, a growing number of organizations have launched programs to evaluate, pilot, and integrate Hadoop into the enterprise.

Our recent research survey sought to solicit information about the Hadoop adoption and productionalization process, and to provide insight into the current state of integration among a variety of organizations spanning different industries and levels of both individual and corporate experience.

The results of the survey, presented in this research report, revealed some noteworthy findings including answers to:

  • What are the anticipated usage scenarios for Hadoop in the enterprise?
  • What components of the Hadoop ecosystem have been piloted within the organization?
  • What components have been fully integrated within business applications?
  • How long have the applications been in production?
  • What resources were required for application development and implementation?
  • What were some of the challenges in design, development, and implementation?
  • How do the tools and the vendors meet expectations?
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