Controlling Costs in the Cloud: 8 Things Every CIO Must Consider

The age-old idiom, “you’ve got your head in the clouds,” denotes someone who is out of touch, unrealistic and impractical. But the mystical nature of the term “cloud” has changed in the business world.

Today, businesses are scrambling to get their enterprises in the cloud to be in touch with the world, stay competitive and remain relevant. Certifications such as AWS and Azure are two of the hottest fields of study as aspiring young IT talent strive to accelerate their careers and veteran staff endeavor to keep up with exponential technological change.

Today it pays to know everything possible about the cloud.

In this paper, we will discuss why business is consumed by the cloud today and what the potential payoff is of delving into this new architecture. We will examine what it is about the cloud that has business and IT leaders convinced of its cost savings. We will then introduce eight things that every CIO must consider when it comes to controlling costs in the cloud.

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