5 Steps to Setting Up a Remote Work Infrastructure

While many research firms have proclaimed (for many years) UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) as the future of device management, Gartner now believes UEM remains three to five years away for most organizations - something that was also predicted three to five years ago. This is the result of very different structures built to manage each respective device and ecosystem.

Microsoft solutions are a natural extension for the Windows ecosystem. Google is investing further in its own ecosystem. And Jamf is the standard in Apple Enterprize Management (AEM). There is no "best" for unified endpoints and with Forrester citing that less than 5% of organizations use UEM, many are searching for the right solution to fit their needs and their ecosystem.

Are you one of them?

There are many reasons for switching mobile device management (MDM) solutions. Whether your current provider doesn't provide the support you expect or you simply require a more robust tool, switching vendors doesn't have to be overwhelming or painful.

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