The New Movement: Bringing Analytics to the Data

The speed of business today calls for serious investment in advanced analytics. Many of the critical decisions that drive innovation must be made within shorter time windows than ever. That requires an architectural approach that brings the analytics to the data, not the other way around. Technologies like in-memory and in-database analytics can make this happen, thus expediting time to value, and giving companies a competitive edge for data-driven decisions.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear veteran Analysts Mike Ferguson of Intelligent Business Strategies and Dez Blanchfield, as they outline the trajectory of analytical capabilities for today’s most cutting-edge organizations. They’ll be briefed by Tho Nguyen of Teradata, who will demonstrate how in-database and in-memory solutions can tackle a wide range of analytical needs across numerous industries. He’ll also explain how these new architectures can minimize data movement, improve data governance and greatly enhance analytics performance.