Harnessing the Firehose: Getting Business Value from Streaming Analytics

Do you feel the pace of business quickening? That’s the reality in the analytics world, as companies continue to shorten the time window between data acquisition and analytical business value. A range of market factors are forcing the hands of decision-makers across several industries: retailers trying to satisfy customer needs in Web-time; banks and insurance companies working to prevent fraud; manufacturers aiming to avoid machine downtime; telcos trying to minimize churn. The business needs are all over the map.

Hear veteran Analysts Dr. Robin Bloor and Dez Blanchfield, as they examine the fundamentals of streaming analytics, and how today’s leading-edge technologies can solve business problems at network speed. They’ll be briefed by Anand Venugopal of Impetus Technologies, who will showcase his company’s platform, StreamAnalytix, which is designed to accommodate the variety of streaming analytics engines available today. He’ll explain how their mission to accelerate and ‘future-proof’ streaming analytical functionality is generating results.