A Roadmap for Hadoop Success: Lessons from the Parallel Past

Hadoop is hard, in part because it’s being used in ways that were not envisioned during its design. As with any distributed computing system, Hadoop’s complexity renders manual tuning largely ineffective. And as the environment gets more complex, manual efforts to manage and control cluster activity only get less practical.

Register for the inaugural 2016 Tech Lab Webcast to hear from Hadoop visionary and Data Scientist Dez Blanchfield, as he explains why automation is the key to making clusters hum. He’ll be joined by Kirk Lewis of Pepperdata, who will demonstrate why distributed computing brings its own set of challenges that extend beyond the kind of tuning often used in the database world. This event will kick off a series of Webcasts in 2016 as Blanchfield takes Pepperdata into the Lab and tests it against all manner of workloads.