Application Running Slowly? Time to Get Precise

Who hasn’t heard this complaint? “Our system is running slowly right now.” It’s a universal challenge across every industry, but the solution is often unique. That’s mostly because enterprise systems grow more complex by the day. Where is the problem? In the application? The database? The network? Being able to analyze the complete IT stack is the only sure-fire way to solve today’s performance issues. Register for this episode of Hot Technologies to hear Analyst Eric Kavanagh, and Data Scientist Dez Blanchfield explain why troubleshooting in today’s world requires a comprehensive approach. They’ll be briefed by Bill Ellis of IDERA, who will showcase his company’s Precise Application Performance Platform, which enables end-to-end transaction visibility across multiple platforms. He’ll also explain how the underpinning database stores contextual details to correlate transactions with business issues for a whole range of applications, including SAP, PeopleSoft, and even custom Java apps.

Bill Ellis

IDERA - Precise Systems Engineer

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