Is Hadoop Broken? InsideAnalysis, Episode I

Step inside the analyst chamber to find out what today’s visionaries really think! InsideAnalysis is the new, eponymous show featuring Dr. Robin Bloor, Eric Kavanagh, Steven Swoyer, Dez Blanchfield, Mark Madsen, Rick Sherman and other free-wheeling industry leaders opening up about how they *really* feel! In this first episode, we’ll talk about what’s happening with Hadoop. Did Cloudera’s Tom Reilly really ask Intel for another $Billion to build a #BigData cloud? Is Hortonworks going to be profitable any time soon? What’s up with MapR and the $50 million they just raised? What about Spark? IBM built their whole big data stack on that engine; but what does Databricks get out of that deal? And then there’s this: SAP to buy Altiscale for $125 million? #GameChanger.

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