A Philosophy of Data: Power of the Platform

The concept of data management implies order and precision, but veteran practitioners know the importance of keeping an open mind. The lifecycle of data – which spans the arc of discovery, integration, migration, governance and analysis – involves many touch points and a range of rules, any of which can introduce problems. This array of challenges speaks to the value of leveraging an end-to-end platform, a marshaling area for data and the policies that drive its use. Register for this special Research Webcast with The Bloor Group and IRI, The CoSort Company, to learn from industry visionaries about the value of a platform approach. Host Eric Kavanagh will moderate presentations by Dr. Robin Bloor and IRI’s David Friedland, as they explore the pillars of data management, and discuss ways that organizations can design solutions in IRI’s new Voracity data management platform that make sense for their needs. This webcast culminates the Philosophy of Data podcast series that featured interviews with a half-dozen experts about the rational investigation and application of the truths and principles of data.