The Data-Native Analytics Architecture: Seeing Is Believing

In many ways, moving data is like moving furniture: it’s an unpleasant process dubbed an occasional necessary evil. But as the data pipelines of old decay, a new reality is taking shape: the data-native architecture. Unlike traditional data processing for BI and Analytics, this approach works on data right where it lives, thus eliminating the pain of forklifting, narrowing the margin of error, and expediting the time to business benefit. Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear veteran Analyst Mark Madsen of Third Nature explain why this shift is truly tectonic. He’ll be briefed by Steve Wooledge of Arcadia Data who will showcase his company’s technology, which leverages a data-native analytics architecture to fuel rapid-fire visualization and analysis of both big data and small in modern data platforms such as data lakes, hubs, and cloud environments.