Plan for Success: Using Process Models to Achieve Business Goals

No one ever plans to fail, right? The question in business is always: how do you effectively plan for success? One of the most efficient methods focuses on breaking down organizational silos to address inefficiencies and optimize processes. Whether for operations, sales, marketing or other areas, the key is to understand how the business runs by capturing the relevant data, then modeling the critical processes. This is especially true in today’s information economy. How can your business plan for success? Register for this episode of Hot Technologies to find out! Analyst Eric Kavanagh of The Bloor Group offer insights on the value, challenges and critical components of process modeling. He’ll be briefed by Kim Brushaber of IDERA, who will discuss the importance of business process modeling, and demonstrate how ER/Studio Business Architect helps companies map and model the relationships between processes, people and data to successfully achieve their business goals.