Automatic Value: The Future of Data Warehousing Is Here

The prevailing winds of innovation emanate from the cloud these days. The big questions tend to focus on how, rather than when or whether. Successful companies are discovering that automation is the critical success factor. By automating the key processes for designing and loading a data warehouse, the time to value is expedited, and manual errors are minimized. That’s music to the ears of data-driven companies. Register for this episode of Deep Dive to learn from two of the leading innovators in the realm cloud-based data warehousing. Wherescape’s Jason Laws and Snowflake’s Todd Beauchene will demonstrate how their partnership paves the way for the future of data warehousing, today. They’ll be joined by Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh, who will engage them in detailed dialogue about how this collaboration is taking data warehousing to the next level.