Is your IT department ready for bring your own device (BYOD)? If not, be afraid: You are already being silently stalked by IT ninjas bearing their own mobile devices. These covert employees are savvy, silent and likely to have management among their ranks. And when it comes to using their their super-sweet tablets and smartphones for work, they won't take no for an answer.

That leaves IT with one choice and one choice only: To meet the ninjas' demands before they flip out and take everyone down with them. The "consumerization of IT" is in the works, and IT is powerless to stop it. The only choice for IT is to ally with the ninjas to effect a smooth transformation in IT. This infographic from Wikibon shows how ninjas can put companies at risk - and what IT can do stay on their good side. (You can also read our in-depth piece on the subject, BYOT: What It Means for IT.)


Source: Wikibon Infographics