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INFOGRAPHIC: How Damaged Smartphones Cause Billions in Losses

By Techopedia Staff
Published: May 3, 2013 | Last updated: February 9, 2021 09:38:50

Unlike many of the other electronic devices we own, a smartphone is one expensive piece of equipment few of us keep in a safe place. Instead, we carry these little screens everywhere with us. And while we get to enjoy the benefits of constant connectivity - and perhaps a game of "Angry Birds" while we're waiting in the grocery checkout line - there are also some consequences: Our phones get dropped, scratched, stepped on, run over and suffer countless other indignities to the tune of millions of dollars of losses each year. This infographic from has all kinds of interesting data about how and when smartphones get broken - and by whom. Check it out. And if you're reading this on your smartphone ... beware!


Cell Phone Smartphone Damage Prevention Infographic Cracked: The Economics of Smartphone Damage

Cracked: The Economics Of Smartphone Damage via Wireless Emporium


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Written by Techopedia Staff

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