Some people like the funky new iPhone 5c cases, but nearly everyone else has come to the same conclusion: They look like the love child of a "Connect Four" game and an Andy Warhol cheese grater. I think they look cool as a collection, but on their own, they're a bit, well, obnoxious.

But while the iPhone 5c cases aren't to everyone's taste, they're hardly the worst looking iPhone cases out there. Here are a few of the strangest ones we could find.

Got a weird or ugly iPhone case of your own? Tweet it to us @Techopedia with the hashtag #uglyiphonecase. Or, if one of our picks is among your favorites, we'd love to hear why.

Would You Pick This One?

This quirky case has a similar palette to the 5c case, but something just doesn't smell right ...

The HANA iPhone case by P+G Design

Geek Status Symbol

We're on the fence about whether this is cool ... or just creepy. What we can't argue with, though, is that it's a great way to display your "Star Wars" nerd cred to world. This time, Han Solo comes sealed up as a prize for your smartphone-toting satisfaction. Take that, Jabba the Hutt! (Check out

Star Wars Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite iPhone 4 Case, FineArtDesigns,

Crustacean-Based Calling

Hold this lobstah up to yah face as you ordah yah chowdah. Or ... not.

Lobster Mobile Phone Case by Noddy Boffin

Because Survival Is Sexy

This case is weatherproof, shock-proof ... bulletproof? In pink, it looks like something Paris Hilton might carry ... if she ever joins the military. You can also design your own in other custom colors. Hilton would approve.

Griffin Survivor IPhone Custome Case for iPhone 5/5s

Top Banana

Announce to the world that you've gone bananas with this fruity case.

Big Banana 3D Case for iPhone for iPhone 5,

This $%*! Is Bananas

In case that last one is a little too big to fit into your pocket (is that an iPhone in your pocket or ...?), here's one that looks like the love child of Nyan Cat, the mustache meme and a banana.

Cute Mustache Banana iPhone Case,

The Brick

If you're too young to remember how big cellphones used to be, you're young enough for this retro iPhone case.

'80s Retro iPhone Case,

The Waterworks

Capture Kim Kardashian's infamous cry-face on your iPhone. Why? Because you can.

Kim Kardashian iPhone Case for iPhone 5,

Packing Heat

Think the TSA has been going too easy on you when you travel? It’s because you’re packing the wrong iPhone case! Get wrestled to the ground faster than you can scream "unnecessary use of force!" with this li'l beaut.

Pistol iPhone Case,


Live long and prosper with this Spock case for the iPhone.

Spock Ear iPhone 4/4s Case,

DIY Design

After looking through all these strange iPhone covers, I wondered who really needs these pricey add-ons anyway. So, I made my own from household goods. It protects 360°, doesn’t obstruct the screen, and is fully functional, including sound amplification. I'm calling it the "Lord of the Flies" design. Its components include:

  • 1 drinking straw
  • 1 adhesive bandage
  • 1 rubber band
  • 1 shoelace
  • 1 business card, tapered at each end
  • Clear tape
  • 1 ketchup packet (for shock resistance)

Got a weird or ugly iPhone case of your own? Tweet it to us @Techopedia with the hashtag #uglyiphonecase. Or, if one of our picks is among your favorites, we'd love to hear why.