6 Cool Ways Companies Are Using Google Enterprise


Businesses, schools and nonprofits are taking advantage of the vast product tool set known as Google Enterprise.

Organizations are "going Google" with the vast product suite for businesses, schools and nonprofits that includes Chrome, Gmail, Google Apps and Google Drive. Here, we’ll discuss six cool ways companies are using Google Enterprise.

Chromebooks Replacing Laptops

Moving to Chromebooks, versus traditional laptops, could mean huge savings for an organization. If a company has "gone Google," most of the work should be browser based. Traditional laptops actually have a lot of functionality that is no longer necessary; this lowers integration and user adoption while increasing support tickets.

Chromebooks are lightweight and meant to be almost completely browser based and mobile. Simplicity, mobility and integration are wonderful benefits, but the biggest enterprise advantage is cost. In 2013, Chromebooks are going for between $275 and $450. For a 30,000-person organization, choosing the HP Chromebook or the Lenovo ThinkPad could mean up to $12.6 million in cost savings. This is just a guess, but most managers would love to hear the tune of this kind of savings.

Everything Through One Integrated Browser

If you have ever been involved in tech support, common questions are: "What browser are you using, and what version is it?" Not all companies can get rid of Internet Explorer (IE) or Firefox, but using Chrome for 90 percent of your staff members’ daily work eases the struggles of certain processes that may work in one browser, but not another. The other benefit is the integration of the toolset in the browser. Directly from the browser, you have Google Plus, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar and a slew of other apps at your fingertips with the click of a button. You no longer need to favorite or remember 20 different URLs; just open a new tab and get working.

Hangouts Instead of Conference Calls

I cannot stand conference calls and strongly believe that half of the message in a conversation is in body language. Google Hangout now gives you the ability to see the person or group you are talking to with ease. As long as you have the bandwidth, Google Hangout gives you the personal connection that is often missing during conference calls while reducing or eliminating the need for expensive flights to remote locations.

Also, think of an international company where you might have several direct reports overseas or hundreds of miles away. Talking over the phone one-on-one doesn’t always do justice to a conversation, whereas a quick Hangout is much more productive and allows you to understand the person you are working with on a higher level.


Removing Microsoft Office and Freeing Workers From Their Cubicles

WhyMicrosoft is a current Microsoft campaign against Google and other providers. The agenda is to explain why people are choosing Microsoft over Google, and the focus is on Microsoft Office over Google Docs. Microsoft does make a good point: Google Docs cannot do everything like Microsoft Office can. However, what Microsoft is missing is that Google isn’t trying to be a clone of Microsoft products. Google chooses to be simple and lightweight, as it enables mobility and lowers complexity.

I think it’s a fair assumption to say that we often tend to over-complicate our work. Google takes a step back and improves the work process, focusing on interactions between people, rather than file outcomes.

Using the Google Brand to Energize Company Culture

Nearly everyone knows the Google brand. It was a funny conversation when Google came to my company, and this question was asked: "How do we brand our ‘Going Google’ communication material?" Their answer was simple: "Use our branding." Google has a point. Why try to go out of your way to create a brand that resonates with your employees when the Google brand can do that out of the box? When people heard we were going Google and we started putting up posters and handing out materials, they ate it up. I think using the Google brand allows a company culture to move quickly and significantly improve user adoption.

Work Anywhere With Enhanced Mobility

Corporate leaders love to stress the importance of their sales force. I think it makes sense to enable that sales force with the correct equipment and tools. So, why are people still walking around with BlackBerries trying to get their work done? Androids and iPhones are taking over, and Google Apps works well with both.

Android devices obviously have the best integration, but iPhones are not far behind. The huge benefit is having your work at your fingertips, whether on a cellphone or tablet. Google has made a conscious effort to improve its mobile functionality – especially the ability to write and work on mobile devices – by integrating Quickoffice with their suite. I have done multiple tests on my phone while working in Google Drive and Google Docs, and it’s improving all the time.


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