Wearable tech is all the rage - and Halloween is a veritable runway for these fun, scary and innovative costumes and designs. (Learn more about wearable tech in Fashion for the Uber-Geek: Wearable Technology.)

Here are our five spooktacular favorites. Enjoy, and happy Halloween!

Gut Ripping iPhone Halloween Costume + 17 More Hi-Tech Costumes

In 2012, former NASA engineer Mark Rober's "iPad2 Halloween Costume-Gaping Hole in Torso" was a viral sensation. Rober's latest creation is a little spookier but well worth the watch.

Baby LED Light Suit Halloween Costume

Royce Hutain made this LED light suit for his little girl. By popular demand, Hutain is prepping to take orders for shipment in 2014. For more info, visit LEDbaby.com.

Electronic Demon Costume - How To!

On a lark, Phil Burgess created his electronic demon costume. A huge hit and currently in beta testing, Burgess is working on the final masterpiece. The code for the LED mask with voice is in the adavoice repository on Github.

High-Tech Halloween Display

After graduating from Lawrence Tech University with a B.S. in Engineering Technology, Stephen Charles created an interactive Halloween display much like those at at Disney Land.

The Ellen Show - Wearable Technology

Daytime TV talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres presented some of her wearable tech ideas on a recent episode.