Web Roundup: Big Data Is Winning the Hearts of Children, Lovers and Lawyers

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Big data is everywhere, but is there anything it can't do? It's all here in our roundup of the best articles across the Web.

The world is becoming increasingly disrupted by big data. It’s everywhere, including in theme parks, our relationships and in the courtroom. But are there some things that big data can’t do? It’s all here in this week’s Web roundup, where we pull together some of the best, most interesting content from around the Web.

Big Data: It’s Not Just About Making Companies More Efficient

With all the talk of big data helping companies learn more about target markets, many analysts and authors forget the people who truly benefit in the end – the consumers. According to Cebit.de., consumers might feel like their privacy is being intruded upon, but in some cases, big data may make their experience doing business much better.

There’s Magic in It

Big data is truly magical – at least when it comes to your time in the Magic Kingdom of Disney. John Foreman, the chief data scientist at MailChimp recently spent a weekend in Disney World with his wife and three sons. Combining his passion for big data with his love of family, he recounted his trip and his experience with the newly launched MagicBand for Gigaom.com. The power of big data in the real world is nothing less than astounding.

Looking for Your Love Match?

Big data might be able to help – at least that’s what advertisers keep telling us. Could all these algorithms and tests put in place by massive dating sites really be all that’s needed to find your soul mate? This article from MedicalXpress.com takes a closer look at the claim that big data could lead to bigger love.

Lawyers Benefit Too

The law profession is deeply rooted in taking the law and using it to prosecute or defend someone. What could big data do to help lawyers with their job? A lot, according to this article from InsideCounsel.com that explores the idea that big data is a big deal for lawyers. Next time you need a lawyer, you might be relieved to know how they’re using facts and figures to back up their work with you.

The Big Data 10

From lighting cities and building cars, to predicting snow storms, big data is everywhere. It’s clear now – big data is taking over! But who’s leading the forefront of this revolution, and which companies should you keep an eye on? This article from FastCompany.com looks at the top 10 game changers using numbers to make the world a better place for humans. Some are obvious leaders, but others may surprise you.


Looking for a Job in Big Data?

With so much innovation in the works, new jobs are popping up for smart, data-driven folks. People who understand how to capture meaningful data and transform it into something worthwhile are in high demand. If you’re skilled at the game, chances are that your bank account won’t run dry anytime soon. Check out the top 8 most in demand roles in big data, their average salary levels, and who’s on the hunt for candidates on CIO.com.

What Big Data Can’t Do

Now that you’ve gotten your fix on everything big data is capable of, can you believe there’s something it can’t do? With new surprises popping up each day in the world of big data, you might think it can do just about anything. The folks over at Search Engine Land halt that rumor in its tracks with this post about why big data can’t make you more money online. Hint: Big data is only as useful as you make it.

Finally, an Unlikely Comparison

Big data has been compared to all sorts of things, but is it possible that this new technology is really just like teenage sex? Someone sure thinks so. This picture explains.


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