Web Roundup: Wearables, Hadoop and Making Big Data and IoT More Accessible

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This week we explore expansions in the tech industry, as well as the Internet of Things and wearables.

The fun thing about technology is that it never stops progressing. This week, we take a closer look at some of the technology industry’s biggest expansions by IBM, Intel and the newly formed Industrial Internet Consortium (that’s a new one, check out what they’re doing below!) As these companies expand to make big data and the Internet of Things easier and more accessible, industries such as health care and wearable technology are taking off. Find out how in this week’s weekly Web roundup.

Where Technology and Marketing Merge

Marketers have long used technology to be more efficient. Tech companies know this, and have developed programs to boost marketing efforts. None of that is new. What is new is one of the largest tech giants shelling out millions of dollars on consulting to narrow the gap between big data and big results. According to the Wall Street Journal, IBM just announced a new expansion where IBM clients and staffers can work alongside each other to make innovative technology easier to use and understand. This expansion will help CMOs and marketing managers harness technology and use it to empower their business, making hard numbers and creativity easier to blend.

Intel Undergoes Record-Breaking Changes

Cloudera lovers are rejoicing after Intel made its biggest equity investment in the data center space ever. Putting Hadoop on the back burner, Intel has invested a great deal to shift its customers to Cloudera’s software. The reason? Intel wants to scale quickly, and Cloudera is apparently the fastest way for this tech giant to accomplish that. In turn, Cloudera gets Intel’s sales force behind its product, while it takes charge of optimizing Hadoop software to catch up with Intel’s latest innovations.

A Giant Leap Toward Industry Standards for IoT

Hadoop isn’t the only company getting the help of others in the industry. A group of big-name developers converged to become the Industrial Internet Consortium and agreed upon set engineering standards going forward to connect products through the Internet of Things. Government agencies backed the efforts of the big company names. The goal? According to the New York Times, the health care industry is already seeing new innovations from the Internet of Things. Diapers, pills and other medical necessities have gone from basic items to data-driven monitoring machines. Somehow, we know that this is just the beginning for the health care industry that already relies so heavily on data and regular updates to keep patients healthy.

Is Wearable Technology Old News Already?

Just as wearable technology was taking off and new gadgets were being adapted to fit into the quickly expanding Internet of Things phenomenon, in come embeddable gadgets. Science fiction, step aside! The future is here, and it’s one where people become robots with tiny devices embedded into their skin. As creepy as it sounds, the technology and design world are already abuzz over how to make this work and how embeddable technology could transform our interactions as we know them.


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