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Web Roundup: Privacy, Hacking and Emerging Technology

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Data is becoming less secure as new websites and emerging technology float to the surface.

In the tech world, new technology arrives fast and leaves just as quickly. This week, we take a look at the technology that’s on its way out the door, privacy concerns after an increase in hacker activity, and new technology making its way into the market. It’s all in this week’s web roundup.

It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Round one of Google Glass’s initiative will come to a close this week. When it does, developers and wearable technology experts will return to the drawing board to determine what worked and what was a bust. Although Google refuses to release its sales numbers for Google Glass, initial surveys showed a less-than-enthusiastic response for the product. Some reasons for this include some rather legitimate privacy concerns. Others include the high price tag for an unattractive piece of eyewear. No matter what, phase one is coming to a close and tech gurus are eager to see what happens in phase two.

Hacking Their Way to the Top

It’s straight out of a plot from House of Cardshiring hackers. Now, a new website will let anyone reach out to a hacker for help tapping into someone else’s files. Whether it’s trying to sneak a peek at a landlord’s records or checking in on an unfaithful significant other, there seems to be a need (or a want) for easy access to smart hackers. So far the website has 40 hackers registered and 844 job postings listed. Although the legitimacy of the job postings is questionable, one thing is clear — people want help tapping into technology.

Getting Caught in the Act

Both the FBI and the United Kingdom Cyber Criminal Unit were on the case of the Christmas Day Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox network hacking. This hacker had the world buzzing with frustration after accessing computer material without authorization and then providing false documents to law enforcement agencies. Now, authorities say that they have arrested the man who was allegedly at the helm of the cyberattack that happened on December 25. Although the investigation is still in its beginning stages, the arrest of the United Kingdom citizen is being hailed as a tremendous success.

Is MySpace the Social Network of the Future?

Talk about a blast from the past! MySpace appears to be making a comeback with 50 million new people landing on the site each month. That’s far from the traffic Facebook and Twitter receive. Still, it’s certainly an increase for the previously popular social network. This time around, MySpace is focusing more on entertainment and music fans, which has proven successful. The network is attracting a younger crowd (something Facebook is rapidly losing), which means it could be on the verge of a big return.

In-Car Traffic Lights Reduce Commutes by 40 Percent

CES promised to reveal a few new tech features for cars, and they delivered. One that has a lot of people buzzing is an in-car traffic light. These lights will reduce commutes by 40%, according to a new study by Carnegie Mellon University. They also claim to lower carbon emissions and accidents. The new technology would illuminate traffic lights on the windshield of a person’s car. Like traffic lights, the arrows will show which direction the car may drive safely. Once the intersection has been crossed, the lights disappear.


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