Webcast: Connecting the Dots Within Hadoop


Hear about some of the keys to managing Hadoop in this Briefing Room Summary with Dez Blanchfield, Robin Bloor and Novetta.

As reality sets in, many organizations realize that the data lake concept is incomplete. Somehow, order must be woven into the picture. Discovery must be enabled. And the traditional methods for providing that type of structure just won’t work with this new approach. A state-of-the-art platform is required to achieve the necessary framework, one in which meaningful connections can be drawn between business processes and big data.

In our recent Briefing Room with analysts Robin Bloor, Dez Blanchfield and Jenn Reed, director of product management at Novetta, we outline some of the keys to success in managing Hadoop and examine how a whole new set of possibilities can help companies fine-tune their processes and create fresh revenue streams. This webcast is a must-listen for those who are involved or interested in:

  1. Hadoop & Big Data
  2. Personalization & Segmentation
  3. Data Exploration & Analytics
  4. Enitity Analytics & Relationship Linking

You can find the archived recording of this webcast here:



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