Programming is one of the most marketable skills in the modern world. But, of course, it can be tedious to learn. That’s why it has been such a specialized vocation for so long. Python was created as a relatively simplified and streamlined language, and has gained enormous popularity in a wide variety of implementations (from servers to games to web apps).

Techopedia Deals is now offering our readers access to Python Programming Bootcamp, a master course with nearly 500 lessons in the exciting and diverse world of Python programming. The course is a great fit for virtually any experience level, from a “Gentle Introduction” to a step-by-step guide to building apps!

The course is led by software engineers, game designers, app developers and a variety of highly-accredited academics and esteemed professionals in the digital world. At only $39 for all six courses, you are getting a great value for some top-quality instruction you might only otherwise get at some expensive brick-and-mortar school or in some elite Silicon Valley training program.

The Python language is a great introduction into the world of programming, and this course would make a great gift for the budding developer or programmer in your family or social circle.