3 Biggest Crypto Gainers of the Week as Bitcoin ETF Announcement Looms – Celestia, GMT, Sponge

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While the market awaits the SEC’s decision on the Bitcoin ETF filings, the BTC price is flat over the past day, still rangebound between $40,000 – $46,000.

The top crypto gainers today and this week among big caps include Celestia (TIA) and GMT, with Sponge leading among low market cap tokens.

Top Crypto Gainers – Analyst Predictions

Some of the top crypto analysts have mentioned the above biggest crypto gainers today:


Leading analyst at BasementDAO @PostyXBT expects $TIA to continue its recent bull run well into 2024 and early 2025.

$TIA was listed at Binance on October 31st, briefly trading around the $2 mark before exploding to as high as $17 this week.

Crypto Twitter analyst @grimy_trades expects $TIA to ‘rip’ above $20 and one of the most followed accounts @AltcoinSherpa also thinks the popular coin still has room for continuation to the upside.



Another crypto Twitter mainstay Edward Morra is holding a GMT spot bag, charting the price today for his 55k followers – one of which shared analysis from MapleLeafCap that may explain its recent performance.

The crux of his detailed tweet is that $GMT is reversing its historically poor emission dynamic, and he expects the token to revisit $1 and higher to ‘relive’ the Stepn craze of mid 2022.


Meme coin Sponge also has announced new roadmap updates, set to bridge its token to an upgraded V2 version and power a P2E crypto game.

Over $4 million in $SPONGE have been staked and bridged for $SPONGEV2 at over 380% APY.

The Sponge V1 price is up 10x from its 2023 lows and 60% today, currently trending on DEXTools’ hot pairs list.

Popular crypto YouTube channel Crypto Gains recently posted his forecast for Sponge V2, speculating whether it can 100x as Sponge V1 came close to when it first launched on Uniswap in May 2023.

See our prediction for Sponge V2 here.

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