5th Scape (5SCAPE) Takes The Crypto and VR World By Storm Thanks To Cage Conquest Game

The connection between cryptocurrency and AR/VR gaming is clear, as both domains are becoming real things. Cryptocurrency, especially, has the potential to drive the development of AR and VR technologies. One of these projects, 5th Scape (5SCAPE), is a potential game-changer for the VR and AR industry. It can bring in a new age for this technology, and the currently-in-development Cage Conquest MMA game may be just the impetus for that revolution. 

The team has been drip-feeding info about the game, exciting investors. We give a detailed overview of its key features and information about the 5SCAPE presale here.

5th Scape Brings Some New Ideas To VR and AR

Focused on exploring the fields of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), 5th Scape aims to build the “world’s first AR & VR ecosystem connecting the brightest minds.” Their broad vision covers VR games, hardware, and animations, backed by a detailed strategy.

The success of 5th Scape depends on ensuring wide accessibility and compatibility with existing headsets and hardware. To achieve this goal, the team is committed to developing various VR games compatible with popular headsets such as Oculus Rift and Meta Quest 3. Moreover, their future plans include the creation of a proprietary VR headset and AR gaming chair once they secure a strong position in the industry.

Regarding specific VR game development, the team has revealed titles in progress, such as Cage Conquest, Epic Cricket Arena, Immersive Kickoff, Archery Master, and Thrust Hunter. Cage Conquest is especially significant, as it is a game based on combat sports, planned as the first release, with a provisional launch date in the second quarter of 2024.

The Cage Conquest game in particular has been setting off discussions. The team has offered some new info on the game, including reveals of what the fighters will look like. It’s a solid step forward that will surely attract more to the presale.


As the project moves to the presale phase, the token shows promising features that suggest a successful venture. For a more thorough understanding of the project, interested individuals can visit the website, which provides a lot of helpful details.

5SCAPE Token Blowing Investors Away

The project token, 5SCAPE, is the core of the whole ecosystem, acting as a vital component like fuel for various interactions. It is the universal currency that applies to all 5th Scape games, hardware products, and the developer marketplace. This token is the preferred way of payment for accessing 5th Scape games and making in-game transactions, giving token holders exclusive discounts compared to other payment methods.

5SCAPE token holders can also stake their tokens, earning rewards through active involvement in the project. Moreover, the 5th Scape team wants to empower token holders by allowing them to vote on fund distribution for marketplace projects, encouraging community participation in important decisions related to project development.

Now, let’s look into the tokenomics of 5SCAPE: The project has a total token supply of 5.21 billion. The 5th Scape presale aims to sell 80% of the whole 5SCAPE token supply, with a fundraising goal of up to $15 million. The presale happens in 12 stages, with the current price being $0.00187 and ending at $0.0087 in the 12th stage. The listing price is fixed at $0.01. So far, it has collected over $450,000.

The remaining 20% of tokens have been assigned for other key purposes. Specifically, 10% is given to exchange liquidity. Token purchases during the presale follow a lock and vesting schedule, with 40% of bought tokens unlocking at the 5SCAPE token generation event, while the remaining part stays locked for 8 weeks. Staking rewards for presale tokens will vest after 8 months.


5th Scape (5SCAPE) is a project with great potential, ready to make a lasting impact on the fast-growing VR and AR landscape. With many ambitious goals, 5th Scape smartly positions itself to create a significant presence in this sector. We strongly suggest exploring the 5SCAPE presale and joining the project’s social channels.

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