5th Scape Forges Immersive Realities With Integrated VR Ecosystem Complete With Headsets – Presale Now Open

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A fully integrated VR ecosystem recently kickstarted its presale, complete with a suite of games, an immersive VR headset, and an ergonomic VR chair.

Investors are now rushing to become early adopters of the $5SCAPE token, hoping the presale prices will net at least 10x returns once the ecosystem goes live.

5th Scape intends to create the world’s first AR and VR ecosystem that connects the most brilliant minds to push the VR frontier into a new dimension.

5th Scape: Creating Immersive Realities Through Fully Integrated VR Ecosystem

5th Scape is forging immersive realities through its fully integrated VR ecosystem. The project intends to become a VR ecosystem for developers and architects to create alternative realities together.

The fully integrated ecosystem has a suite of immersive games, a VR headset, and an ergonomically perfected chair.

The entire idea behind the ecosystem is to use the integrated system to create an immersive and unforgettable adventure.


With the VR market expected to increase its users by 104% by 2028, 5th Scape has created an ecosystem that caters to all aspects of the VR funnel.

As a result, players can enjoy immersive VR games with cutting-edge technology, while developers can get the support and funding they need to bring their own worlds to life.

Brilliant Suite of Games Already Lined Up

The best part about buying the $5SCAPE token is that the team has already developed a suite of games for its players to enjoy once the project launches.

The team has covered all bases by creating sports, combat, adventure, and excitement games.

The list of games includes;

  • MMA Cage Conquest
  • Epic Cricket Arena
  • Immersive Kickoff
  • Archery Master
  • Treasure Hunter

The MMA Cage Conquest is an adrenaline-fueled MMA ecosystem where players can start from the bottom by training inside gritty gyms to reach the stadiums to fight in the online championships. The game has a dynamic combat system, strategic training, and a fully-featured champion’s journey to progress.

The other two sports games also follow a similar theme, creating a realistic VR experience of cricket and soccer (football). Both feature skill development and career ascension allow players to master skills in their respective sports to showcase them in multiplayer stadiums.

Immersion Is the Key: Fully Developed Hardware Ready to Go

What sets 5th Scape apart from traditional VR companies is that 5th Scape knows immersion is the key to helping VR go mainstream and has developed its hardware to make the experience seamless.

In addition, it’s also adamant about creating a developer center where developers can collaborate to receive the funding required to bring their ideas to life.

5th Scape has its own VR headset and gaming chair on the hardware side. The headset brings cutting-edge visuals with advanced tracking technology. It’s been designed for long-term gaming stretches with its ergonomic design.

The 5th Scape gaming chair is designed to further aid the long VR sessions, helping players remain comfortable and supported for long periods.

$5SCAPE – Your Gateway to Immersive Reality

The $5SCAPE token is your gateway to this immersive reality, allowing you to access its features and benefit from the ecosystem’s growth.

$5SCAPE is a token on the Ethereum blockchain that will provide exclusive access to premium VR content and an elevated gaming experience.

The token comes with a 5.21 billion supply, of which 80% are sold in the presale.

The token holders have primary access to all of 5th Scape’s digital projects, such as games, educational content, animations, and movies.

More importantly, developers can also use $5SCAPE to get access to funding for their projects. They can use the token to receive community engagement for beta testing, receive feedback, and build their fan base.

Get Positioned Today For Early Adopter Prices

The presale stages provide the perfect opportunity to be positioned in $5SCAPE at the lowest possible prices.

As mentioned, 80% of the total supply is sold in the presale over 12 stages to raise $15 million.

Investors can purchase $5SCAPE for $0.00187 in the first stage of the presale.

However, it’s important to mention that the rising pricing strategy will see the price increase during subsequent stages. Therefore, those positioned earliest benefit the most from the lower entry prices.

Overall, 5th Scape is a breakthrough in the VR and AR space as it integrates the entire product suite into one project, helping create immersive gaming experiences through community engagement and developer resources.

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