Getting Started With Python: A Python Tutorial for Beginners

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Why is Python the best programming language to learn now?

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Python is a programming language that Guido van Rossum developed back in 1989. The story behind the name is that van Rossum was reading scripts from the British comedy series Monty Python’s Flying Circus at the same time and so took a shortened form of the name for his language. Despite the fact that the name is not, in fact, inspired by a reptile, its logo features what looks like a pair of snakes.

The latest version of Python is available from, at, and development sources can be accessed at

Why is Python the Best Programming Language to Learn Now?

Python has become particularly popular over the past several years due to its great versatility and usefulness for everything from standard development to web development to advanced machine learning and AI.

It is often used to set up a framework for web development, machine learning and scripting. All users appreciate its ease of use and the vast support available.

For those planning a career in data science, Python coding skills are essential. It’s the third item listed on KD Nuggets, 9 Must-have skills you need to become a Data Scientist, updated, which grew to 13 as a result of multiple updates.

Python is often used in machine learning to create algorithms to be able to recognize patterns to recognize common themes. KDNuggets observed that “40 percent of respondents surveyed by O'Reilly use Python as their major programming language.” That was based on a 2013 report.

By 2020, Wired declares Python Is More Popular Than Ever. Its proof is that the language advanced from third to second place in RedMonk’s Programming Language Rankings: January 2020.

Another motivation for some to learn Python now is to make a career out of it. The business demand for the skill that translates into very respectable salaries. According to Indeed $118,929 USD is the average annual salary for a Python developer in the United States, and the additional cash bonus the position draws brings that up to $123,929.

Some people enroll in intensive boot camps or self-paced online courses to learn the requisite skills. One other option is to begin with books that give you access to online materials that allow you to learn and practice with many examples.

For the Python novice, a great way to get started is by cracking open The Python Workshop. It offers a step-by-step tutorial with exercises and activities that help build key Python skills. Purchasing the book grants you free access to the interactive edition that contains videos illustrating all the exercises and activities.

It makes it easy to assess and track your progress and earn a credential that attests to your ability.

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