Can mobile phones cause cancer?

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The issue of mobile phones causing different types of cancers is related to what we now know about the technologies that are involved. While there is no firm evidence to associate long-term mobile phone use with cancer, this possible link is still an issue in the scientific community – and a concern for some mobile phone users.

A discussion of the theoretical risks of mobile phone use involves radiofrequency technology, a form of electromagnetic radiation that is what's called "non-ionizing." The key here is that while ionizing radiation has been identified as potentially carcinogenic, non-ionizing radiation has not. Radiofrequency energy has, however, been shown to heat up tissues and to cause some different kinds of metabolic activity.

Although there is no clear idea about the link between the use of mobile devices and cancer, experts are looking at this question closely, partly because of the incredible increase of cellphone and mobile phone use around the globe.

With so many new interfaces based on significant radiofrequency energy output, it makes sense to take a long-term look at the question of how these kinds of energy may affect the body. An additional point to be made is that scientists generally find that in order for cancers to emerge, damage to cells is a necessary component, and there are indications that current technologies involved in mobile devices would not damage cells on their own. These are the kinds of issues that will continue to drive further study into what we know about the effects of modern hardware use, whether that’s mobile phones and tablets, laptop and desktop computers, or the smart devices of the future.

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