What role will the internet of things play in the big data ecosystem?


The internet of things (IoT) will bring a physical hardware component to the big data ecosystem. With big data, large pools of data sets are manipulated and analyzed for specific purposes. In many ways, the internet of things will be a rich source of big data in the field: Individual small devices and appliances will generate this data and send it to central processing areas.

The internet of things will also affect big data in other ways. Some experts are now sounding the alarm bells that an internet of things connectivity model will require a lot more networking administration as all of these little pieces try to access a network and communicate with central servers. There will likely be questions about authenticity and authentication, about how to screen web traffic coming in, and how to filter out all kinds of hacking and malware as well as irrelevant or indigestible data.

One positive role that the internet of things could play is to enable big data to go beyond the internal realm of the business office and reach out into the community. Obviously, this has its own benefits and disadvantages, raising other questions about the balance between privacy and security. Regardless, this could be a bonanza for businesses, and a new way to gather information for all sorts of purposes, including scientific studies, the delivery of health care services, and more.

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