What’s the difference between SharePoint monitoring and server monitoring?


SharePoint monitoring and server monitoring are two different types of monitoring and analysis for network activities. Although they may share some common goals, such as quick response times, low latency and efficient or optimized performance, these are different aspects of how administrators handle enterprise networks and other systems.

SharePoint monitoring involves monitoring the activities of the Microsoft SharePoint software that is commonly used for content management and other related goals. SharePoint is a web application software that helps with content management and document management, as well as analysis of business intelligence, social networking and more. Aspects of SharePoint monitoring involve generating reports and logs to look at how SharePoint resources are performing within the network, and using specific tools like SharePoint Health Analyzer to look at network traffic and other aspects of using SharePoint in a system.

Server monitoring is in some ways a more generalized type of network monitoring. Serving requests for information from various sources, servers are an integral part of an enterprise network. Administrators use server monitoring tools to analyze server performance, optimization, and latency in order to keep systems running smoothly and ensure servers are working the way they are supposed to within a business IT environment.

Justin Stoltzfus

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