What resources are available for Sharepoint monitoring, Exchange monitoring and analysis of other Microsoft products?


The specific types of resources available for Microsoft tools like Sharepoint and Exchange are different for each piece of software that helps network managers and other IT professionals to manage systems. In general, Microsoft provides its own types of informational resources and products for managing these types of applications, and other third-party companies also offer their own solutions.

Many of the SharePoint monitoring resources offered by Microsoft and other companies are aimed at configuring SharePoint systems, and/or creating SharePoint logs and reports that provide transparency, and for troubleshooting problems with SharePoint. To operate best, systems have to be calibrated correctly and set up to support the goals of the enterprise. Microsoft offers something called a SharePoint Health Analyzer that provides more information on SharePoint performance.

For Microsoft Exchange, many of the resources that are offered involve assessing the performance of Exchange servers, dealing with resource bottlenecks, looking at database processing, and more. Visual dashboards help administrators to look at the performance of hardware pieces and parts of the system, while managing user email boxes and looking at performance metrics. All of this supports the more effective use of these Microsoft networking tools.

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