What does a data management platform do?

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What does a data management platform do?


The core function of a data management platform is to take in information from diverse sources and present it well. A data management platform can take in structured or unstructured data, or a mix of data sets in many different kinds of conditions, and make it palatable for human decision-makers through dashboards and visual results processes.

Data management platforms are often effective in marketing environments. These types of tools can combine different types of data management disciplines with specific analytics tools that refine big data, manage unstructured data, and turn raw data into actionable business intelligence. A data management platform can start with a business database and use efficient query methods to get data to decision-makers. Platforms will often include a specific type of executive dashboard or data visualization resource. These core tools are meant to really make the data clear and transparent. In general, data management platforms “demystify” data by taking in the raw data and refining it, making it accessible, and giving management teams results that they can use to make informed decisions.

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