What does a SQL compliance manager do?

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A SQL compliance manager is a complete auditing solution for SQL servers. The basic objective is to track the changes made to the SQL Server objects and data. The tracking is performed based on a policy-ruled algorithm, where the policy varies for different organizations. It provides a detailed report on different activities performed on the server like user access, user activity, timing and actions performed. It also ensures security compliance for standards like PCI, HIPAA and SOX.

A SQL compliance manager is efficient in providing real-time monitoring and alerts. Its user interface also provides easy reporting features for activity tracking. Therefore, organizations can easily view their compliance and take appropriate actions.

A SQL compliance manager performs the following functions:

  • Sensitive data audits – Auditing sensitive data is the most critical job performed by the compliance manager. It ensures compliance based on the regulatory standards.
  • Manages potential threats – It continuously tracks access and changes to the database and raises alerts for any inconsistency, so potential risks can be tracked and managed easily.
  • Makes auditing simple – It provides a template for PCI, HIPAA, SOX and other standard compliance requirements, which makes applying these standards to SQL Server objects very easy and makes auditing simple.
  • Dashboard – This provides a comprehensive dashboard view of the audit results. So, the audit result can easily be accessed by web browsers. All other activities like managing alerts, configuring event filters and checking change logs can also be done from the web-based view.
  • Easy reporting – It provides 25 standard built-in reports for generating SQL Server audits. Custom reporting is also possible by exporting the data view from the dashboard.
  • Reduced overhead – The data collection process is very lightweight, so the overhead on the server side is minimal.

Compared to other auditing solutions, a SQL compliance manager provides enhanced features to support real-time monitoring and easy auditing. Its web-based user interface, lightweight data collection, predefined templates and real-time monitoring makes it one of the best compliance managers in the database industry.

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