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    Food, Farms and Cyber Security: Agriculture Faces a Growing Problem

    The agricultural industry has for a long time been viewed as low risk from potential cyberattacks. However, with more and more farms and food processing plants adopting new technologies to streamline production and integrate with supply chain services, cybercrime is becoming an increasingly severe threat to agri-business. The number of...

    By: John Meah | Cybersecurity Expert

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    National Cyber Security Division

    What Does National Cyber Security Division Mean?The National Cyber Security Division (NCSD) is a division within the United States Department of Homeland Security’s Directorate for National Protection and Programs’ Office of Cyber Security & Communications. The NCSD was formally opened on June 6, 2003. Its main mission is to collaborate...

    By: Margaret Rouse | Technology Expert

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    Best Cybersecurity Stocks in May 2024

    Cyber attacks are becoming more common and more expensive for businesses and organizations to remedy. In January 2023, T-Mobile suffered a hacker attack that affected 37 million customers' data. In September, Johnson Controls, which sells building automation systems, such as industrial controls, air conditioning and fire safety equipment, had data...

  • How to Deal With Cybersecurity Extortion Breaches

    How to Deal With Cybersecurity Extortion Breaches

    The unmasking of the man behind the notorious ransomware gang, LockBit, by UK, US, and Australian security agencies might have provided a much-needed respite for many victims of ransomware attacks. While the news will send shockwaves through the spine of other ransomware gangs hiding under different aliases and provide cyber...

    By: Franklin Okeke | Technology Journalist

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    Cyber Threats Interview with Homeland Security Advisory Council’s Dmitri Alperovitch: From Russia to Ransomware

    As Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues, there have been reports of multiple cyberattacks alongside a steady stream of cybersecurity warnings. The situation crystallizes how kinetic warfare (the physical damage of bombs, guns, and explosives) is now fully intertwined with cyber warfare — along with how cyber attacks are changing. Dmitri...

    By: Linda Rosencrance | Technology journalist

  • Women in Cybersecurity: Experts Reveal a Shocking State of Exclusion

    Women in Cybersecurity: Experts’ Testimonies Reveal Shocking State of Exclusion

    Techopedia set out to report the inclusion gaps that women face in the cybersecurity industry. Several weeks ago we put out a call for experts to comment on the issue. The number of responses we got was overwhelming. While, unfortunately, we cannot publish all the testimonies to honor and recognize...

    By: Ray Fernandez | Senior Technology Journalist

  • The Best Entry-Level Cybersecurity Jobs in 2024

    Best 8 Entry-Level Cybersecurity Jobs in 2024

    Embarking on a career in cybersecurity can seem daunting, especially after reaching initial milestones such as graduation or obtaining entry-level certifications. The question then becomes: What's next? According to the Fortinet Cybersecurity Skills Gap report, 90% of leaders favor hiring individuals with technology-focused certifications. However, 56% of firms struggle to...

    By: John Meah | Cybersecurity Expert

  • ecurity Culture Stagnant Despite Rising Cyberattacks – Why?

    Why Global Security Culture is Stagnant Despite Increased Cyberattacks: Expert Analysis

    With studies showing that eight out of ten cyber attacks start with phishing attacks and human error, and with incidents accelerating in rate and impact, security cultures have never been more important. However, a new report by Knowbe4 reveals that the global security culture scores have stagnated at low to...

    By: Ray Fernandez | Senior Technology Journalist

  • Cybersecurity Crisis: IMF Report Shows $12B Lost in US Financial Sector

    Cybersecurity Crisis: IMF Report Shows $12B Lost in US Financial Sector

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has sounded the alarm on the risk of the increasing threat posed by cyberattacks on the global economy.  A dire warning was delivered, imploring governments to implement robust systems and cyber strategies to meet the ongoing challenge. The IMF blog detailed the extent of the...

    By: Yana Khlebnikova | Crypto and Tech Editor

  • NIST’s Updated Cybersecurity Framework: Expert Analysis

    Is NIST’s Updated Cybersecurity Framework a Silver Bullet? Experts Weigh in

    The constant influx of new cyber threats can leave organizations feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin in cybersecurity risk management. A few checklists of actions in Excel and Post-it notes would have sufficed some decades ago. However, such checklists lack comprehensiveness for today's cyber risk management and compliance....

    By: Franklin Okeke | Technology Journalist