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    Omni Hotels Data Breach: Why Are Hackers Targeting Hotel Chains?

    With summer on the horizon, news of another major hotel chain falling victim to a cyber attack reveals a worrying trend of ransomware criminals targeting the hospitality industry. Hackers have quickly developed an ever-increasing appetite for stealing valuable hotel guest data and credit card information, let alone causing day-to-day operational...

    By: Stuart Hughes | Technology Writer

  • UnitedHealth Data Breach: Many Americans Exposed on Dark Web

    UnitedHealth Data Breach: Many Americans Exposed on Dark Web

    UnitedHealth Group confirmed that an attack on its subsidiary, Change Healthcare, compromised the personal health data of many Americans. Health insurance leader UnitedHealth Group has acknowledged that an earlier ransomware attack on its subsidiary, Change Healthcare, led to a significant breach that compromised the private healthcare data of a “substantial...

    By: Maria Webb | Technology Journalist

  • Roku Said Over 576,000 Accounts Compromised in Data Breach

    Roku Said Over 576,000 Accounts Compromised in Data Breach

    Roku said a newly discovered data breach compromised the accounts of roughly 576,000 users. The company discovered the intrusion while monitoring account activity following a smaller January incident that affected about 15,000 accounts. Roku added it wasn't the source of the credentials in either breach, and that its systems weren't...

    By: Jon Fingas | Tech News Editor

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    AT&T 70M User ‘Data Breach’ Record: Experts Set the Record Straight

    It's been three years since leaked data surfaced, allegedly coming from more than 70 million AT&T users — although the company is adamant the data did not come from them. As Techopedia recently reported, cybercriminals released a sample of data that appears to contain sensitive information from 70 million AT&T...

    By: Ray Fernandez | Senior Technology Journalist

  • ATT Data Breach Sees Over 70 Million Records Leaked

    Researchers at vx-underground have reported a significant data leak involving AT&T. The researchers claim that over 70 million records from an unspecified division of the telecommunications giant were leaked onto the hacking forum Breached. The leaked data includes names, phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, social security numbers, and...

    By: Franklin Okeke | Technology Journalist

  • Biggest Data Breaches And Cyber Hacks of 2023 And 2024

    Biggest Data Breaches And Cyber Hacks of 2023 And 2024

    Every time you endlessly scroll down your social media feed, two cyberattacks will happen somewhere in the world, occurring at a rate of one attack every 39 seconds.  Experts predict that data breaches will cost the global economy $9.5 trillion in 2024.  Given that most of us will use the...

    By: Neil C. Hughes | Senior Technology Writer

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    Emerging Technology

    Tech Headlines of the Week: GTA6, Google’s AI & Genetic Data Breaches

    In the world of technology, each week brings a fresh wave of innovation and developments that shape the digital landscape. The past week has been nothing short of eventful, from groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) models to the resurgence of cryptocurrencies and the introduction of game-changing tools for tech professionals. Join...

    By: Neil C. Hughes | Senior Technology Writer

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    Cyber Threats

    23andMe Data Breach: When Genetic Privacy Becomes a Commodity

    In 2020, the business world took notice as investment firm Blackstone acquired Ancestry, a leading online platform for family history, in a staggering $4.7 billion deal. Owning an extensive database of 27 billion records and a DNA network of over 18 million individuals, the acquisition fueled debates about the commodification of...

    By: Neil C. Hughes | Senior Technology Writer

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    10 Biggest Data Breaches of All Time – And How to Prevent Them

    Data breaches. The term itself can ring alarm bells in most organizations, and for good reason. A data breach usually means thousands spent on remedial measures, millions in regulatory fines and the invaluable loss of customers' trust and confidence. (Also read: Massive Data Breaches: The Truth You Might Not Know...

    By: Anas Baig | Contributor

  • Cyber Threats

    Data Breach Response: 5 Essential Steps to Recovery

    The global cost of cybercrime is expected to grow to a staggering $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, according to Cybersecurity Ventures. This statistic is both fascinating and scary as it reveals the ingenuity of hackers and their ability to hold the online world to ransom. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, more...