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  • A Man Coding at a Desk

    Tech Headlines of the Week: Great Google Purge, Meta’s Legal Showdown

    In this week's tech headlines, we enter a landscape where technology, ethics, and human interaction converge unexpectedly. From the silent corridors of corporate giants to the bustling crossroads of social media, each story adds a layer to the complex tapestry that forms our modern world. The invisible threads of AI...

    By: Neil C. Hughes | Senior Tech Writer

  • Coins in front of a trading chart

    CZ, Binance CEO, Steps Down After $4 Billion Settlement With DOJ

    On Tuesday, the price of top cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, tumbled for a couple of hours and then recovered. The hardest hit was the Binance token BNB, which experienced a drop of 6% in 24 hours. However, this was not part of the normal volatile fluctuations of blockchain coins. It was...

    By: Ray Fernandez | Senior Tech Journalist

  • How to Prepare for a Recession

    How to Prepare for a Recession: A Guide to Surviving Economic Downturn

    When reading economic news these days, it is difficult not to feel anxious. More and more companies are laying off people, prices for necessities are rising, and banks are failing. In real life, you observe more friends in your circle struggling to find new jobs or trying to keep their...

    By: Fitri Wulandari | Finance Writer

  • A laptop with Bitcoin on it

    Crypto VC Funding Resumes Downtrend Despite Bull Market Signs

    The crypto venture capital (VC) funding landscape has experienced a decline in investment activity, even as signs of a Bitcoin (BTC) bull run emerge.  Over the past week, blockchain projects secured a total of $34.7 million across nine deals, according to data tracked by DeFi Llama. The figure represents a significant drop from the previous week, which...

    By: Ruholamin Haqshanas | Cryptocurrency Journalist

  • blackjack double down

    When to Double Down in Blackjack

    Using double down in blackjack can be very profitable and very exciting - if you do it right. Since you have to place another bet, you should know exactly when the odds are in your favor and how to do it properly. We will explain what doubling down in blackjack...

    By: Vlad Grindu | Gambling Expert

  • A metaphorical visual of NFTs

    Why NFTs are Down, But Not Out

    Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were all the rage a few years ago when a handful of people made millions selling pieces of digital art. But like Beanie Babies, the wave has crested, and now the vast majority of these collectibles are virtually worthless. To some, this is a sign that the...

    By: Arthur Cole | Technology Writer

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    Instant Play Casino 2023 – Play Now with No Download

    Instant play casinos let you play your favorite online slots and table games without needing to download any software. To start gambling with real money, you simply need a computer or mobile device, a registered casino account, and a supported payment method. Since there are many no download casinos on...

  • App growth
    Emerging Technology

    How Long Did It Take Top Apps to Reach 100 Million Downloads?

    App growth is a key metric of how quickly new platforms attract users. From the start of the internet to today's apps, reaching big user numbers is a testament to technological innovation and changing user preferences - and the surprising speed at which the 100 million milestone gets broken today....

    By: Maria Webb | Technology Journalist

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    Downloadable Content (DLC)

    What Is Downloadable Content? Downloadable content (DLC) is additional (or add-on) content that becomes available after a video game has been released. DLC comes in various forms, ranging from in-game content like new characters, levels, modes, and weapons to cosmetic additions like outfits and skins. Occasionally, publishers combine multiple DLCs,...

    By: Jimmy Aki | Crypto & Blockchain Writer

  • A woman with a laptop
    Artificial Intelligence

    Insights: Breaking Down the Transformative Journey of GPT Models in AI, from GPT-1 to GPT-4

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has seen major changes since the Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) series started in 2018. Successive models brought enhancements, upgrades, and challenges, capturing the interest of enthusiasts, researchers, and users. From GPT-1's basic text creation to GPT-4's diverse skills, the progress is evident. Continuous studies examine these...

    By: Maria Webb | Technology Journalist