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    Very High-Level Language

    What Does Very High-Level Language Mean?Very high level language (VHLL) is a high level programming language designed to reduce the complexity and amount of source code required to create a program. VHLL incorporates higher data and control abstraction abilities. A very high level programming language is also known as a...

    By: Margaret Rouse | Technology Expert

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    Machine-Oriented High-Level Language

    What Does Machine-Oriented High-Level Language Mean?Machine-oriented high-level language (MOHLL) refers to any machine language that has the capabilities of a high-level programming language. Machine-oriented high-level language provides the typical features of a low-level language along with the advanced statement and program control features found in high level languages. Machine-oriented high-level...

    By: Margaret Rouse | Technology Expert

  • What is High-Level Language?

    High-Level Language (HLL)

    What is High-Level Language? A high-level language (HLL) is a type of programming language designed to simplify computer programming and make it more accessible to humans. Unlike low-level languages that are closely aligned with a computer's hardware, high-level languages resemble human languages, both in terms of syntax (the set of...

    By: Marshall Gunnell | IT & Cybersecurity Expert

  • Top 7 Highest-Paid Engineers in [cur_year]: Salaries Revealed
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    7 Highest-Paid Engineers in 2024: Which Field Would You Choose?

    In the fast-paced world of tech and innovation, engineering is more crucial than ever. Companies are on the hunt for top talent to keep up with the latest technological advances, and they're willing to pay top dollar for it. From highest-paid software engineers to nuclear engineers and aeronautical engineers, there...

    By: Linda Rosencrance | Technology journalist

  • The Best Entry-Level Cybersecurity Jobs in 2024

    Best 8 Entry-Level Cybersecurity Jobs in 2024

    Embarking on a career in cybersecurity can seem daunting, especially after reaching initial milestones such as graduation or obtaining entry-level certifications. The question then becomes: What's next? According to the Fortinet Cybersecurity Skills Gap report, 90% of leaders favor hiring individuals with technology-focused certifications. However, 56% of firms struggle to...

    By: John Meah | Cybersecurity Expert

  • Top 6 Entry-Level Cloud Computing Jobs | Kickstart Your Career Now
    Cloud Computing

    Best 6 Entry-Level Cloud Computing in 2024

    Are you considering a career in cloud computing? If so, this might be the ideal time to jump in and make an impact in this ever-evolving field. The need for skilled cloud professionals is soaring as more businesses move their operations to the cloud to streamline operations, reduce costs, and...

    By: Linda Rosencrance | Technology journalist

  • Grok 1.5 Nears GPT-4 Level Performance — But Still Playing Catchup

    Grok 1.5 Nears GPT-4 Level Performance — But Still Playing Catchup

    In the era of artificial intelligence (AI), one week feels like a year, with newer models arriving faster than a Big Mac. With Elon Musk’s AI startup X.AI’s humorous-flavored chatbot Grok now reaching version 1.5, it’s — as we will discuss below — in contention to be used as freely...

    By: Tim Keary | Technology Specialist

  • Skrivanek Interview: AI Translation is Changing the World
    Artificial Intelligence

    “The Impact of Instant Translation is Profound”: Skrivanek’s Arturs Peha on How AI is Changing Language

    In the fast-paced world of language services, the fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine translation powered by artificial neural networks is transforming the field, bringing efficiency and accuracy to translation services. Guided by Arturs Peha, the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Skrivanek is at the center of pushing the dials...

    By: Maria Webb | Technology Journalist

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    10+ Best Crypto Staking Coins of 2024 – Staking with High APYs

    Purchasing and holding cryptocurrencies is not the only way to make money off of them. You can also get some of the best crypto staking coins, lock them for a predefined amount of time, and then earn rewards. The best part about this strategy is that you earn passive income...

    By: Kane Pepi | Editor

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    What Microsoft Phi-2 and Small Language Models Mean for Generative AI

    Over the past 12 months, large language models (LLMs) have dominated the conversation around generative AI. However, behind the buzz of proprietary LLMs like ChatGPT and Google Bard, small language models (SLMs) have been quietly generating interest among industry leaders. Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the release of Phi-2, a...

    By: Tim Keary | Technology Specialist