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  • Anndy lian at NFT.NYC

    6 NFT Trends to Watch Out For in 2024: Insights from Anndy Lian

    Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a true yin and yang within the Web3 world. For all the fun in trading images — and trading on the value of images — that happens, there are plenty of compelling use cases that are likely to enter the wider world. Techopedia spoke to governmental...

    By: Eddie Wrenn | Content Editor

  • US: Russian hackers took government emails as part of Microsoft cyberattack

    Russian Hackers Took US Government Emails in Microsoft Cyberattack

    Russian cyberattackers stole US federal government email correspondence while infiltrating Microsoft in January, according to officials. The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) publicly issued an emergency directive calling on federal executive branch agencies to limit the damage from the hack attributed to state-sponsored hacking group Midnight Blizzard, also...

    By: Jon Fingas | Tech News Editor

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  • Cruise Robotaxis Return to the Road Following Pedestrian Collision

    Cruise Robotaxis Return to the Road Following Pedestrian Collision

    GM-owned Cruise is returning its robotaxis to the road in Phoenix, Arizona, albeit with human drivers. The company said it's resuming "manual driving" in Phoenix, followed by other cities, to create maps and collect road data to validate its self-driving car technology. The modified Chevy Bolt EVs won't carry passengers....

    By: Jon Fingas | Tech News Editor

  • siberian storm review
    Online Slots

    Siberian Storm Slot Review – Try a Free Demo and Play at Top Siberian Storm Casinos for 2024

    The Siberian Storm slot is one of the most iconic games developed by IGT, accompanied by a unique set of features. We take an in-depth look at its snowy theme, diamond layout, and bonuses for the 720 ways to win. Learn how to play, practice for free, and find the...

    By: Vlad Grindu | Gambling Expert

  • Google Pixel 8a Photos Leaked Online

    Google Pixel 8a Leak: Obsidian Finish and Enhanced Bezels

    Fresh live images of the Google Pixel 8a have appeared online, giving us a glimpse of its possible design. These pictures suggest there might be a black color choice for the device. Observers can notice the phone has a curved display and significant bezels around the screen. This is among...

    By: Maria Webb | Technology journalist

  • dan bilzerian

    The Rise & Dramatic Fall of Dan Bilzerian

    A decade ago, Dan Bilzerian was everywhere in the public eye and on social media. Things have changed today, though, with the "King of Instagram" noticeably absent from from the spotlight. So, what happened to Dan Bilzerian? We'll answer this question by exploring Bilzerian's rise to fame and fortune, his...

    By: Jeremy Olson | Sports Betting and Casino Expert

  • A woman in headphones
    Artificial Intelligence

    Can AI Music Be Made Ethically? 200+ Musicians Weigh In

    In a world where technology and creativity intertwine, over 200 musicians, including stars like Billie Eilish and representatives of icons like Frank Sinatra, have come together. Their mission? To send a powerful message to the masters of artificial intelligence (AI) under the banner of the Artist Rights Alliance. A world...

    By: Maria Webb | Technology journalist

  • Semiconductor Giant TSMC Shaken by Historic Taiwan Earthquake

    A significant earthquake has rocked Taiwan, leading to TSMC evacuating some of its plants and pausing chipmaking production.  There are fears of disruption to the global supply chain. However, the human impact is immediate due to the 7.4 magnitude earthquake. Taiwanese catastrophe is the biggest to hit the East Asian...

  • Superintelligence Alliance: Crypto’s Stand Against AI Dystopia

    Superintelligence Alliance: Crypto’s Stand Against AI Dystopia

    The word ‘awe’ perfectly describes the current public perception of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, ‘awe’ is defined as “an emotion variously combining dread, veneration, and wonder.” While the world is in wonder about AI’s game-changing capabilities to add value to the global economy through labor...

    By: Mensholong Lepcha | Crypto & Blockchain Writer