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  • Password Manager

    10 Key Password Statistics 2024: Everything You Need To Know

    Passwords are the first line of defense in the digital world, yet shockingly, poor habits prevail. From reusing passwords across sites to easily guessed passwords, these weak links invite hackers to exploit your data. Knowledge is power, and understanding the alarming trends that continue in is the first step towards...

    By: Richard Sutherland | Technology Expert

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    Project Management

    20 Key Project Management KPIs and How to Measure Them

    Knowing the project management KPIs you absolutely need to track and how to measure them is key to every project's success. From cost and planning project KPIs to time and quality metrics, these are the top 20 key success factors every project manager needs to measure success — and we...

    By: Christian Rigg | Business Management Expert

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    Website Builders Vs. – What’s the Difference?

    If you want to build a WordPress website, you have a choice to make: will you use or While both these platforms can help you create a website, they’re very different. To get right to the point, is a paid website builder that includes hosting, while

    By: Michael Graw | Technology Expert

  • Best Linux Password Managers
    Password Manager

    Best Linux Password Managers in 2024

    The best Linux password manager will help you create and store strong, complex passwords to secure your online accounts. It'll also automatically fill out your credentials, scan your password vault for old, weak, and overused passwords, and alert you if your sensitive data leaks online. However, finding a password manager...

    By: Ilijia Miljkovac | Technology Writer

  • Dashlane vs 1Password

    Dashlane vs 1Password – Which One Is Better?

    Dashlane vs 1Password is a common comparison when looking for the top password manager for digital security. Both managers offer excellent safety and convenience features and have solid reputations in the industry. The right password manager will give you a secure and seamless user experience that matches your needs. In...

    By: Nikshep Myle | Technology Journalist

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    Password Manager

    The Best Password Managers for Opera and Opera GX in 2024

    The best password managers for Opera and Opera GX will alleviate many common security concerns for Opera browser users. Besides impenetrable security, the benefits of a high-quality password manager extend beyond security to streamline online efficiency with features like unlimited password storage, auto-fill, and passkeys. In this Opera password manager...

    By: Nikshep Myle | Technology Journalist

  • Password Manager

    Best Password Managers for Families in 2024

    The best password manager for families will offer a convenient and secure way to protect your loved ones' digital lives. With the increasing number of online accounts and devices in each household, keeping track of passwords has become a daunting task. Password managers simplify this process by providing a centralized...

    By: Jerry Makenzie | Technology Journalist

  • A logo of 1Password

    1Password Review 2024

    In this 1Password review, we'll delve into everything the leading password manager offers. 1Password stands out for its robust security, user-friendly interface, friendly customer support, and impressive roster of features. It isn't the cheapest password manager around, so you'll want to learn about it and evaluate whether it's the right...

    By: Nikshep Myle | Technology Journalist

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    Website Builders

    The Best WordPress Page Builders in 2024

    The best WordPress page builders make creating captivating, customized websites less of a chore. They remove the complexity of WordPress site design, giving you a stellar site regardless of your coding skills. With a top-notch website, you're more likely to have better chances of increased traffic and lead conversions. Conversely,...

    By: Joshua Adegoke | Tech Writer

  • The Key Guidelines for Developing Secure AI Systems
    Artificial Intelligence

    What Are the Key Guidelines for Developing Secure AI Systems?

    Last week, the EU and the U.S. released a joint statement to “reaffirm” their commitment to cooperating over regulating AI. The statement also noted that leaders from the European AI Office and the United States AI Safety Institute had briefed one another on their approaches and mandates. As we move...

    By: Tim Keary | Technology Specialist