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  • The Five Eyes Alliance and What It Means for VPN Users

    The Five Eyes Alliance and What It Means for VPN Users

    You may have heard about the Five Eyes Alliance's role in tackling terrorism, but you may not know that it does more than spy on bad actors. In fact, the alliance spies on everyone, and this seriously impacts your online privacy. In this guide, we’ll break down what the Five...

    By: Michael Graw | Editor

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    The 10 Best Facebook Spy Apps in 2024 Compared

    The best Facebook spy apps let you see everything the target user is doing on the app — their messages, the content they're engaging in, and everything in between — all without being detected. To help you choose, we've rounded up the market's top Facebook tracker apps, ranking them based...

  • Human Resource Management

    The Most Outlandish Tech Interview Questions and What They Mean

    Tech interviews are always challenging. In the world of ever changing technologies, it is a complicated task to ace tech interviews. Getting in with the big-name companies, like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, etc., is an even more monumental task. Tech giants, especially mainstream product companies, tend to monopolize the...

  • Business Software

    Local SEO: Why Does it Matter for My Business?

    Today's market is extremely competitive.The first benchmark many SMBs set for themselves is going national; ever-changing algorithms can make digital marketing more challenging than one might anticipate; and it's tough to become visible amid the pool of competitors who've been creating Google listings for years.This can be daunting for business...

    By: Vaibhav Kakkar | Founder and CEO

  • Cyber Threats

    7 Sneaky Ways Hackers Can Get Your Facebook Password

    Facebook can be a great way to stay in contact with friends and family. But it can also make you more vulnerable. Your account likely has a ton of personal data and connections that could benefit a hacker. The more you understand about how a hacker can access your password,...

  • Artificial Intelligence

    AI in the Workplace: What it Means to the Gender Wage Gap in 2019

    As we saw in Minding the Gender Gap, women still lag far behind men in the tech field, both in terms of representations (which hovers around 25% in the United States), and in terms of pay, where the gap between men and women is close to 12%.While figures for pay...

    By: Ariella Brown | Contributor

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    What does secure browsing mean?

    Secure browsing involves the use of special security architecture to allow for Web browsing that is more protected from various kinds of cyberattacks. Secure browsing is a phenomenon supported by different types of tools offered by the makers of Web browsers and other technology companies.In many cases, Web browsers offer...

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    Facebook Official

    What Does Facebook Official Mean? “Facebook official” means that a Facebook user has made changes to a page or profile to illustrate some point of information about themselves, thereby making it “official” to a Facebook audience. This term has been coined to describe the effect that Facebook profile information has...

    By: Margaret Rouse | Technology Expert

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    Facebook Like-Gating

    What Does Facebook Like-Gating Mean? Facebook "Like-gating" refers to the practice of forcing Facebook users to like a profiler page in order to see additional content. Techopedia Explains Facebook Like-Gating Previously, some marketers and other promoters resorted to the practice of setting up Facebook profiles that required users to first...

    By: Margaret Rouse | Technology Expert

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    Facebook Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    What Does Facebook Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Mean?Facebook Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (FBOCD) refers to the compulsive use of Facebook or social media. Based on the psychological term Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), FBOCD is not a medical condition. It is a more general label or designation used to refer to a person’s...

    By: Margaret Rouse | Technology Expert