The Best Accounting Software for Mac – Top 10 Compared for 2023

Finding the best accounting software for Mac today can feel like a challenge. Using the right accounting tool makes all the difference, though, as the right tools can unlock enormous efficiencies, helping you work faster and smarter while cutting out errors and manual work.

We’ve tested and analyzed the market’s best accounting software for Mac users and reviewed the best tools on the market to help you find the ideal fit for your business. Ready to explore? Let’s jump right in.

The Market’s Top 10 Mac Accounting Software Solutions

We’ve identified ten of the best accounting solutions for Mac users, and each of them offers seamless Mac integrations and a suite of features for the modern business landscape. In our selection below, we highlight our top 10 Mac accounting software picks and what they have to offer.

  1. FreshBooks — Overall, the best accounting software for Mac, thanks to its intuitive invoice creation, powerful automation, and built-in time tracking.
  2. Oracle NetSuite — An enterprise accounting powerhouse that integrates seamlessly with iCalendar while offering ERP, ecommerce, PSA, and CRM tools.
  3. Zoho Accounting — Crafted for SMBs with demanding accounting needs, it stands out for its detailed financial analytics, multi-currency options, and intuitive tools.
  4. Xero — Offers automated bank account updates and boasts a user-friendly interface that offers real-time financial insights and emphasizes collaboration.
  5. Sage — Ideal accounting and bookkeeping solution for business owners thanks to its ease of use, cash flow predictions, and automated account reconciliations.
  6. Wave — Popular payroll software that’s great for growing businesses, thanks to its expansive network of Wave advisors who can help guide new entrepreneurs.
  7. Bonsai — Popular CRM and bookkeeping software that’s perfect for freelancers, offering a Mac time tracker app, easy invoicing, 500+ templates, and task automation.
  8. QuickBooks — Much loved solution offering comprehensive Mac accounting software with inventory management features, enhanced by over 750 app integrations.
  9. Melio — Best for effortless vendor payments and streamlined workflows. It integrates seamlessly with standard accounting tools, simplifying bill settlements.
  10. Xendoo Accounting — The best accounting solution for businesses seeking comprehensive tax guidance and astute financial advice.

Are Macs Good for Accounting?

Macs are great for accounting. They offer a robust, secure ecosystem that’s resistant to malware, making them an excellent choice for accounting work and tasks prioritizing data security.

In addition, their impressive processing power ensures accounting applications run smoothly, allowing professionals to crunch numbers without problems.

Are All Accounting Tools Compatible With Mac?

While most leading accounting software solutions have dedicated Mac versions or are cloud-based – ensuring Mac compatibility – not all tools are Mac-friendly. Some desktop apps, like MYOB AccountRight, are not suitable for Mac.

It’s always a good idea to check the compatibility of a tool before investing in it for a Mac-based business environment. Our list of the top 10 accounting tools for macOS provides a range of options that are sure to get the job done.

Compare the Best Accounting Software for Mac Systems

Take a look at our comparison table below for a detailed view of the accounting tools selected for our best Mac business software shortlist and see what each can offer your business:

Accounting Software Best For Starting Price Free Version Mobile Support Integrations
FreshBooks Best overall $8.50/month 30-day trial iOS and Android 100+ inc. PayPal, Gmail, Slack, HubSpot, and Zoom
Oracle NetSuite Global businesses Contact for Pricing Free product tour iOS and Android 1,000+ inc. Amazon, Shopify, HubSpot, WooCommerce, and Salesforce
Zoho Accounting Inventory management $10/month Free-forever plan iOS and Android 50+ inc. QuickBooks, Xero, PayPal, Stripe, and Evernote
Xero Powerful app integrations $13/month 30-day trial iOS and Android 1,000+ inc. Shopify, Gmail, Basecamp, Stripe, Harvest, and Salesforce
Sage Small business accounting $7.50/month 30-day trial iOS and Android 1,000+ inc. PayPal, Salesforce, Stripe, WooCommerce, and Shopify
Wave Free, basic accounting solutions Fixed fees from 2.9% + $0.60 per credit card transaction Free invoicing and accounting features iOS and Android 1,000+ inc. PayPal, Stripe, Slack, Squarespace, Shopify, and Calendly
Bonsai CRM and accounting tool for freelancers $21/month 7-day trial iOS and Android 5,000+ inc. Gmail, Slack, Asana, Mailchimp, Trello, and HubSpot
QuickBooks Tax filing $15/month 30-day trial iOS and Android 750+ inc. PayPal, Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, and Shopify
Melio Vendor payments Variable, with transaction fees Free ACH bank transfer iOS and Android Xero, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Xendoo Accounting Business bookkeeping and tax advisory services $395/month 30-day trial iOS and Android Xero, Amazon, Gusto, TaxJar, Quickbooks, Shopify, and Stripe

The companies listed above offer the best small business accounting software Mac users will appreciate. Plus, they’re compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and popular web browsers like Chrome.

Reviews of the Best Mac Financing Software Solutions

In this section, we’ll provide comprehensive reviews of the best accounting solutions for Mac and take a look at what’s under the hood of these top ten accounting solutions.

1. FreshBooks — The #1 Accounting Software for Mac Devices

The FreshBooks Mac app has secured its position as the best accounting software for Mac. FreshBooks offers great features and an intuitive interface designed for the Apple ecosystem that aligns with the aesthetics and ease of use that Mac users cherish.

Starting at just $8.50/month, with a generous 30-day trial, FreshBooks is attractive for freelancers and small business owners with a robust set of features. Given the value for money it offers, we rate it as the best small business accounting software for Mac – and it’s far cheaper than products like Oracle NetSuite.


Best For Starting Price Free version Mobile Support Integrations
Best overall $8.50/month 30-day trial iOS & Android 100+ inc. PayPal, Gmail, Slack, HubSpot, and Zoom

The FreshBooks for Mac app simplifies financial management by combining a clear design with actionable insights. Its intuitive invoicing system, powerful automation, project management features, and expense and time-tracking tools are ideal for streamlining admin tasks and driving financial management.

Each feature is crafted for usability, making it easy to understand complex data and helping you make decisions.

FreshBooks helps ensure prompt online payments and sends reminders for a smooth revenue collection process. It also seamlessly integrates with bank accounts and has automated updates to keep balance sheets current.

Some users have noted invoice numbering can be inconsistent, which can be a minor inconvenience for businesses striving for orderly record-keeping.

The platform’s compatibility with over 130 apps, however, plays a crucial role in easing complicated financial tasks and streamlining the user experience, making it a top choice for Mac users looking for accounting software.

Check out our full Freshbooks review for more details on its capabilities.


FreshBooks offers four subscription plans:

Image displaying the Lite, Plus, Premium, and Select (Custom) pricing plans offered by FreshBooks accounting software, outlining features and costs associated with each package.

  • Lite — $8.50/month — Five billable clients, track unlimited expenses, send unlimited estimates, and run reports for taxes
  • Plus — $15/month — 50 billable clients, set up recurring bills and client retainers and collaborate with your accountant
  • Premium — $27.50/month — Unlimited clients, track project profitability, and customize email templates
  • Select — Custom plan — Unlimited clients, dedicated account manager, and data migration

Additional team members cost $11/user/month for all subscription plans.


  • Intuitive invoicing and interface
  • Efficient expense and time tracking
  • Great features for pursuing payments
  • Friendly 24/7 live chat support


  • Invoice numbering can be inconsistent

2. Oracle NetSuite — Ultimate Enterprise Accounting Tool for Mac

Oracle NetSuite stands out as the best business accounting software for Mac at the enterprise level, offering comprehensive business solutions that are ideal for global operations.

With modules providing functionality for CRM, accounting, ERP, and ecommerce, NetSuite enables a multi-faceted approach to enterprise business management and accounting.

Integration with Mac OSX and iOS devices is a standout feature. Users can manage scheduled tasks and appointments with ease, thanks to the familiar Apple iCalendar app interface – a feature that sets it apart from its competitors.


Best For Starting Price Free version Mobile Support Integrations
Global businesses Contact for pricing Free product tour iOS & Android 1,000+ inc. Amazon, Shopify, HubSpot, WooCommerce, and Salesforce

NetSuite simplifies the management of payables and receivables and offers real-time insights on profitability. Its tools are designed for user accessibility, avoiding the complexity often associated with enterprise-level solutions.

On top of that, inventory management is streamlined with automated inventory tracking and detailed views of order activities at every level, which makes documentation and auditing a breeze.

NetSuite’s adaptability is exemplified by its integration with platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and HubSpot, so businesses can extend their operations beyond core accounting tasks.

The product’s cloud-based architecture ensures both data accessibility and security, and NetSuite is a great solution for Mac for larger organizations. That said, it is likely better suited to larger businesses, and SMBs may find the feature set to be more than they need, with a steep learning curve and a substantial price tag.


Oracle NetSuite provides customized pricing, catering to the specific needs of each business. While this approach ensures tailored solutions, it means the service is harder to compare against other options.

That being said, it’s wise to check out NetSuite’s free product tour before deciding whether it’s the ideal Mac business accounting software for you.


  • In-depth financial insights
  • Advanced inventory management tools
  • Adapted for global business operations
  • Multiple payment options


  • No publicly reported pricing

3. Zoho Accounting — Intuitive Financial Management for Apple Users

Zoho Accounting offers a tailored experience across Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch devices. It also offers the best free accounting software for Mac. This has some limitations, but it doesn’t compromise on features available in its paid plans that cater to freelancers, solopreneurs, and larger businesses.

Using Zoho’s intuitive dashboard, you can manage transactions, track income and expenses, and even use time-saving keyboard shortcuts so you can get more work done in less time.

While Zoho lacks some advanced features compared to QuickBooks, its time-tracking, financial management, and multi-currency support features help businesses aiming for a global reach.


Best For Starting Price Free version Mobile Support Integrations
Inventory management $10/month Free-forever plan iOS & Android 50+ inc. QuickBooks, Xero, PayPal, Stripe, and Evernote

Cash flow management is simplified with features that allow you to record and categorize expenses and bills so you understand where your money is coming in from and going. And with automation features like payment reminders, it’s highly convenient – though its automation features aren’t as extensive as those in FreshBooks.

Furthermore, getting a financial overview of your business’s expenses, accounts and receivables, and cash flow is easily done with Zoho. Inventory levels are trackable, and creating professional invoices clients can access from Zoho’s client portal enhances the overall financial management experience.

Out-of-the-box integrations with various macOS and iOS-compatible apps, like Stripe, PayPal, GSuite, and Evernote, help to connect tasks across tools so you can take care of accounting and bookkeeping needs.

This positions Zoho among the best Mac bookkeeping software for the Apple ecosystem while offering a balanced mix of features.


Aside from Zoho’s free plan, Zoho Accounting offers five flexible plans:

"Image highlighting Zoho Books' pricing tiers: 'Free Plan', 'Standard', 'Professional', 'Premium', 'Elite', and 'Ultimate'.

  • Standard — $10/month — Three users, manage up to 5,000 invoices, accepts payment gateways, and ten custom financial report generators
  • Professional — $20/month — Five users, project expenses and invoice tracking, retainer invoices, timesheet approval
  • Premium — $30/month — Ten users, vendor portal, budgeting, 50 custom reports, dedicated customer support
  • Elite — $100/month — Ten users, advanced inventory control, unlimited custom reports, and multi-currency support
  • Ultimate — $200/month — 15 users, analyze and track key financial metrics, customize reports and dashboards, and collaboration features


  • Multi-currency support with diverse payment options
  • Automated payment reminders for efficiency
  • Great free-forever plan
  • Enhanced inventory management features


  • Slightly confusing plans

4. Xero — Seamless Mac Integration for Small Businesses

If you’re looking for the best small business accounting software tailored for Mac users, Xero has some impressive features.

Xero is compatible with a wide range of Mac-friendly products, integrating smoothly with over 1,000 apps, such as Basecamp for project management and time-tracking app Harvest, to enhance workflow efficiency and make the accounting process a breeze.

The Xero App Store is stocked with a range of Mac-compatible apps for accounting, CRM, documentation, ecommerce, inventory, payroll, payment, time tracking, and much more, so you can manage your business with ease.

Xero tax filing

Best For Starting Price Free version Mobile Support Integrations
Powerful app integrations $13/month 30-day trial iOS & Android 1,000+ inc. Shopify, Gmail, Basecamp, Stripe, Harvest, and Salesforce

Plus, with Xero’s multi-currency support for over 160 currencies, including USD and EUR, it’s great for enabling international business.

In terms of user interface, Xero’s dashboard stands out for its organized and intuitive design, echoing the simplicity that Mac users appreciate and often find with alternatives like FreshBooks.

However, the powerful time-saving automation features from invoice creation to bank reconciliations, highlighted by the convenient AutoEntry feature, give Xero a distinctive edge.

Another big asset is Xero’s cloud-based architecture and multi-factor authentication feature. This makes it simple to access financial data securely from anywhere in the world, which is invaluable in our modern work environment.

While Xero is a powerhouse of features, the integration of Gusto for payroll services comes at an additional cost, which is something to consider for small businesses where budget constraints are a concern. This contrasts with platforms like Wave and Zoho, which offer comprehensive payroll services that are integrated for free.

Xero boasts excellent customer service, though, which is difficult for competitors to match. We appreciate that Xero responds quickly to queries on how to use the platform, offering users help and assistance. We give them a gold five-star rating for customer service.


Xero lets you take advantage of a 30-day free trial for its Early, Growing, and Established plans:

Image presenting a detailed overview of Xero's accounting software pricing tiers, highlighting the features, benefits, and costs associated with each plan.

  • Early — $13/month — Send quotes and 20 invoices, reconcile bank transactions, and capture bills and receipts with Hubdoc
  • Growing — $37/month — Enter bills, bulk reconcile transactions, short-term cash flow, and business snapshot
  • Established — $70/month — Use multiple currencies, claim expenses, track projects

Integrations with payroll services like Gusto cost $40 per month as an add-on for all plans.


  • iOS mobile app available for iPhones and iPads
  • Real-time financial insights and custom financial reports
  • Expense tracking features are excellent
  • Diverse payment options


  • Gusto payroll is an add-on that costs extra

5. Sage — Easy-to-Use Accounting and Bookkeeping Software for Small Business Owners

Sage is a contender for best bookkeeping software for Mac, and it’s ideal for small business owners as well as accountants and bookkeepers. Using the intuitive dashboard, you can keep an eye on balance sheets and cash flow, track inventory and expenses, and manage unpaid and overdue invoices.

Offering a fast, intuitive bookkeeping and accounting app for iOS, Sage lets you access the financial management tools you need from an iPhone. It also includes multi-currency support, which is essential for international business.

This helps small business owners be productive on the go, making it easier to follow up with clients as quickly as needed, view outstanding invoices, and automate payment reminders to get paid on time and increase cash flow.


Best For Starting Price Free version Mobile Support Integrations
Small business accounting $7.50/month 30-day trial iOS & Android 1,000+ inc. PayPal, Salesforce, Stripe, WooCommerce, and Shopify

It offers a similar level of efficiency as Bonsai but with a focus on broader business operations rather than freelancing.

Just like Xero, Sage Accounting offers AutoEntry, which automates data entry and eliminates the need for manual entries. It conveniently scans bank statements one-by-one or in batches, including receipts uploaded from iPhone. However, the dashboard has a less modern feel compared to competitors like FreshBooks.

Sage Accounting also offers powerful automation features, such as automating payroll runs, to make sure employees are promptly paid the correct amount. Salaries and income are calculated, including hourly rates, taxes, deductibles, PTO, and insurance, so you don’t have to manually enter the details.

As a cloud-based platform, Sage prioritizes your data security using advanced encryption and backing up your financial information hourly.

A standout feature is the Sage Accountants Network (SAN), which offers training, support, and products that enhance collaboration and client relationship management.

This is great for small business owners, accountants, and bookkeepers, and they can take advantage of these resources and the guidance provided by dedicated support experts available 24/7.


Sage offers two pricing plans:


  • Sage Accounting — $7.50/month — Unlimited users, AutoEntry for receipt capture, cash flow forecasting, and purchase invoice management
  • Sage Accounting Start — $10/month — Create/send invoices, track receivables, automatic bank reconciliation

For a limited time, Sage Accounting is offering 70% off for six months with its Sage Accounting plan.


  • Simple to set up on Mac devices
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Error reduction with accounts receivable features
  • Affordable pricing tiers


  • Features like AutoEntry and payroll cost extra

6. Wave — Free, Efficient Solution for Mac Entrepreneurs

For start-ups and small businesses in the US and Canada on the lookout for the best free accounting software for Mac, Wave stands out as a top choice. It offers accounting, invoicing, and banking solutions without breaking the bank.

Keep in mind that although it’s a free service for financial management, it isn’t as feature-rich as services like QuickBooks, which boasts advanced reporting, customized invoicing, and detailed inventory management capabilities.

Wave’s small business software for Mac is available as a mobile app for iOS devices, offering features such as custom invoice and estimate creation, expense tracking, receipt scanning, and concise business insights.


Best For Starting Price Free version Mobile Support Integrations
Free, basic accounting solutions Fixed fees from 2.9% + $0.60 per credit card transaction Free invoicing and accounting features iOS & Android 1,000+ inc. PayPal, Stripe, Slack, Squarespace, Shopify, and Calendly

While it’s an integrated solution for small business owners, freelancers, and contractors, more advanced users may find it lacking in comparison to Oracle NetSuite.

From the Wave dashboard, you can easily monitor and track business activities. With its quick summary overview, you can view a snapshot of profit and loss statements, payment statuses, and invoice records.

With a simple tap from an iPhone, you can instantly create and send estimates on the go to potential customers, which enhances its utility for busy entrepreneurs on the move.

Synchronization between mobile invoicing and Wave’s desktop platform facilitates a seamless user experience. The inclusion of an online payment feature and Guest Collaborator functionality adds versatility; you are free to accept online payments or conveniently work directly with an accountant, client, or business partner.

Wave provides a cost-effective solution for entrepreneurs and small business owners using a Mac or iPhone device, especially those looking for basic, free accounting tools. While its attractive option is its price point and a mobile iOS app is available, it lacks a native Mac app and advanced features found in competitors like Zoho.


While Wave’s invoicing and accounting features are 100% free, Wave charges for payments and other features.

Image displays Wave's pricing structure: 'Invoicing' and 'Accounting' are free, fees for credit cards and bank payments, 'Mobile Receipts' at $8/month or $72/year, 'Payroll Tax Service' at $40/month and 'Self Service' at $20/month, with 'Advisors' offering bookkeeping support and coaching at additional rates.

Though payroll services cost extra, a 30-day trial is available to give Wave a test run.


  • Best free accounting software app for iOS users
  • User-friendly interface
  • Scalable with optional, paid features for growing businesses


  • Lacks a native Mac app, with a web interface and iOS app instead

7. Bonsai — Best Accounting Software for Mac Freelancers

Bonsai is among the best accounting software tools for small business and is ideal for Mac freelancers in need of simple and efficient accounting software. Designed with the Mac ecosystem in mind, Bonsai offers an intuitive user experience.

The dashboard’s clean, minimalistic design ensures easy navigation, allowing freelancers to manage finances, clientele, projects, and tasks under one roof.

Bonsai is geared towards providing freelancers with an optimized approach to handling accounting needs. It enables the creation of professional invoices, efficient management of contracts, and collaborative interactions with clients.

Bonsai taxation

Best For Starting Price Free version Mobile Support Integrations
CRM and accounting tool for freelancers $21/month 7-day trial iOS & Android 5,000+ inc. Gmail, Slack, Asana, Mailchimp, Trello, and HubSpot

While FreshBooks offers an equally intuitive experience, Bonsai is tailored more towards the specific needs of freelancers.

With additional features that let you take care of all your accounting tasks, manage balance sheets, and manage clientele with Zoho’s CRM, one of the best CRM apps, it’s a one-stop solution for taking care of business. Bonsai also has a task management system to help you keep track of your projects.

Templates are a strong suit for Bonsai. Freelancers pressed for time will appreciate thousands of ready-to-use templates for various documents, such as contracts, proposals, professional invoices, briefs, quotes, and tax forms. Despite this abundance of templates, a limitation lies in the customization options available.

The Bonsai Time Tracker app, available on the Mac App Store, adds value by enabling freelancers to meticulously track their work hours, and we also rate it among the best online project management tools. Its simplicity and sync capability with Mac and iPhone devices amplify user convenience.


You can try Bonsai with any of its three plans:

Graphic illustrating the diverse pricing options available for Bonsai accounting software, each showcasing specific features, costs, and benefits.

Professional allows you to add up to 15 project collaborators. A seven-day money-back guarantee is available as soon as you subscribe to a plan.


  • Best business accounting software for Mac freelancers
  • Clean, intuitive interface
  • Integrated CRM and project management features
  • The Bonsai Time Tracking app is available on the Mac App Store


  • Limited customization options for templates

8. QuickBooks — Robust Mac-Friendly Accounting for Diverse Needs

When searching for the best accounting software for Mac, the QuickBooks Desktop for Mac app is a solid choice for those seeking a robust cloud-based accounting solution. It offers a blend of user-friendly design and a suite of powerful features for versatile needs, making it a great Mac financing software tool.

There are a range of features you can access from the dashboard. From managing expenses to cash flow, tracking income and billing, or taking care of payroll and viewing reports – all can be done from the comfort of your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.


Best For Starting Price Free version Mobile Support Integrations
Tax filing $15/month 30-day trial iOS & Android 750+ inc. PayPal, Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, and Shopify

Moreover, QuickBooks on Mac offers an integrated approach to managing finances. Automatic bank feeds, detailed expense tracking, and quarterly automatic tax calculations ensure businesses maintain optimal operational efficiency.

However, users should take note that some premium features require subscriptions to more costly, higher-tier plans.

Inventory management in Quickbooks is robust, offering detailed and real-time alerts for stock levels, a feature that stands out when compared to alternatives like Bonsai, which is more freelancer-focused and doesn’t delve deeply into inventory management.

Another standout feature is Quickbooks’ seamless integration with over 750 third-party apps, including Mac-friendly CRM apps such as Salesforce, Zoho, and Pipedrive, which enhances its functionality and adaptability for various business needs.

So, if you’re a heavyweight Apple fan with diverse accounting, bookkeeping, and business needs, Quickbooks is a solid choice to consider. For more information, check out our complete Quickbooks guide.


QuickBooks offers a wide range of features with its Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Advanced plans:

QuickBooks pricing chart displays four subscription tiers: 'Simple Start', 'Essentials', 'Plus', and 'Advanced', each with distinct features and costs.

  • Simple Start — $15/month — Manage invoices and payments, general reports, receipt capture, and mileage tracking
  • Essentials — $30/month — Enhanced reports, bill management, and time-tracking capabilities
  • Plus — $45/month — Inventory management, project profitability, and cash flow
  • Advanced — $100/month — Customize user access controls, workflow automation, data restoration, and 24/7 support

Taking advantage of the assisted bookkeeping support feature costs an additional $50 per month for each plan.


  • Intuitive interface with excellent visuals
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Streamlined tax processes
  • Seamless integrations with Mac-friendly apps


  • Bookkeeping support costs extra as an add-on

9. Melio — Simplified Vendor Payments On-the-Go

Melio is a great Apple accounting software tool for making seamless vendor payments, especially while you’re on the go. While it’s not as comprehensive in accounting features as options like QuickBooks or FreshBooks, Melio shines in vendor payments for simplicity and mobility.

Melio offers a web-based app compatible with Mac and an iOS app for the iPhone, catering to the needs of professionals who are always on the move.

You can effortlessly schedule payments by ACH bank transfer and track payments, scan invoices, extend float by paying with your credit card, and opt to make payments now or later – all within a few taps from your iPhone.


Best For Starting Price Free version Mobile Support Integrations
Vendor payments Variable, with transaction fees Free for ACH bank transfer iOS & Android Xero, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Melio stands out with its no-subscription-fee approach for ACH bank transfers. The ease of tracking and scheduling payments from an iPhone makes it a time-saving tool, though it lacks accounting features that other competitors like Sage offer.

The iOS app interface is designed for quick navigation, enabling users to monitor payment statuses, scan bills, and approve payments seamlessly. It is very convenient and streamlines the payment process, which saves you 50% of your time that is spent on paying bills.

Melio is tailored for those who prioritize ease and speed in vendor payments, and especially iPhone users. While it’s not a one-stop solution for all accounting needs, its simplicity and mobile accessibility make it the ideal choice for making payments.

However, if you’re looking for a comprehensive accounting solution, consider integrating the FreshBooks or QuickBooks app to complement Melio’s offerings.


ACH bank transfers are free, but Melio charges fees for various transactions:

Image showcases Melio's fee structure: ACH bank transfer is free, two mailed checks monthly are free then $1.50 each, card payments cost 2.9%, same-day ACH transfers are 1% (max $30), 3-day fast checks are $20, and international payments in USD are $20 with an added 2.9% if paid by card.


  • User-friendly interface, optimized for Mac and iPhone users
  • Efficient vendor payment management
  • Option for scheduled payments enhances cash flow management
  • ACH bank transfers are fee-free


  • Doesn’t offer comprehensive accounting tools

10. Xendoo Accounting — Specialized Bookkeeping Services for Mac Businesses

Xendoo Accounting is one of the best online bookkeeping services Mac users can find.

The Xendoo app, accessible via iPhone and iPad, offers a curated experience for those seeking specialized bookkeeping, accounting, and tax return services on their Apple devices – although the pricing could be a hurdle for smaller businesses compared to cheaper, self-managed options like Sage.

Xendoo delivers financial insights directly to users with visual financial reports that display how your business is performing. You can gain insights into profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and monthly performance metrics that drive decision-making.


Best For Starting Price Free version Mobile Support Integrations
Business bookkeeping and tax advisory services $395/month 30-day trial iOS & Android Xero, Amazon, Gusto, TaxJar, Quickbooks, Shopify, and Stripe

Xendoo Accounting on Mac offers a unique blend of software and personalized service. The detailed monthly financial statements, coupled with a dedicated CPA team, ensure accuracy and timeliness in managing accounting tasks.

The platform integrates seamlessly with accounting software like QuickBooks Online and Xero, making it a solid option for streamlined bookkeeping and staying tax-ready all year-round.

Renowned companies, including Starbucks and Allstate Insurance, attest to Xendoo’s efficacy. The platform provides financial services designed to facilitate business growth, backed by expert guidance and insights from fractional CFOs who inform data-driven decision-making for business owners.

However, potential users should weigh these benefits against the subscription costs, which are significantly higher than those of competitors like FreshBooks.


Xendoo offers three monthly subscription plans, Essential, Growth, and Scale:

Xendoo's pricing chart showcases three distinct tiers: 'Essential', 'Growth', and 'Scale', each detailing their respective features and costs.

Custom plans are available for businesses with over $125,000 in monthly expenses or full accrual. Tax Guidance is also available for $1,200/year as an add-on.


  • Blend of intuitive software and professional services
  • Ensures tax compliance with dedicated advisory services
  • Access to fractional CFOs for expert insights and guidance
  • Best for businesses desiring robust, dedicated bookkeeping services on Mac


  • May be too pricey for start-ups and smaller businesses

What’s the Best Free Accounting Software for Mac?

Based on our research, Zoho is the best free accounting software for Mac devices, boasting an intuitive dashboard and plenty of client and financial management features.

With cutting-edge automation, access to multiple payment channels, and integration with a host of Mac-friendly apps, Zoho delivers exceptional value at no cost.

Wave and Melio also provide a range of financial services with no subscription fee – however, you will need to pay transaction costs in some cases, which can add up.

Free plans will fenerally come with limitations to their features and functionality, so they can’t really compete with what you can get from paid subscriptions. That said, nearly all the products in our shortlist include free trials, so you can get a feel for what they offer before you buy.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Mac Accounting Software

When choosing the best personal accounting software for Mac, it’s essential to weigh up both your current budget and future growth aspirations. Ensure the software is compatible with your Mac device, and if you prefer using an iPhone or iPad, check if a mobile iOS app is available.

Other factors to consider include ease of use, premium features on offer, integrations, scalability, and the support and training that’s available and that’s required.

  • Your budget: Consider the cost of the software both initially and in the long term. Then, select one that fits your current budget and has room to accommodate the financial changes as your business grows.
  • Compatibility: Ensure the software is compatible with Mac operating systems and works efficiently with your other business tools. If you prefer using an iPhone or iPad, make sure a mobile iOS app is available.
  • Ease of use: The selected software should be user-friendly. Look for intuitive design and easy navigation that are familiar to Mac users. This is to ensure that you and your team can use it efficiently without a steep learning curve.
  • Features: Examine the features offered in each plan. Ensure the plan you choose provides the necessary features for your business operations and that crucial features aren’t locked behind higher-tier plans.
  • Support and training: Evaluate the level of customer support and training resources available. A responsive support team and comprehensive training materials can make the implementation and use of Mac accounting software much smoother.
  • Scalability: Choose software that can adapt to your business’s growth. Ensure it has the flexibility to handle increased volume and complexity as your business expands.
  • Integrations: Choose Mac-compatible software that effortlessly integrates with frequently used Mac apps, as well as those that complement your accounting and bookkeeping software processes.

Top Accounting Software Guides

Going beyond Mac accounting software, we’ve also created a range of other guides and resources on the best accounting tools available, including:

Conclusion – What is the Best Accounting Software for Mac Devices in 2023?

Many business owners and freelancers need to handle accounting tasks on Mac devices, so it’s important to find the best financial management software that’s compatible with the Apple ecosystem.

After testing the best Mac accounting software solutions on the market, we’ve concluded that FreshBooks comes in first place.

We recommend FreshBooks as the perfect accounting solution for Mac devices for businesses of all sizes, with its easy-to-navigate platform and countless features that freelancers and business owners will appreciate.

From invoicing, expense and asset tracking, and automated reminders to payroll, tax filing, and project management tools, FreshBooks offers an excellent package for Mac – so give it a try today.

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Is a MacBook OK for accounting?


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Mars Groves is a security researcher and technology writer. He serves as the editor in chief for Secjuice and as an advisory board member for a startup. In his spare time, he practices Shamatha meditation, reads non-fiction books, and enjoys traveling.