A Full Animoto Review for 2024: Everything You Need to Know

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Animoto is a fun, engaging AI video creation tool with a generous free plan

Animoto is an easy-to-use and beginner-friendly online video editor that lets you create unlimited videos right from the free plan.

You get a host of stock media options, such as 3,000 licensed songs and 1 million+ stock images, making it easy for creators to draw inspiration and create unique, engaging videos.

Animoto allows you to create both professional and personal videos. You can choose from 160+ templates, which we found to be fewer than some of its peers.

Still, Animoto’s competitive pricing ($8/month) and a power-packed free plan mean that its value for money is hard to beat. This makes it ideal for start-ups looking for an affordable tool. However, if you choose the monthly subscription model, you can end up paying double the price.

Read our in-depth Animoto review as we explore its key features, pricing, and how it compares to leading rivals.


  • 1 million+ Getty images in HD quality
  • 3,000+ licensed songs
  • Simple dashboard with drag-and-drop functionality
  • A free forever plan with the ability to create unlimited videos
  • More affordable than most of the competition


  • Monthly plans are significantly pricier than the annual subscription
  • Only around 160 templates

Our comprehensive Animoto review explores this beginner-friendly online video editor, which offers ample stock media to get you started. However, some might be bothered by the absence of AI features, like speech-to-text and AI voiceovers. Unsure? Read on to learn about Animoto’s key features and pricing and also see how it compares to some of its competitors.

What is Animoto Used For?

Animoto is an online video editor that allows you to create professional-looking videos and slideshows by uploading various media such as images, text, videos, and logos.

You can choose from a wide library of 3,000 songs and 1 million+ Getty images to create videos for the following purposes:

  • Video marketing, including ads
  • Social media posts and stories
  • Email marketing videos
  • Training videos
  • Corporate presentations and shows
  • Personal videos for occasions such as birthdays

Animoto Pricing

Besides a free forever plan, Animoto offers three paid plans. Unlike other video editors, Animoto allows you to create unlimited videos, even on the free plan. All of its plans also support unlimited social sharing and seamless imports from various cloud storage tools.

Here’s a breakdown of each plan:

Plan Name Starting Price Free Version Videos/month Video Quality Video Formats Fonts Add Your Own Media Remove Animoto Branding Music Library Voice-Over
Free Plan Free Unlimited 720p 3 3 50 Royalty free songs
Basic Plan $8/month Unlimited 1080p HD 3 3 50 Royalty free songs
Plan Name $15/month Unlimited 1080p HD 3 40+ 3,000 Commercially licensed songs
Plan Name $39/month Unlimited 1080p HD 3 40+ 3,000 Commercially licensed songs
Free Plan

Free Plan

Animoto offers a free forever plan that allows you to generate unlimited videos at 720p. Furthermore, you get access to 50 royalty-free music tracks along with 3 standard fonts and 30 colors.

Handy features such as screen and webcam recording are also available on this plan. It’s worth noting that competitors like Invideo also offer a free tier.

However, you can only make 10 minutes worth of videos per week. On the other hand, with Animoto you can create unlimited videos – a huge plus for small businesses and solopreneurs on a tight budget.

Basic Plan - $8/month

Basic Plan – $8/Month

Animoto’s first paid plan allows you to create professional videos at 1080p. You can also download your videos and remove the Animoto watermark. All other features are the same as the free plan.

The best part is that Animoto’s Basic plan is more affordable than many of its competitors. For example, PictoryAI costs a whopping $19/month and only lets you make 30 videos.

However, you’ll only benefit from the cheap $8 price tag if you purchase the annual plan. The same features cost $16/month on the monthly plan. This is in stark contrast with competitors like NovaAI and PictoryAI.

For example, NovaAI’s Basic plan on an annual subscription costs $8 per month, and if you need the monthly subscription, you only have to pay a little more, $10.

Still, a cheaper annual subscription means that long-term users will find better value with Animoto.

Professional Plan - $15/month

Professional Plan – $15/Month

Animoto’s Professional plan comes with more branding options. For instance, you can add your own logo and save up to 3 brand templates. Some other features include:

  • 40+ fonts
  • 3,000 commercially licensed songs
  • Unlimited colors
  • Simultaneous screen and webcam recording
  • 1 million+ commercial licensed stock media

This plan is ideal for businesses looking to create branded videos for marketing campaigns and promotions.

It’s more affordable than Invideo, which costs $20 per month. Plus, it caps your video generation to 50 minutes and allows access to only 80 stocks per month.

Professional Plus Plan - $39/month

Professional Plus Plan – $39/Month

This plan is for teams that need more collaboration features. It includes a Shared Team Workspace where you can create, collaborate on, and review videos from a single dashboard.

It also allows you to save up to 25 brand templates and share them across your team. Additionally, you get access to 100 million+ commercially licensed stock media and can upload your own fonts.

As you can see, the Professional Plus plan is ideal for large businesses with a dedicated marketing team that needs to generate content regularly. You also get onboarding and training assistance and a dedicated account manager.

For similar workspace features, the Synthesia video editor costs $67 per month—or $100 per month if you choose Canva. Clearly, Animoto is a more affordable choice.

Animoto Key Features

Let’s examine some of Animoto’s standout features, which make it one of the best video editing platforms in the industry right now.

TemplatesStock LibraryScreen and Webcam Recording

The best thing about Animoto is that it’s a one-stop destination for all your video-making needs—personal or professional. This is reflected in the wide range of templates it offers.

On the left side of the template dashboard, you’ll find various templates categorized into sections such as:

  • Celebrations
  • Education
  • Event or teaser
  • Motivational
  • Real Estate
  • Product
  • Promotion
  • Training

This offers a good mix of options to aid you in the creative process, regardless of your needs. All you need to do is select a template and use the editing tools to adjust it accordingly.

With 160 templates, some may assume this isn’t much. However, all the templates are handpicked, well-curated, and professionally designed, ensuring that you’ll always find one that fits you nicely.

Animoto boasts a huge library of stock images and professional-looking videos. The Pro plan offers access to 1 million+ media, and the Professional Plus tier offers access to a whopping 100 million+.

Simply search for the keyword on its media library (on the right side of the editing dashboard). You’ll see thousands of results within seconds. Select and drag the desired image to your board.

Alternatively, you can use one of the best art generators to generate unique photos and then use them on Animoto. You can edit images in multiple ways, too—move, crop, zoom in, or rotate them.

You can even add text in 40+ fonts and use unlimited colors (from the Professional plan onwards). The good news keeps coming, as you even get access to many music resources on the platform.

Not only that, but Animoto gives you the freedom to add your own music—even on the free plan. As with pictures, you can use one of the best AI voice generators and then use its output on Animoto.

Suppose you want to create a video with yourself in it—or build a corporate presentation. Without Animoto, you’ll first have to shoot the video and then import it into a video editor.

With Animoto, though, you can do it all on the platform itself. It offers screen and webcam recording so that you can record your screen (or yourself) without using an external app.

Once you’re done with the recording part, you can then edit and remit as per your needs.

Animoto Performance

Animoto is a pretty beginner-friendly and easy-to-use video maker with a clean dashboard and intuitive user interface. Although it may seem old-school to some, its simplicity is what makes it so effective.

All your editing options are available on a single dashboard, and importing media doesn’t take a lot of time, either. The search results are also displayed instantly, ensuring a smooth editing experience.

In our testing, we loved the ability to experiment with different themes, fonts, and transitions. Every time we selected a different option, the results were displayed almost instantly on the right panel of our editing dashboard—we experienced zero lag while editing.

Overall, Animoto’s performance and user experience are seamless, and its learning curve is shallow.

Animoto Integrations

Animoto doesn’t technically offer any third-party integrations. However, you get numerous sharing options. You can share the videos you make directly to your social media handles.

You can also import various media content from different cloud storages directly. That said, the tool’s lack of integrations isn’t a drawback, either, as it’s an industry-wide practice.

However, with the advent of AI, several video editors, like PictoryAI, have started integrating their tools with chatbots. We can expect a development on similar lines from Animoto as well.

Animoto Customer Reviews

Animoto has managed to gather excellent reviews on several independent review sites. For instance, it has 4.3/5 stars on Trustpilot—from 1,000+ reviews, 80% of which are 4+ stars.

Users particularly love the platform’s multi-purpose approach—it can be used to create both personal projects and business advertisements.

During our hands-on testing of the tool, we found this to be absolutely true, and we’re glad to report that Animoto works as advertised. Apart from this, many find Animoto extremely beginner-friendly, thanks to its easy drag-and-drop feature.

Animoto comes with an intuitive UI that helps us to make videos easily for marketing purposes. I have no prior experience in taking care of things like video editing. But Animoto made it easy for me.

On G2 (another popular customer review website), too, Animoto has received an impressive 4.4/5 rating, with 95% of users voting 4.0 and above.

We did find several reviews complaining about the difficulty of canceling subscriptions and auto-renewals. However, we could cancel auto-renewal by simply toggling off the option—all we had to do was go to the ‘Billings’ page.

Plus, we also found that Animoto’s customer support is extremely responsive and quick at solving any queries.

Animoto Vs Top Competitors

With social media and marketing tools evolving by the hour, the need for video creation tools has also increased manifold. Here’s a quick comparison of some Animoto competitors to help you pick the best one for your needs:

Online Video Editor Best For Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
Animoto Unlimited video creation $8/month Free forever plan 3,000 commercially licensed songs, 100M+ commercially licensed stock media, Shared team workspace
Pictory AI Text-to-speech AI voices $19/month 14-day free trial 15,000 music tracks, hyper-realistic AI voices, Brand kits
Nova AI Subtitle generation $8/month Free forever plan Auto subtitles translation, Text-to-speech,  Translate audio of your video
Synthesia Generating custom AI avatars $22/month Custom AI avatars, AI video assistant, Auto-generated closed captions

Animoto Vs Canva

If you’re a beginner who wants to make basic personal or professional brand videos, Animoto is a better pick than Canva.

You can play around with its free plan for as long as you like – and even when you decide to upgrade, you’ll be greeted with affordable plans starting at just $8 per month.

Furthermore, you get decent features like 720p videos, 30 colors, and 3 font options. You can also choose from 50 royalty-free songs or upload your own media for editing.

Canva, on the other hand, is a more professional tool, and it also comes with a lot of editing options. You get 1 million professionally designed templates, 1,000+ design types, and over 3 million stock photos and graphics – right from the free plan.

You also get access to several AI video features, although they’re limited in use. However, if you decide to upgrade to a paid Canva plan, you’ll need to shell out at least $100 per month.

Sure enough, a premium-level Canva plan comes with state-of-the-art, professional video design features, but unlike Animoto, it isn’t affordable for small businesses.

Animoto Vs Placeit

If you’re primarily into designing and want a tool that can create many mockups for you, Placeit is your best bet.

It’s primarily a mockup designer that lets you visualize how your designs would look on different surfaces, such as apparel, business cards, books, coffee mugs, and phone cases.

It has a few video editing options as well, where you can create video mockups and TikTok/YouTube videos. However, the editing options are fewer than other dedicated video editors.

Animoto, on the other hand, is meant solely for creating, editing, and designing videos. Depending on your plan, you can upload your own media or choose from several stock media available on the platform.

Animoto Vs Invideo

If you’re looking to create HD videos for free, Invideo can be a good pick. With its free plan, you can generate up to 10 minutes of short video clips per week and export 4 videos every week.

However, its paid plan doesn’t deliver as much value as Animoto‘s. With Invideo’s $20 plan, you can generate only 50 minutes of video per month and get access to just 80 stocks.

Choose Animoto if you’re looking to create unlimited videos at affordable prices. With its $15/month subscription (which is more affordable than Invideo), you get access to:

  • Unlimited colors,
  • 40+ font designs,
  • 3,000 commercially licensed songs, and
  • 1 million commercially licensed media.

This gives you a lot of editing options when compared to Invideo, and that too, at a lower price.

How to Use Animoto

Whether you want to use it for marketing, slideshows, or your next school project, here's a step-by-step guide on how to use Animoto for making videos:

  1. Choose a Template

    First, you’ll need to pick a template. Alternatively, you can click the ‘Start from scratch’ option at the top-right of your screen if you want to start with a blank slate with zero limitations.

    <strong>Choose a Template</strong>
  2. Change Aspect Ratio

    Click ‘Ratio’ at the top of your design board to select the aspect ratio of your video. As you get numerous sharing options, this will depend on where you want to share the video. For instance, for Instagram stories, select the ‘Vertical’ option.

    <strong>Change Aspect Ratio</strong>
  3. Upload Your Media Files

    You can now upload images, video clips, or logos. At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see a timeline consisting of various content blocks.

    Select any block and drag and drop your selected media from the Media Library panel on the right. It’s worth noting that you can either upload your own media or choose from Animoto’s 1 million+ library.

    <strong>Upload Your Media Files</strong>
  4. Edit The Text

    You can type the text you need on each block by first selecting it from the timeline at the bottom. Then, you can move around the text block by simply clicking and holding it.

    <strong>Edit The Text</strong>
  5. Add More Blocks

    If you want to add more content blocks to your video, click the ‘+’ sign at the beginning of the timeline. You’ll see a selection of blocks – choose one that you like. You can even reposition the blocks by dragging and dropping them.

    <strong>Add More Blocks</strong>
  6. Customize Your Video

    Now that your layout is ready, you can customize the video by clicking ‘Design’. A panel will open on the left, from where you can choose various themes, fonts, and colors. You’ll see a live preview on the right in real time.

    <strong>Customize Your Video</strong>
  7. Alter Video Settings

    Click ‘Video settings’ on the right panel to add transitions and animations to your video clips. Then, select from various video styles and filters. You can even add a logo to your video by selecting the ‘watermark’ option.

    <strong>Alter Video Settings</strong>
  8. Other Changes

    Exit the design tab to return to the main editor dashboard. Here, you can explore other editing options, such as scaling images, adding audio, and repositioning frames.

    If you’re unsatisfied with any changes, click ‘undo’ at the top. Once you’re satisfied, preview your video by clicking the ‘Play’ button.

    <strong>Other Changes</strong>
  9. Export Your Video

    After you’ve made all the changes to arrived at your finished product, click ‘Export’ at the top-right corner to render the video. You can either share the video directly on your social media handles or download it—your ability to do so will depend on your chosen subscription.

    <strong>Export Your Video</strong>

How to Choose the Best AI Tool

Here are some key factors you should consider when picking the best AI tool for your business or personal use:

PricingCustomization OptionsEase Of UseScalability

AI tools come in all shapes and sizes – from free tools to ultra-premium platforms. You need to first decide how much you’re willing to spend and then look for a platform that offers most of the features you want within your predefined budget.

Irrespective of your desired AI tool, it should offer enough customizability. For example, if you’re looking for an editing tool, the platform must give you the freedom to trim your videos, edit images, and add text and music to your slide shows.

The AI software you pick should have a relatively straightforward interface, with every option clearly laid out. Look for tools that are easy to use and come with many help guides and ‘how-to’ videos.

Prioritize tools that offer enough scalability options. Pay attention to the additional features offered by higher plans and the cost of upgrading—you won’t want to break the bank for a few additional (even essential) features.


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