The Best AI Apps for iPhone Compared for 2024

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Why Trust Techopedia

Whether you need one of the best AI apps for iPhone to simplify photo editing, for speech synthesis, or copywriting tasks, we’ve tested and compared all the market’s best options for this guide.

We’ve performed in-depth research into their features, pros and cons, and their pricing. So, read on to discover the iPhone AI apps making waves in the industry in 2024.

Techopedia’s Top 3 AI Apps for iPhone

Jasper – Best iPhone App for AI Written Content

Get 10,000 Credits
7-Day Free Trial

MurfAI – Best iPhone AI App for Voice Generation

Access All 120+ Voices
Free Trail

Picsart – Best iOS App for AI Art Generation

Access All Pro Features
1-Month Free Trial

The 7 Best AI iOS Apps Ranked

  1. Jasper AI — Best all-in-one tool for AI written content
  2. Murf AI — Best for AI voice generation
  3. Picsart — Best for AI art generation
  4. QuillBot — Best for improving writing
  5. DeepArtEffects — Best for AI art editing
  6. Shortly AI — Best for AI summarizing
  7. Simplified — Best for ease of use and social media

The Best AI Apps for iPhone Users Reviewed

Here, we explore each of the market’s best iPhone AI tools in more depth to help you choose the one that best suits your needs and budget:

1. Jasper AI – The Best AI App for Written Content

Jasper AI Logo

Best For Written content
Starting Price $39/month
iOS App Price $3.99/week
Free Version Free with in-app purchases
Top Features AI Chatbot, Translation, Content Creator
Why We Picked It

JasperAI offers a popular iPhone app that uses generative AI technology. As an AI chatbot and writer, it’s a great app for iPhone users looking to get instant answers, a personal assistant, or to quickly generate content from a variety of templates.

During our testing, we found that Jasper AI’s user-friendly features and interface make creating high-quality content easy. You can quickly generate articles and translate them into 100+ languages, a game changer for businesses looking to reach global markets without having to hire dedicated writers.


AI Chat Assistant — Jasper’s AI offers the best AI assistant for iPhone. As one of the top AI-powered chatbots, this virtual assistant can instantly answer questions. Its AI algorithms will use data sources from the internet to provide an accurate answer within seconds.

AI Content Creator — Jasper offers iPhone users a range of templates for creating compelling long—and short-form content that rivals human-written text.

Translation — JasperAI can also translate text into over 100 different languages, opening up doors for multi-lingual communication.


After the 7-day free trial, Jasper offers a subscription to its Pro plan, which we’ve outlined in the table below:

Plan Jasper Pro
Weekly Cost $3.99/week
Monthly cost $9.99/month
Annual cost $39.99/year
Who it's Best For

Jasper is a valuable tool for writers, marketers, and scholars who want to improve the quality of their work and communication. As an iOS mobile application, Jasper is also incredibly useful for enhancing the quality of emails and messages in both professional and personal settings.

Jasper provides an extensive selection of writing templates, improving the content creation process for social media, SEO, advertisements, and beyond.

Read our full Jasper AI review for more details.

Pros pros

  • The personal assistant is a game-changer
  • Creates high-quality content
  • Offers SEO features
  • Translation in 100 different languages

Cons cons

  • Fewer creative writing options
  • No free plan

2. Murf AI — Best for AI Voice Generation

Murf AI Logo

Best For Generating AI voices
Starting Price $23/month
iOS App Price $7.99/week
Free Version Free with in-app purchases
Top Features 120+ voices, 20+ languages, 8,000+ licensed tracks
Why We Picked It

MurfAI is one of the best AI voice generators. Its mobile app for iOS devices generates speech synthesis from text input in a range of languages and voices. The output sounds natural enough to be used in voiceovers for various use cases, such as YouTube videos, ads, and educational content.


Text-to-Speech — Murf generates AI-voiced speech synthesis from text input to use in voiceovers.

Musical Accompaniments — You can add your own music to voiceovers or select from any of the 8,000+ licensed background tracks in its library.

Translation — Murf supports 20 different languages, making it easy to translate content into multiple languages for international audiences.


MurfAI has a free plan, which is fairly limited — you don’t have commercial rights and can’t download your project — but it’s useful for trying it out, and it doesn’t require your credit card information, either.

The paid plans offer access to 200+ voices and unlimited styles and tonalities. You can even adjust pronunciations and tweak the audio to achieve the exact precision and clarity you need.

Plan Premium
Weekly cost $7.99
Annual cost $39.99
Who it's Best For

Murf AI can be a great tool for advertisers and writers. Advertisers will enjoy converting text to speech to create engaging social media ads, and writers will be able to reach visually impaired users/readers, or communicate with people in their spoken language.

Read our full Murf AI review.

Pros pros

  • Great free plan
  • Access to 200+ voices and 20+ languages
  • Commercial use rights for 8,000+ licensed tracks
  • Easy to use

Cons cons

  • Translations are only available with Premium plan
  • Some voiceovers can sound robotic

3. Picsart — Best for AI Art Generation

Picsart logo

Best For Image generation
Starting Price $5/month
iOS App Price $12.99/month
Free Version Free with in-app purchases
Top Features AI Enhancement, Background Remover, AI GIF Generator
Why We Picked It

Picsart is one of the best AI image generators for iPhone. It combines 20+ AI tools to create, edit, and manipulate images and videos. As a feature-rich AI photo editor, you’ll also gain access to an array of customization options.

For example, you can also add effects, text, stickers, drawings, overlays, and backgrounds and create collages. It’s the perfect tool for anyone looking to make professional-looking content for social media, advertising, or just for fun.


AI Photo Editor — Allows you to blur or remove backgrounds, retouch selfies, use filters, and add AI-generated text overlays.

Video Editor — Use Picsart to add music to your videos, crop clips, and add effects so they’re ready to publish on TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook. Perfect if you’re looking to create professional quality videos.

Image Generator — The app also enables users to generate original images and GIFs from text prompts.


Picsart offers a free plan that provides standard image and video editing features. If you upgrade to a paid plan, you’ll get additional AI-driven features, including face retouching, image enhancement, and one-tap background and object removers.

Below is a breakdown of Picsart’s paid plans:

Plan Picsart Gold
Monthly $12.99/month
Annual $57/month
Who it's Best For

Picsart can help small business owners maintain a social media presence with a consistent brand image and style.

We found it’s also a great choice for social media managers as it’s an all-in-one tool for content creation. Its retouching and image editing capabilities also make it an attractive option for anyone who wants to give themselves a digital makeover.

Pros pros

  • Cost-effective
  • Excellent free version
  • Fun UX

Cons cons

  • Retouching isn’t included in free version
  • Difficult to navigate for new users

4. QuillBot — Best for Improving Writing

QuillBot logo

Best For AI writing assistant
Starting Price $0
iOS App Price Free
Free Version Yes
Top Features Real-time editing, Free summarizer and paraphraser, QuillBot toolchain integration
Why We Picked It

QuillBot is an AI writing assistant that attaches to your iPhone keyboard and offers various tools, such as paraphrasing, summarizing, plagiarism detection, and writing quality improvements. It’s easily one of the best AI paraphrasing tools.

The app is free to use and offers a wide range of advanced features to enhance your writing.


Tone changing — Choose from formal, academic, simple, and creative. You can use the slider to control how much the text will be changed.

Summarizer — If you’re working with chunks of text that are hard to digest, such as academic readings, you can use this to break them into more manageable pieces on your smart devices.

Integrations — QuillBot is an AI-powered keyboard extension, so wherever you’re writing, whether it’s on Instagram, in an email, or WhatsApp, you’ll receive helpful suggestions to improve your writing fluency.


While the desktop version offers paid plans, the iOS app is entirely free to use. Simply download the app to access helpful writing style improvements.

Who it's Best For

QuillBot can be a helpful addition for students, marketers, and copywriters who want to improve their writing style and language skills. Thanks to its AI summarizing tool, it can be particularly useful for academic purposes.

Read our full QuillBot review.

Pros pros

  • Real-time text summaries
  • Can output text in multiple styles and formats
  • Provides summary statistics on how it has improved your writing
  • Huge range of writing tools

Cons cons

  • AI-generated text could be more accurate
  • Doesn’t pass AI detection tools

5. DeepArtEffects — Best for AI Art Editing

DeepArtEffects logo

Best For AI Art Editing
Starting Price $9.90/month
iOS App Price $2.99/month
Free Version Free with in-app purchases
Top Features Artwork Transformation, Prisma Filters, Full HD Resolution
Why We Picked It

DeepArtEffects is a popular art editor for iPhone users. It gives you the power to transform your selfie into a masterpiece in the style of Picasso, Monet, Dali, you name it.

The tool works in near real-time to deliver high-resolution results on your smart devices, and the images you create remain your property.


Transforming Artwork — You can transform your images into a range of 40+ artist styles, change the colors, or add new images. Unlike many other apps, you can also combine two images to create something unique.

Prisma Filters — As a leading AI photo editor, you can also add prisma filters, over 40 filters that apply special filters to your images.

Buy Prints — If you’re happy with your results, you can order prints to display on your wall or gift to a loved one in ultra HD (3840px) without a DeepArtEffects watermark.


DeepArtEffects is free, but the Premium version offers full HD resolution (1920px), watermark removal, and exclusive new styles each week. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing:

Plan Premium
Monthly cost $2.99
Yearly cost $34.99
Who it's Best For

DeepArtEffects is best for visual artists who want to experiment with image styles and AI art features. However, it’s not great if you just want to retouch a selfie or perform simple image edits such as cropping or resizing. We’d recommend Picsart as a more versatile alternative.

Pros pros

  • Data stored in Europe
  • Image rights remain with the user
  • Free plan

Cons cons

  • Lacks AI photo editor for retouching and resizing
  • Limited to pre-made filters and styles

6. ShortlyAI — Best AI Summarizer

Best For AI Summarizing
Starting Price $65/month
iOS App Price $5.49/week
Free Version Free with in-app purchases
Top 3 Features Efficient Summaries, Language Translation, Clear Voiceovers
Why We Picked It

ShortlyAI is an innovative summarizing app that turns hours of video, text, or audio material into easily digestible summaries with no sacrifices on quality or detail.

It also boasts sophisticated capabilities to translate foreign articles into your own language and vice versa. Additionally, speech synthesis converts text to audio for ultimate user convenience, meaning you can listen to articles while driving, cooking, or exercising.


Summaries—ShortlyAI streamlines large volumes of text into bite-sized summaries, outlining the key points in a concise version.

Voiceovers—This feature allows users to convert text into speech, with tons of potential applications, including making voiceovers for digital content, educational videos, and for accessibility purposes.

Translation—ShortlyAI allows you to access content from international media outlets and write in different languages by offering translations into 14+ languages.


ShortlyAI is free to download but offers in-app purchases of Shortly Pro; here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to pay:

Plan Shortly Pro
Weekly cost $5.49
Monthly cost $11.49
Yearly cost $48.49
Who it's Best For

ShortlyAI is the perfect for parents, university students, and professionals who want to squeeze more into their busy schedules but simply don’t have the time to sit down and read a book cover to cover.

Read our full Shortly AI review.

Pros pros

  • Podcast and book summarizer
  • Adjustable depth level
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface

Cons cons

  • The save and share function needs work
  • Currently only supports English

7. Simplified — Best for Social Media

Simplified Logo

Best For Social Media
Starting Price $13/month
iOS App Price Free
Free Version Free with in-app purchases
Top Features Brand Kits, Design Templates, AI Writer
Why We Picked It

Simplified is an AI app designed to streamline the workflow of marketers, social media creators, and writers. It offers a complete solution for content creation, from the design phase to copywriting and posting.

Simplified also enables collaboration, offering teams the ability to add comments and tag each other in projects.


Graphic Design Templates — User have access to a range of templates fit for social media, logo design, and more, with pre-populated copy to match.

Brand Kits — Designers can easily create consistent brand visuals with a custom logo, fonts, and brand colors.

AI Writer — Simplified enables users to easily generate long and short-form content. We found it to be one of the best AI writing tools on the market.


While Simplified is free to download, it offers a range of in-app purchases, which we’ve outlined below.

In-app purchase Starter Small Teams Business 100k AI Words 15K AI Credit 30K AI Credit
Cost $15 per month $30 per month $49.99 per month $29.99 one-time $14.99 one-time $29.99 (one-time)
Who it's Best For

Simplified is the ideal tool for social media marketing because it provides a one-stop shop for content creation, encompassing graphic design, writing, and is one of the best AI video generators.

This is bolstered by its social media scheduling tool, which allows you to automate the process of scheduling and posting content.

Pros pros

  • Variety of content creation tools
  • Tutorials available
  • Cost-effective

Cons cons

  • Generations are limited based on your plan
  • Most features require a paid add-on

The Best AI Apps for iOS Compared

Take a look at the below comparison for an overview of the AI apps we’ve reviewed. It highlights key factors to consider, such as pricing, use cases, and features:

Best iOS AI Apps Best for Starting Price iOS App Price Free Version Top 3 Features
Jasper AI Written content $39/month $3.99/week Free 7-day trial with in-app purchases AI chat assistant, instant answers, content creator
Murf AI Generating AI voices $23/month $7.99/week Free with in-app purchases 120+ voices, 20+ languages, 8,000+ licensed tracks
Picsart Generating AI art $5/month $12.99/month Free with in-app purchases AI enhancement, background remover, AI GIF generator
QuillBot Improving writing Free Free Free Real-time editing, user-friendly AI tools, Quillbot toolchain integration
DeepArtEffects AI art editing $9.90/month $2.99/month Free with in-app purchases Artwork transformation, Prisma filters, full HD resolution
ShortlyAI Summarizing $65/month $5.49/week Free with in-app purchases Efficient summaries, language translation, clear voiceovers
Simplified Social media $13/month Free Free with in-app purchases Brand kits, design templates, AI writer


How We Review And Test AI Tools

We base our recommendations on first-hand testing. All the products we feature, have been tested based on the following criteria:

  • Accuracy: The accuracy of every AI tool varies and is largely dependent on the AI model used and the quality of the input. We test each tool to gauge its accuracy across the tasks and use cases it supports.
  • Performance: We also test how long it takes the AI tool to deliver results and weigh this time against the quality of the output. Quick results mean nothing if the output isn’t accurate, relevant, or what you expected.
  • Ethical Considerations: We explore any issues with bias, transparency, and privacy to ensure we recommend only the best artificial intelligence solutions that take these ethical concerns seriously.
  • User Experience: We test every AI tool on all the supported platforms to gauge its user-friendliness and whether it works as advertised. We also explore any online documentation available.
  • Value for Money: We weigh the features, performance, and accuracy of the market’s best AI tools against their cost to determine their value for money. We also factor in the cost to scale with the platform.
  • Features: We test every feature on offer with the service over a two-week period. This includes testing their functionality (whether it’s art generation, or voiceovers, for example) across all the platforms the tool supports.
  • Security: From data privacy to ensuring the tools haven’t had a data breach, we take security seriously, checking their regulatory compliance and how vulnerable the AI models are to exploitation.

How AI Apps Can Help You

Many are wary of implementing artificial intelligence because of worries about its rapid advancements. Some have even said its development should be halted. However, the best AI apps for iPhone offer a range of features that can enhance your day-to-day activities and save you time.

Here are some of the many ways Apple AI apps can benefit you:

Virtual Assistants

AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants like Siri and the Google Assistant, Alexa, provide help with setting reminders, making calls, and searching the web. All of this is done with voice commands.


If you don’t have your own secretary, AI can automate repetitive tasks, such as scheduling appointments, managing finances, or organizing emails. AI tools can also generate content, whether it’s blogs, music, or images, faster than a human.

Health and Accessibility

Health apps use AI on iPhones to offer deeper insights about nutrition, sleep, fitness, and fertility. Additionally, AI features such as voice control, screen reading, and real-time transcription can be useful for accessibility.

Image Enhancement

Apps use artificial intelligence to recognize objects, faces, and scenes in images, enabling tasks like augmented reality, photo editing, and visual search.

Writing Improvement

NLP (Natural Language Processing) AI algorithms allow AI apps to understand and respond to natural language queries, generate text, and offer writing suggestions in real time.

What AI Features Are Already on iPhone Devices?

While it doesn’t compare to any of the solutions on this list of the best AI apps for iPhone, there are a range of artificial intelligence features already available on your iPhone device. This includes:

Voice CloningLive TextAutocorrectPhotography

From iOS 17 and on, Apple offers the ‘Personal Voice’ feature, built for people at risk of losing their voice. This AI for iPhone asks you to read 150 phrases aloud; then, it’ll replicate your voice for use on FaceTime and other compatible TTS AI apps through voice commands.

This tool recognizes text from images and can be handy for various reasons, such as digitizing a handwritten note.

The new and improved Autocorrect uses machine learning to make more intelligent word predictions, resulting in a less frustrating hit-and-miss user experience.

The fanciest of the iPhone camera settings, Cinematic and Portrait modes, implement AI technology to produce professional images and videos by automatically identifying the subject and keeping it sharp.

Are iOS AI Apps Safe?

AI apps for iOS are considered secure as they’ve passed Apple’s stringent review process once they’re live in the App Store, similar to the Google Play Store. Apple has strict standards and rules designed to safeguard the security and privacy of its users.

Additionally, apps are sandboxed, meaning they operate in a controlled environment that restricts access to sensitive information and system functionalities unless they’re given permission. That said, as with any software, security or privacy issues can always arise.

Users should still maintain caution when permitting AI apps access to their settings and data and always check the privacy policy. Downloading apps from the official App Store gives you a better chance at keeping your data secure.

How to Choose the Best AI Apps for iPhone

With new AI apps popping up on the App Store daily, it may be difficult to know which is best for your needs. Consider these factors before making your decision.

Use CaseMobile FunctionalityUser InterfaceCostSecurity

Consider your specific use case, as you’ll be looking for different AI-driven features for different purposes. Are you looking for a tool to help you create SEO-friendly marketing copy or to improve your creative writing? Do you want the best free AI app for iPhone for art generation? Knowing this will help you narrow your search.

Check the app you’re interested in is compatible with your smartphone, whether it’s an Android or iPhone. Also, check that the app offers support for your iOS version.

Not all AI apps translate well to mobile interfaces. If one is available, try the free plan before committing to a paid subscription to ensure the app is user-friendly.

While all the best AI apps for iPhone solutions we’ve shortlisted offer free versions, most come with in-app purchases. Check this in the app store before downloading it to save you valuable time and money.

While Apple vets apps in the App Store, similarly to the Google Play Store, individual security issues may arise. Be sure to keep up with security updates and always check the privacy policy before downloading any apps, especially free AI apps for iPhone.


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