The Top 10 Best AI Apps for iPhone Compared for 2024

Take control of your digital life with the best AI apps for iPhone, such as ShortlyAI, Simplified, and LalaAI which can assist with everything from live chatbots to copywriting and even audio edits. We’ve done the hard work for you, comparing and testing the features of the best iPhone AI apps.

Read on to discover why these apps are helping people everywhere reach their productivity and creativity goals with ease.

The Top AI Apps for iPhone Ranked

As far as AI apps for iPhones specifically, there are several that stand out as being the best. We considered each functionality, from art, audio, video editors, and more. We found that ShortlyAI combines AI copywriting features with a voiceover editor, making it the best overall AI app available. Here are our other picks for the top artificial intelligence apps for iPhone:

  1. ShortlyAI — Famous for its easy and efficient summarization tools, which convert lengthy material into short, punchy copy with a translator.
  2. Simplified — Great for marketers who are looking for ways to create efficient brand kits without much fuss.
  3. Lalal.AI — Evolve your music editing with ease thanks to LalalAI’s vocal remover features that can isolate vocals and cancel background noise.
  4. NovaAI — Enjoy unlimited, multilingual-enabled conversations and post automated answers within seconds to customers.
  5. Animoto — Transform flat images into moving stories for social media that come with a huge library of resources.
  6. Spin Rewriter — Craft original content or repurpose old material using advanced rewriter features, plus a bullet point extractor, with a fast turnaround.
  7. DeepArtEffects — Transform your photos and artwork using this AI art editor, which boasts Prisma filters and full HD resolution.
  8. Tidio — Handle customers quickly and seamlessly with Tidio’s live chat feature designed for businesses from the ground up.
  9. JasperAI — Write faster, smarter, and more accurately thanks to JaspeAI, which was created to help managers get drafts ready in minutes.
  10. Hatchful — This amazing logo maker comes packed with hundreds of social media assets and industry-customizable templates.

The Best AI Apps for iPhone Compared

Check out this comparison table for a simple view of the AI applications we looked at. It’s been simplified to show the most important parts like price, use case, and features.

Best AI iPhone Apps Best For Starting Price Free Version Top Features
ShortlyAI Best Overall iPhone App $5.49/Week Yes – Efficient Summaries
– Language Translation
– Clear Voiceovers
Simplified Best For Marketing $14.99/15k Credit Yes – Brand Kits
– Design Templates
– AI Writer
Lalal.AI Best Vocal Remover $4.99/25 mins Yes – Remove Vocals and Instrumentals
– Cancel Background Noise
– Music Isolation
NovaAI Best Chatbot $6.99/Week Yes – No Daily Limits
– Multi-Language Support
– AI Dialogues
Animoto Best AI Social Video Editor $9.99/Month Yes – Collages and Layouts
– Animated Text
– Soundtrack Library
Spin Rewriter Best Rewriter NA Yes – Rewriter
– Spintax Support
– Bullet Point Extractor
DeepArtEffects Best AI Art Editor $41.99 One-Time Payment and $2.99/mo Renewal Yes – Artwork Transformation
– Prisma Filters
– Full HD Resolution
Tidio Best Live Chat AI NA Yes – Quick Responses
– Visitors Details
– Push Notifications
JasperAI Best AI Writer $3.99/Weekly Yes – AI Chat Assistant
– Instant Answers
– Content Creator
Hatchful Best Logo Maker $7.99 For Premium Logos Yes – Logo Creator
– Social Media Assets
– Industry Templates

Reviews of the Best AI Apps for iOS

AI apps have so much to offer, especially to industries such as marketing, content creation, and music. Using AI-based apps to write compelling copies, create stunning visuals, or automate content saves time and money while producing not only data-driven results but creativity, too.

Here are some of the best AI-based apps that also work perfectly on iOS devices:

1. ShortlyAI — Best iPhone AI App

ShortlyAI - Best iPhone AI App

Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features
Best Overall iPhone App $5.49/Week Yes – Efficient Summaries
– Language Translation
– Clear Voiceovers

ShortlyAI, the innovative new AI app for iPhone, promises to make consuming digital content much simpler. With an array of features such as summarizing extensive text, language translation, and clear voiceovers, it offers users an easy way to understand complex topics.

ShortlyAI is designed specifically to quickly summarize large volumes; it can turn hours’ worth of reading material into quick summaries, making it one of the best AI tools for marketing. This is without any sacrifices on quality or context changes.

It boasts the ability to translate languages effectively so you can keep up with foreign articles without any trouble. Its language algorithms have been crafted and perfected for accuracy and reliability, so rest assured that your translations will be top-of-the-line.

We also tried the voiceovers ShortlyAI offers. With high-quality speech synthesis, the app reads out data that can be heard clearly in a natural tone. This provides convenience to users who might want to feel elements of visual aid while reading material.


In-App Purchases
Shortly PRO – Weekly (Trial) $5.49
Shortly PRO – Annually (Trial) $48.49
Shortly PRO – Annually $48.49
Shortly PRO – Monthly $11.49
Shortly PRO – Monthly (Trial) $11.49
Shortly PRO – Weekly $5.49

Users can try out the service for a period of time with either a week-long or month-long plan, both costing $5.49 and $11.49 respectively. For those who want to use it longer, the annual subscription is available at a lower cost of $48.49 without needing to start with the trial period.


  • Podcast and book summarizer
  • Adjustable depth level
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Very accurate video transcriptions


  • Save and share function needs work

2. Simplified — Brand Kits & AI Content Production

Simplified - Brand Kits & AI Content Production

Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features
Best For Marketing $14.99/15k Credit Yes – Brand Kits
– Design Templates
– AI Writer

Simplified is an AI app designed to streamline the workflow of modern marketers and writers. It includes features like Brand Kits, Design Templates, and the AI Writer, which allow users to generate original content quickly and easily.

The Short Form & Long Form AI Writer are some of Simplified’s most popular features. With these tools, users can easily generate error-free content with just a few clicks. This is perfect for both marketing materials as well as standard copywriting projects.

Designers also have access to Brand Kits so they can create consistent brand visuals across all different mediums with ease. They can also use design templates for social media and logo creation that come pre-populated with suggested copy to get you started.

This saves precious time later in the workflow compared to having to recreate each instance from scratch through Photoshop.

Your progress is always backed up with Simplified’s volatility backup system. If you leave and later return to the project, your work progress will be safely stored on their platform for easy retrieval.

Finally, teams have access to endless commenting options and tagging capabilities in a real-time environment, allowing both employees and clients alike to keep each other updated on the progress of any current tasks or projects.


In-App Purchases
AI Credit 15K $14.99
AI Credit 50K $49.99
9.99 one-time $9.99
30 One-time $29.99
10 One-time $9.99
15 One-time $14.99
50 One-time $49.99
10k AI Credits $3.99
Growth $899.99
Business $349.99

Ranging from one-time purchases for specific credit amounts, such as 10K AI Credits, to tiered packages like the Growth plan and the Business plan, users can choose a pricing structure that aligns with their usage preferences and budget.


  • Tutorials are available on their website
  • Flexible and affordable pricing
  • Excellent app for freelancers and marketers
  • Complete app for all your social needs


  • Limit on characters in some of the tools and caption options

3. Lalal.AI — Evolve Your Music with Vocal Remover

Lalal.AI - Evolve Your Music with Vocal Remover

Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features
Best Vocal Remover $4.99/25 mins Yes – Remove Vocals and Instrumentals
– Cancel Background Noise
– Music Isolation

Lalal.AI’s fast, professional, and powerful application provides unique features such as removing vocals, isolating musical instruments, canceling background noise, and batch uploading up to twenty files simultaneously.

It has been developed with the latest AI technology in order to create an unparalleled experience when it comes to stem-splitting.

The app works with audio and video files in different forms, such as MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AVI, MP4, MKV, AIFF, and AAC. This allows users the ability to express their creativity while making high-quality music without worrying about file compatibility, bitrate, or sound quality.

You can save and upload your tracks with the utmost ease and even preview them to make sure everything is perfect.

Lala.AI is known for its powerful stemming feature that allows you to take full control over your tracks. Whether it’s vocals, instrumentals, background noise, or even a single instrument, you can isolate it with ease and without having to do it manually like producers or DJs used to do.

The best part is that with Lala.AI, you can download the full stems with the same bitrate and format as the original file without any loss of quality. We personally tested this and were happy to find out that our tracks sounded just as good, if not better than when they were originally recorded.

Lastly, for podcasters, its noise cancellation feature is a saving grace. It allows you to clean your voice recordings of all irritating background noises, giving the listener an exceptional audio experience.


In-App Purchases
25 min $4.99
90 min $14.99

Users can opt for a 25-minute session or a 90-minute session, providing flexibility based on individual needs and preferences.


  • Stem your vocals and instrumentals
  • Easily remove all background noise for podcast sessions
  • Save and upload using different file types
  • Offers an in-app audio player for multiple file extensions


  • No batch processing

4. NovaAI — Multilingual Chatbot for Seamless Conversations

NovaAI - Multilingual Chatbot for Seamless Conversations

Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features
Best Chatbot $6.99/Week Yes – No Daily Limits
– Multi-Language Support
– AI Dialogues

NovaAI is a revolutionary AI chatbot available on the App Store. It’s powered by ChatGPT, GPT4, and Google Bard and offers an array of features unavailable from other apps. These include no daily limits, multi-language support, and AI dialogues. We’ve tested the NovaAI app to give you our honest opinion of its capabilities.

The NovaAI app is an innovative way to get help with any task, large or small. This powerful app can provide answers quickly while offering helpful suggestions for more complex projects, such as writing stories or crafting an eye-catching resume.

The unique feature that sets NovaAI apart from all other chatbots is its no daily limit. This means that you will never be cut off during an important conversation or creative project when using this app, which makes it incredibly convenient for those with busy lifestyles.

It’s the only GPT4-powered app that doesn’t have any quota limits. NovaAI offers support for over 140 languages so that anyone can use it all around the world. This makes it easy to find answers and helpful advice in your native language or in the one you are studying.

The app also comes with a smart AI dialogue system that improves its responses and accuracy each time you talk to it.

This is especially useful if you require specific help related to writing or coding where, given more information, the app can provide better results than previous requests. It also remembers chat histories, which helps improve its accuracy when responding to questions in the future.

One of the few downsides we noticed with NovaAI was that subscription issues had been reported by some users. Instances where subscriptions reverted back into free mode unexpectedly.

Our experience with this app has been very positive. If you’re looking for an AI assistant that provides reliable services without daily limits and covers a wide range of languages, then NovaAI is certainly worth considering.


In-App Purchases
1 Week Chatbot Pro $6.99
1 Week Chatbot Pro $4.99
1 Week Chatbot Pro $7.99
1 Year Chatbot Pro $39.99
1 Month Chatbot OpenAI Subs $9.99
1 Year Chatbot Pro $59.99
Lifetime Chatbot Nova Subs $49.99
Lifetime Chatbot Nova Subs $69.99
Lifetime Chatbot Nova Subs $39.99

Select from weekly Chatbot Pro subscriptions or opt for longer-term commitments such as the 1-year Pro subscription or the lifetime Nova subscription. Additionally, there’s a separate 1-month Chatbot OpenAI subscription available. Choose the subscription plan that aligns with your needs and usage patterns.


  • The app supports more than 140 languages
  • Cross-compatible device support
  • Unlimited questions and answers
  • Offers dialogues and chat history


  • Reported issues with subscriptions reverting back to free mode

5. Animoto — AI-Powered Video Editor for Social Stories

Animoto - AI-Powered Video Editor for Social Stories

Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features
Best AI Social Video Editor $9.99/Month Yes – Collages and Layouts
– Animated Text
– Soundtrack Library

Animoto Social Video Editor app allows you to quickly and easily create professional-quality videos you can be proud of. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current video editing skills, need a quick yet effective way to bring your content marketing up-to-date, or just want the ease of creating great videos directly from your iPhone.

With features like collages and layouts, animated text, and easy integration with licensed music libraries, it offers endless possibilities for any level of user.

The Animoto app comes packed with many different styles for designing collages and layouts, which are perfect for social media visuals that grab attention immediately. When testing we found the level of customization great as you can match the look and feel you’re trying to achieve in no time.

Animoto enables you to add engaging animated overlays or text onto your videos for a professional grade effect that takes your videos — and brand — up a notch. We’ve tried out this feature in some of our projects and found it super helpful when we wanted to emphasize certain points without taking away from the visuals.

To complement any video project, Animoto has licensed tons of music tracks you can use as background audio, including songs from popular artists like Bruno Mars and Beyoncé. You don’t have to worry about copyright infringement because since all songs are licensed, using them is allowed with no worries whatsoever.


In-App Purchases
Animoto Premium – Monthly $9.99
Animoto Basic – Monthly $15.99
Animoto Professional Monthly $28.99
Animoto Premium – Yearly $59.99
Animoto Basic – Annual $95.99
Animoto Professional Annual $179.99
Animoto Professional+ Monthly $78.99
Animoto Professional+ Annual $499.99
Lifetime Chatbot Nova Subs $39.99

Animoto’s Basic plan allows users to create unbranded videos with unlimited downloads, featuring high-quality HD 1080p video. The Professional plan builds upon this by adding customization options, including the ability to incorporate logos, colors, and a selection of licensed music tracks and stock photos.

Users can choose between monthly and annual plans based on their preferences and usage patterns.


  • Offers branding tools such as colors, fonts, and logos
  • Easy but powerful video editing tools
  • Hundreds of music soundtracks to choose from
  • Great for all types of industries (health, fitness, real estate, e-commerce, and more)


  • The app can have a corporate aesthetic, which might not appeal to all users

6. Spin Rewriter — Craft Original Content with Ease

Spin Rewriter - Craft Original Content with Ease

Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features
Best Rewriter NA Yes – Rewriter
– Spintax Support
– Bullet Point Extractor

Spin Rewriter is an AI-based app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that allows users to rewrite content into unique content quickly and easily automatically.

It uses its advanced ENL Semantic Spinning Technology to increase your productivity while maintaining quality standards. If you’re a writer on the go without access to a laptop or desktop, then Spin Rewriter is the perfect tool for you.

Content repurposing is an important SEO practice as it allows website owners to easily create new forms of content from old material. Matt Cutts, Google’s Head of Search Spam, has noted that when done correctly, Google does not treat duplicate content as spam.

Spin Rewriter can help you do this. It’s designed using the latest technology to make sure it is effective and produces rewrites that are easy to understand.

It has ENL Semantic Spinning technology, which uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to think about how words fit together, meaning no machine footprint in the finished article.

It can also extract simple or sentence-level bullet points from transcripts and offers a way to take even more control over generated content. Users will find that articles are easy to read due to the use of grammar fixer algorithms.

Enabling better readability while maintaining the accuracy of words and phrases used in paragraphs rewritten with the help of this AI tool.

The app does come with its own set of drawbacks, like generating some grammatical or spelling errors. However, these are generally minor issues in comparison to its overall usability and effectiveness as an automated rewriter service.


The pricing for Spin Rewriter isn’t posted on their App Store page, but a subscription through their website is $77 per year with a five-day free trial.


  • Generate up to 1,000 variations of your original article.
  • It can integrate with many other tools using API
  • Compared to other article spinners, Spin Rewriter is more affordable
  • It allows for bulk spinning of articles


  • It may generate some grammatical or spelling errors that need to be fixed

7. DeepArtEffects — AI Art Editor with Prisma Filters

DeepArtEffects - AI Art Editor with Prisma Filters

Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features
Best AI Art Editor $41.99 One-Time Payment and $2.99/mo Renewal Yes – Artwork Transformation
– Prisma Filters
– Full HD Resolution

DeepArtEffects is a popular art editor made for people with iPhones. You can use it to turn regular photos or selfies into eye-catching pieces of art using AI and customizing tools.

It creates images in high resolution, plus you get extra features like Prisma Filters and tools to change the artwork’s look.

Naturally, the first feature we tried with DeepArtEffects was transforming artwork. This tool lets you make a new piece of art from an existing piece by changing colors or adding elements to it. You can also combine two images to create something totally unique.

Next, this app allows you to add Prisma Filters to your photos. These filters create special visuals with the help of sophisticated AI processing tech. It offers more than 40 filters that are fast, dependable, and produce outstanding results when compared with other apps.

DeepArtEffects offers two resolution levels: HD (1080px) or FULL HD (1920px). You can choose the plan you want. Additionally, it also removes watermarks when needed for special purposes such as slideshows and portfolios.

The app allows users to store our image rights within itself, so no need to pass them over to third parties, and allows them to manage their artwork remotely by deleting, renaming, organizing, or even accessing ULTRA HD (3840px).


In-App Purchases
Premium Version $41.99
Monthly Premium Subscription $2.99
Yearly Premium Subscription $34.99
Ultra HD resolution image $1.99

The Premium Version unlocks a comprehensive set of features, while subscriptions such as Monthly Premium and Yearly Premium Subscription are available as well. Users can opt for Ultra HD resolution images for a one-time cost too.


  • Choose from more than 40 art styles and find your favorite photo art effect
  • Offers fast image processing near real-time
  • Premium version offers FULL HD resolution for artworks (1920px)
  • The image rights always remain with the user


  • Limited to in-app/premade effects

8. Tidio — Quick Customer Handling with Live Chat

Tidio - Quick Customer Handling with Live Chat

Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features
Best Live Chat AI NA Yes – Quick Responses
– Visitors Details
– Push Notifications

Tidio is an app for live customer support that works on iPhones. It helps business owners communicate with their customers quickly and easily by providing automatic responses, insights about visitor activity, and notices sent through a push notification.

Similar to NovaAI, this chat tool is designed for small to medium businesses. However, it focuses more on customer and lead tracking and Tidio AI app’s live chat helps automate customer conversations with artificial intelligence bots. This makes it easier to manage customer support inquiries.

You can also use chatbots to generate leads even when you’re offline. With the Quick Responses feature, sending responses during a conversation is easy and efficient.

When testing, the live visitor list gave us an overview of who has visited our website so far that day, where they are from, what browser they used, and on which page they have spent most of their time browsing.

It provides insights into specific visitors, including their IP address and device type. Basically, it helps you keep leads and track sales data.

To ensure that no messages go unnoticed, Tidio offers push notifications for when new messages come in – even if the app is not running on your phone at the moment.

Ongoing conversations can also be tracked over multiple platforms with their AI-powered omni-channel integrations, and all customer interactions can be analyzed through segmentation too.

This tracking feature helps provide valuable analytics on customer behavior in order to improve responsiveness and service quality in the future, as well as determine targeted marketing campaigns.

It matters a lot, too, since increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can lead to an increase in profits of up to 95%, based on an initial 25%.


Tidio offers a Free plan with basic features and paid plans like Starter and Chatbots & Communicator that offer more advanced features.

The Communicator plan provides unlimited live chat conversations, while the Tidio+ plan includes all features from the previous plans. Take note that this pricing information is not available on their App Store page.


  • Connect with your customers instantly
  • Helps generate leads even when you’re offline
  • Send responses during a conversation in a single click


  • The reports you can generate are pretty basic, and you may have to integrate a third-party tool to get more robust visitor analytics

9. JasperAI — Smart AI Assistant for Efficient Messaging

JasperAI - Smart AI Assistant for Efficient Messaging

Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features
Best AI Writer $3.99/Weekly Yes – AI Chat Assistant
– Instant Answers
– Content Creator

JasperAI is an impressive app for iPhone users that packs a powerful punch when it comes to Generative AI technology. The app offers instant answers, a personal assistant, and the ability to create rich content in no time. It’s a great choice for those who want AI assistance in their daily lives.

The user-friendly features of JasperAI make the task of creating strong content easier than ever before. With its sophisticated capabilities, you can quickly generate compelling articles and easily translate them into any language for global communication.

The AI chat assistant feature of JasperAI provides instant answers to any queries or questions that you may have, no matter the topic. All you have to do is ask the virtual assistant what you need help with, and it will scour available data sources from around the internet and provide an accurate answer instantly.

We also tried creating content with the AI Content Creator. In just a few taps, compelling articles and product descriptions can be generated that are so realistic they might be mistaken as written by humans.

Its text-generation feature automatically recognizes language patterns – such as grammar continuity and sentence structures – to create content that reads like you wrote it yourself.

The language translation feature of JasperAI is another impressive capability that allows users to translate any text into over 100 different languages for global communication.


In-App Purchases
Jasper Pro Weekly $3.99
Jasper Pro Monthly $12.99
Jasper Pro Annual $79.99

JasperAI provides users with a range of in-app purchasing options, including weekly, monthly, and annual subscriptions for Jasper Pro.


  • Provides a personal assistant right at your fingertips
  • Create compelling long-form content
  • Offers SEO-friendly outputs
  • Can translate any text into over 100 different languages


  • Doesn’t have creative writing options

10. Hatchful — Logo Maker with Customizable Templates

Hatchful - Logo Maker with Customizable Templates

Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features
Best Logo Maker $7.99 For Premium Logos Yes – Logo Creator
– Social Media Assets
– Industry Templates

Hatchful is a logo maker app developed by Shopify that can be used to quickly create an original logo from scratch. We listed Hatchful as one of the top logo generator AI tools due to its ingenuity.

Features like Logo Creator, Social Media Assets, and Industry Templates make it so your logo will stand out among the competition while giving you a professional look for your business.

Hatchful’s Logo Creator offers users high-quality designs no matter their artistic ability or experience. Their industry templates are pre-made documents that help jumpstart your design process without having to come up with ideas on the spot, featuring hundreds of customized fonts and icons.

Choose between different themes and styles that reflect what best suits your brand or entity. Users are also given access to social media assets where they can freely download transparent backgrounds for both profile pictures and story posts.

The user interface of the app is easy to use; when you open it, you get to choose a design style to begin with. Then by clicking a few times, you can create great-looking logos that will stay associated with your brand for a long time.

In our testing, we found that Hatchful doesn’t restrict the number of designs or logos you can create; users can make as many ideas as they want without having to purchase an upgrade. You only pay for premium templates or designs if you so choose.


In-App Purchases
Premium Logo Templates $7.99
Atudio logo template $8.99
Ashlock logo template $8.99
Free Muse logo template $8.99
CoffeeBe logo template $8.99
Auto8 logo template $8.99
Basic logo template $8.99
Acanther logo template $8.99
Circle logo template $8.99
Diamond Records logo template $8.99

Hatchful offers a variety of logo templates through in-app purchases, each priced at $8.99. Additionally, there’s a Premium Logo Templates option available at $7.99


  • No graphic design experience is needed to use Hatchful
  • It comes jam-packed with all the color and text editing tools
  • Provides pre-sized logo options


  • Some reports of uploading and sharing issues

How We Ranked the Best AI Apps for iPhone

AI technology has been around for some time, and it affects jobs all over the globe. With ChatGPT arriving last year, many developers are developing top-notch AI apps for iPhones. To know which are the best AI apps for iPhones, we conducted a thorough evaluation analysis on different factors. Here’s what we found:

  • Price — To get maximum value for money we analyzed each app against pricing plans (free/premium) and ranked the AI apps according to affordability and feature-to-price value.
  • User-Friendliness — It should be easy for end users to interact with an iPhone application. Fewer clicks with easy navigation were also considered while evaluating this criterion.
  • Use Cases — There were two primary aspects evaluated—the range of functionality provided by each app and the accuracy associated with each function, respectively.
  • Language Models — We evaluated each app based on its Artificial Intelligence performance as well as natural language processing (NLP).
  • App Support — As many AI apps are quite complex, we assessed whether users will receive proper guidance and assistance when required.

Other Useful Guides on Artificial Intelligence

If you’re interested in learning more about Artificial Intelligence and the various apps available for iPhones, here are some of our articles to help get you started:

Conclusion – What’s the Best AI App for iPhone?

The best AI apps for iPhones offer a variety of features and capabilities to help make everyday life easier. From writing content to creating artwork, these applications provide an immense amount of convenience and support.

Having reviewed the 10 best Artificial Intelligence apps, we concluded ShortlyAI is the most comprehensive. It has many services, such as summarizing long documents, translating language, and making voiceovers. It simply and accurately turns a lot of information into quick summaries in no time.

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