The 10 Best AI Paraphrasing Tools Reviewed For 2024

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Why Trust Techopedia

The best AI paraphrasing tool will make it easier than ever to produce unique content with a single click. By leveraging natural language processing and text rewriting technologies, you can convert complex ideas into easily digestible content without sacrificing accuracy.

Our comprehensive guide takes a closer look at 10 candidates for the best AI paraphrasing tool on the market, including JasperAI and Rytr. Read on to find out more about these invaluable tools for high-accuracy paraphrased text creation.

The Best Paraphrasing AI Tools in 2024 Ranked

We rate the following as the top 10 best paraphrasing AI tools in 2024 based on user feedback and our own research. We’ve compared the features of each tool as well as their pricing and usability to come up with our rankings.

  1. JasperAI — Leading solution that comes with awesome features such as content improvement and a text summarizer that will completely refresh your content.
  2. Rytr — If you need an AI paraphrasing tool that supports multiple languages, then this tool might be the one for you. It comes with 30+ languages along with various other powerful features.
  3. Scalenut — Comes with tons of options so you can rewrite text while maintaining your brand’s tone of voice. The storyboard creation feature and cruise mode, enabling smooth navigation between tasks, only add to your arsenal.
  4. ContentShake — The best tool if you want to upload your content to WordPress directly. This paragraph rewriter has tools for sentence simplification and expanding content so you can generate fresh copy fast.
  5. WordAI — A great option if you need to pass AI detection tests, as it ensures quality and clarity are maintained throughout your rephrased text, while its split sentences feature guarantees maximum accuracy levels even with large chunks of text.
  6. CopySmith — This AI paraphraser is ideal if you own an ecommerce shop and allows you to generate product descriptions and titles for blog posts as well as to improve Instagram captions in seconds.
  7. HypotenuseAI — If you need to repurpose content, this could be the tool for you, with great features for checking readability, creative rewriting, and academic rephrasing that will deliver top-notch results every time.
  8. Writesonic — SEO-focused article creation with a range of features. Offers keyword insertion, batch refreshes for bulk content repurposing, and sentence and paragraph rewriting for social media posts.
  9. ShortlyAI — Powerful commands will help you boost productivity while using a unique AI-language model to make content creation faster than ever.
  10. CopyAI — A free AI paraphrasing tool with tons of features such as tone and word changing, paragraph and sentence rephrasing, and a prompt improver that can help you create killer content quickly and easily.

How Do AI Rewording Tools Work?

AI rewording tools use NLP and AI technology to rephrase or rewrite written content into something fresh. They don’t just retrieve synonyms but detect parts of speech and arrange terms into new phrases. This process is often referred to as rewording or spinning content.

AI rewording tools can quickly and accurately rephrase complex concepts in understandable language without sacrificing quality. Although they vary from one product to another, most AI paraphrasing programs are user-friendly and easy to operate.

Simply enter a piece of writing into the program’s text box, hit submit, and it will instantly generate an alternative version of your input using more concise language tailored for clarity.

What Can I Do With AI Rewriter Tools?

AI word rephraser tools are incredibly useful for a variety of writing tasks. The most common use cases are getting original copy based on existing text and finding new ways to phrase ideas.

Lots of content writers and businesses use these tools to repurpose their existing content and come up with wholly new, original work.

These paraphraser tools are often included in AI writing applications. The combination of an AI rewriter tool with other AI writing features can be very powerful for creating new and original text.

For instance, a user could use the rewriter’s functionality to quickly generate variations on generated text or to paraphrase an existing piece of copy before refining and improving it further.

Some tools offer readability scores and checks, making it easy to ensure that the output is reader-friendly and has a natural flow. Additionally, AI rewriter tools are great for checking for grammatical and spelling errors – like a spell-checker or grammar coach.

Even before GPT gained widespread popularity, AI rewriter tools were available that allowed you to convey ideas in various styles.

AI rewriter tools are incredibly useful for today’s digital writers, from creating fresh content from existing text to running checks for grammar errors. This all saves time and money on production costs.

The Best AI Rephrasing Tools Compared

There are a wide range of AI rephrasing tools and rewording generators today. In fact, more than 100 million users had taken advantage of generative AI systems by early 2023.

To help you decide which AI rephrasing tool is right for you, we’ve made a head-to-head comparison table of the top AI rephrasing tools and their best features.

Best AI Paraphrasing Tools Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features Standout Features
JasperAI Best Overall $39/month 7-Day Free Trial Includes everything for 2 outputs per day – Content Improvement
– Text Summarizer
– Explain-to-a-Child Template
Rytr Multi-Lingual Tool $9/month Free-Forever Plan Generate 10k characters/month – 30+ Language
– Content Shortener
– Bullet Point Extractor
Scalenut Brand Tone Rewriting $39/month 7-Day Free Trial Includes everything except SEO and analytics – Unlimited Tones
– Cruise Mode
– Outline Generator
ContentShake WordPress Users $60/month Free-Forever Plan 3 articles/month – Sentence Simplification
– Content Expander
– WordPress Integration
WordAI Passing AI Content Detectors $27/month 3-Day Free Trial Includes everything – Boost Quality
– Improve Clarity
– Split Sentences
CopySmith Ecommerce $19/month (annual) 7-Day Free Trial Includes everything – Product Description Generator
– Blog Title Rewriter
– Instagram Caption Improver
HypotenuseAI Content Repurposing $15/month 7-Day Free Trial Includes everything for 10-credit trial run – Readability Checker
– Creative Rewriter
– Academic Rewriter
Writesonic SEO $15/month Free-Forever Plan Limited to older writing models and 10k words/month – Keyword Insertion
– Batch Repurposing
– Social Media Rewriter
ShortlyAI Productivity $5.42/month (annual) 3-Day Trial Includes everything – Workflow Commands
– Advanced AI-Language Model
– Unlimited Credit
CopyAI Free Paraphrasing Tool $36/month Free-Forever Plan 1 seat, 2k words in chat, 200 bonus credits – Tone Changer
– Paragraph and Sentence Rewriter
– Prompt Improver

Today’s Top Paraphraser Tools Reviewed

We’ve tested some of the top tools on the market today to see how they can address users’ specific paraphrasing needs. In our reviews, we’ve covered their features, unique selling points, and pricing, among other details, to provide everything you need to know before trying them out.

1. JasperAI — The Best Paraphrasing Tool Overall

JasperAI is a revolutionary AI-based solution for rewriting, summarizing, and plagiarism-checking content. We’ve tested this software at length to get an in-depth understanding of its features and capabilities.

Using machine learning models like GPT-4, JasperAI can generate convincing, compelling content that’s entirely unique.

Aside from being able to rewrite text, with a range of options available, one of JasperAI’s standout features is its Ability Improvement tool. This enables users to customize their writing by selecting a target reading level for their audience to optimize readability scores.

JasperAI — The Best Paraphrase Tool

Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features Standout Features
Best Overall $39/month 7-Day Trial Includes everything for 2 outputs per day – Content Improvement
– Text Summarizer
– Explain-to-a-Child Template

This means you don’t have to go through a lengthy process of making changes – just hit the “Improve” button, and your copy will be updated to the selected reader comprehension level.

Another fantastic feature offered by JasperAI is its Text Summarizer, which compresses data into concise points while preserving key information – and which can be set up in just three clicks or less.

This is thanks to Jasper’s natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, which enable it to instantly recognize concepts and trends in text.

JasperAI also offers a template called Explain it to a Child. This AI-driven solution simplifies original text into an easy-to-understand format by altering the language, sentence structure, and word choice of writing so it’s suitable for a younger audience.

It ensures complex information can be delivered in easy-to-understand terminology to maximize reader comprehension scores. It’s also another way of making technical content accessible to a wider audience.

Jasper isn’t the cheapest option on the market, but it has an excellent range of content creation and editing tools. For more information, check out our complete JasperAI review.


The Creator plan is great for those looking to get their feet wet with a basic package. The Teams plan then gives you plenty more powerful tools, which will help streamline content and campaigns, while the Business Plan comes as part of a bespoke package.

JasperAI’s pricing


  • Offers Jasper Chat for faster output
  • Mimics your unique tone of voice for consistency
  • Integrates with other tools to boost productivity
  • Allows smooth collaboration for improved alignment and greater efficiency in content production


  • Flexibility issues, making it hard to generate certain content types

2. Rytr — Impressive Multilingual Rewording Software

Rytr is one of the most advanced AI-based tools in the market today for creating content quickly and efficiently.

We’ve tested this software and can attest to its ability to quickly rephrase, shorten, and rewrite content in multiple languages with great accuracy. Its rich text editor allows you to easily create high-quality content while saving time.

Rytr — Multilingual Rewording Software

Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features Standout Features
Multi-Lingual Tool $9/month Free-Forever Plan Generate 10k characters/month – 30+ Language
– Content Shortener
– Bullet Point Extractor

With more than 30 languages supported, Rytr makes it easier than ever to create content in any language. It can repurpose your text quickly in any language – a great tool if your audience is scattered around the globe.

Rytr also has an AI writing assistant feature that provides scripts and templates, which means you can write great copy in just a few clicks. You can customize the tone of your text by choosing from 20 different options.

Meanwhile, the Bullet Point Extractor feature automatically identifies key points, making it easy to quickly summarize text. If there is one drawback, it’s that Rytr occasionally gets confused about context – so, as with all tools, it’s worth double-checking the copy to ensure it all adds up.

In short, this multi-lingual tool makes it simple to craft content quickly for almost any purpose – and it’s also very affordable compared to other options.


The free plan is a great starting point, offering 10,000 characters per month at no cost and allowing users to test out the product before opting for a paid package. The Saver plan costs a fraction of what you might expect, however, and provides 100,000 characters per month.

Rytr’s pricing


  • Supports 30+ languages for accessibility worldwide
  • 40+ use cases and templates to suit a diverse range of needs
  • Allows users to write in 20+ tones of voice
  • Allows 5,000 characters for free each month


  • May not always understand context perfectly

3. Scalenut — Unlimited Rewriting Matching Your Brand Tone

Scalenut is trusted by millions of marketers for providing a variety of features designed to increase organic traffic. These includes their free rewording tool, which generates great content by rephrasing sentences and paragraphs.

We’ve tested Scalenut’s features, including the free paraphrasing tool, to create compelling content. The tool provides both original and rephrased text and suggests alternative word choices before you overwrite the original text. We found this extremely useful for getting fresh ideas in the copywriting process.

Scalenut — Unlimited Brand Tone Rewriting

Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features Standout Features
Brand Tone Rewriting $39/month 7-Day Free Trial Includes everything except SEO and analytics – Unlimited Tones
– Cruise Mode
– Outline Generator

Another great feature that Scalenut offers is Cruise Mode, which includes unlimited tones. It allows you to modify the tone of existing copy without changing details or detracting from the meaning of a sentence.

This not only helps you make sure your content has a consistent brand voice but also streamlines the copywriting process by allowing you to fix grammar errors and flow issues quickly and efficiently.

Finally, Scalenut offers an Outline Generator, which helps break down written information into summarised sections to make it easier to read – from prospect emails to complex technical documents.

The tool provides an interactive user experience with the ability to edit, add, and delete sections of large pieces of text or long articles for easier comprehension.


The Essential Plan provides 100,000 AI words monthly and features like SEO Editor and SERP Analysis. The Growth Plan offers unlimited AI words, up to 30 articles/month, and web page analysis for 200 pages/month.

The Pro Plan increases AI words to 75 articles/month and web analysis to 500 pages/month and adds a dedicated Customer Success Manager and cannibalization analysis. The Enterprise Plan offers tailored solutions, including custom AI models and advanced security measures.

Scalenut’s pricing


  • Basic paraphrasing tool is free
  • Scalable pricing structure
  • Offers “Cruise mode” for easier writing


  • Limited templates and prompts

4. ContentShake — Perfect for Streamlined WordPress Integration

ContentShake is a convenient way for content creators to save on writing time. We had high expectations with this tool since it was built by SEMRush, and it did not disappoint.

The platform’s features, such as Sentence Simplification, Content Expander, and WordPress integration, will give you a leg up on your writing project – whatever it is.

ContentShake — Streamlined WordPress Integration

Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features Standout Features
WordPress Users $60/month Free-Forever Plan 3 articles/month – Sentence Simplification
– Content Expander
– WordPress Integration

ContentShake provides useful writing recommendations on readability, tone of voice, copy length, and more.

The Sentence Simplification feature enables users to shorten and restructure sentences quickly but still keep their meaning intact. Using machine learning algorithms, your copy can also be rewritten with originality and consistency while delivering natural-sounding copy for a native English audience.

This tool also has excellent WordPress integration capabilities that allow you to easily publish content directly from the platform to WordPress blogs with a single click.

It’s worth mentioning that while it’s an affordable and comprehensive solution for writing engaging content, the learning curve for mastering its features is pretty steep.


With the free plan, users can write up to three articles each month. If you’re serious about your content strategy, the paid version unlocks premium features such as 25 new content ideas per week, unlimited articles, and AI-assisted composition capabilities.

ContentShake’s pricing


  • Personalized topic ideas tailored to your niche
  • Great tools for simplifying text
  • Competitor analysis to help understand your industry
  • WordPress integration for easy publishing


  • Creating top-tier content has a learning curve and requires training and human input

5. WordAI — Best Paraphrasing Tool To Avoid AI Detection

WordAI is one of the leading AI Paraphrasing Tools in the market. We’ve had a chance to test it out for ourselves and have seen how its sophisticated machine-learning models can rewrite text while preserving meaning, helping you create unique content quickly and easily.

WordAI is also known for bypassing AI content checkers, making it a great choice for SEO and content marketing.

WordAI — Best Paraphrasing Tool To Avoid AI Detection

Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features Standout Features
Best For Passing AI Content Detectors $27/month 3-Day Free Trial Includes everything – Boost Quality
– Improve Clarity
– Split Sentences

It can streamline text restructuring, enrich words, and even integrate with Article Forge, and its human-touch rewriting capabilities help the rewritten content pass AI detectors smoothly.

The tool boasts of an improved quality of output texts that is accompanied by increased clarity as well. You can either use the option to rewrite articles in bulk, which will save you a lot of time and effort, or go with single file mode.

The tool also gives you extra flexibility by allowing you to split sentences if that suits your requirements.

WordAI costs more than some similar tools – particularly if you upgrade for the highest quality of content – but its features are likely worth it. Being able to pass AI content detection is valuable, given that Google is strict about online marketing practices.

It’s definitely something that should be taken into consideration if plagiarism-free unique content production is important for your business goals.


The Starter Plan allows users to rewrite up to 50,000 words per month with features like AI-powered rewriting and bulk article rewriting. The Power Plan offers a significantly larger word limit of up to 3,000,000 words a month.

The Enterprise Plan provides custom high-volume usage with additional benefits, including increased throughput, white-label integration, multiple user accounts, customized rewrites, and an account manager. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out worry-free.

WordAI’s pricing


  • Solid reputation for passing most AI content detectors
  • Upload multiple articles at once to save time and export rewrites individually or in bulk
  • Article forge integration for importing articles on any topic with the click of a button


  • Top-quality content is relatively expensive compared to other AI tools like WriteSonic and Rytr

6. CopySmith — Ideal for Perfecting Ecommerce Copy

Copysmith AI is an award-winning, AI-powered content creation tool for ecommerce businesses, built by renowned copywriters and artificial intelligence specialists.

We found Copysmith AI to be easy to use and found it delivered impressive results.

CopySmith — eCommerce Copy Genius

Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features Standout Features
Ecommerce $19/month (annual) 7-Day Free Trial Includes everything – Product Description Generator
– Blog Title Rewriter
– Instagram Caption Improver

It worked best when copying existing product descriptions using Describely, Copysmith’s machine-learning tool, which can generate product descriptions, videos, and images with intelligent SEO optimization. It can also rewrite existing product content to produce higher-quality images and videos.

If you want to promote your products on social media, Copysmith’s Instagram Caption Improver and Blog Title Rewriter are great for generating eye-catching headlines and captions. These features help to produce punchy titles that stick in people’s minds.

While it has limited integrations, the potential it has for generating ecommerce content is substantial – just make sure it fits your specific needs before investing. Its feature set makes Copysmith AI the perfect choice for online entrepreneurs looking to streamline their content creation process.


With Starter, you get basic AI copy generation and plagiarism checks to make sure you stay in the clear. Pro and Enterprise offer a bit more, with analytics, custom templates, and API access.

Describely’s pricing


  • Crafts compelling and persuasive product descriptions for your ecommerce listings
  • Revamps blog titles for increased engagement.
  • Enhances your social media presence by refining Instagram and Facebook captions for engagement and impact


  • Lacks integrations with some platforms

7. HypotenuseAI — Great for Content Repurposing

HypotenuseAI is an exceptional AI Writing Assistant and Text Generator that makes content creation easy and effortless.

While some tools simply replace words with synonyms, HypotenuseAI utilizes sophisticated AI algorithms to detect the context and nuances of each text and then generate a unique version of it.

HypotenuseAI — Masterful Content Repurposing

Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features Standout Features
Content Repurposing $15/month 7-Day Free Trial Includes everything for 10-credit trial run – Readability Checker
– Creative Rewriter
– Academic Rewriter

Having tested HypotenuseAI for ourselves, we’re impressed with its range of features. Its Readability Checker helps you ensure your pieces are free of errors and tells you if you sound too robotic, helping adjust the tone of writing to be more natural.

The Creative Rewriter enables users to repurpose blocked content into a completely new piece of work that’s fresh and original. This is incredibly useful for SEO optimization as you can add new keywords and phrases that match the target audience.

Its Academic Re-Writer allows you to generate slightly altered versions of existing texts, which comes in handy for passing plagiarism checks without breaking a sweat.

Keep in mind that HypotenuseAI doesn’t have a vast selection of templates – but it more than makes up for it with its reliable and accurate results.


The Individual package suits solo creators, providing 25,000 words, a writing wizard, templates, and multilingual support. Teams expands this, offering 120,000 words, 30 HypoDoc uploads, plagiarism avoiding tools, and collaboration for up to five users.

For larger teams, the Enterprise package provides customized AI models, API access, and a personal account manager. All packages include a free trial without requiring credit card information.

HypotenuseAI pricing


  • Provides precise feedback and suggestions to enhance your content’s clarity and engagement.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Shopify, streamlining your content creation process.
  • Offers two modes – Creative and Academic rewriter


  • Limited templates

8. Writesonic — SEO-Focused Content Wizard

WriteSonic is designed to help users create SEO-friendly, long-form content such as blogs, essays, and articles. We can confidently say that it works to almost effortlessly produce high-quality content in no time.

This tool’s a winner when it comes to SEO. You can seamlessly sprinkle your copy with keywords without sounding robotic, and it makes the process far simpler than manually stuffing keywords into paragraphs.

Writesonic — Precision Ads, Minimal Cost

Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features Standout Features
SEO $15/month Free-Forever Plan Limited to older writing models and 10k words/month – Keyword Insertion
– Batch Repurposing
– Social Media Rewriter

Writesonic allows users to refresh old content in bulk while also changing and customizing the tone of text for different projects.

The tool offers an easy way to produce completely unique content within seconds – even if you start with a small sentence or even rewrite paragraphs. The AI engine paraphrases any kind of document based on its understanding of grammar rules and quickly delivers quality output without errors or typos.

WriteSonic covers almost all major languages, so no matter what language you’re writing in, chances are their tool will be able to handle it. However, there are cases where WriteSonic doesn’t support languages, given limited data sources.


The free plan provides an excellent starting point, offering access to Chatsonic, the platform’s ChatGPT-like chatbot, and AI Article Writer 4.0

The Small Team plan adds an increased word limit, GPT-4 model access, AI Article Writer 5.0, and API Access. The Freelancer plan offers unlimited words and supports 30 languages, while the Enterprise Plan adds SSO, custom AI models, and your own customer success manager.

Writesonic’s pricing


  • You can refresh your older content in bulk to save time and increase revenue
  • Easy keyword insertion for SEO
  • Features a user-friendly interface and a powerful long-form editor
  • Employs a four-step, simplified GPT-4 article writer that can generate unique articles instantly


  • Some limits to the languages it covers

9. ShortlyAI — A Supercharged Copy Rephraser

ShortlyAI aims to help writers break out of creative blocks. Its features, such as “Write for me” and workflow commands, streamline the writing process and enable increased creativity.

It comes with unlimited credits and no usage caps, so you don’t need to worry about being charged after using up your quota.


Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features Standout Features
Productivity $5.42/month (annual) 3-Day Free Trial Includes everything – Workflow Commands
– Advanced AI-Language Model
– Unlimited Credit

In our testing of ShortlyAI, we found that “Write for Me” offers very accurate results and creates great copy. It maintains the quality of whatever you are working on, whether it’s a blog post, article, or a report.

Workflow commands also ease the editing process, providing guidance on changes while keeping an eye out for errors. It’s like using a command prompt with different instructions that can help you shape your article and also notice any mistakes.

ShortlyAI combines machine learning with a human-like understanding of text to give you the best results. It accounts for context and background information, so you don’t miss the mark when it comes to your content creation projects.

One thing to consider is that Though ShortlyAI can be used for many tasks, it is currently only available in US English. We would love to have more languages supported, but in the meantime, you can still produce great content for US audiences with what’s provided.


ShortlyAI’s only pricing option is whether you pay monthly or take a discounted rate for paying annually.

ShortlyAI’s pricing


  • No restrictions on the length of documents
  • Text generated is of a high quality and checks out with antiplagiarism tools
  • Powerful commands to streamline the writing process


  • Limited language options

10. CopyAI — Free Paraphrasing Powerhouse

CopyAI is a well-known AI-powered writing tool with lots of features to make life easier for businesses and content writers.

The platform impressed us with its powerful rewriting features. If you want to rewrite a sentence, you can just hit “Create Copy” to get fresh, rewritten text. You can choose between friendly, basic, or automatic modes.

CopyAI — Free Paraphrasing Powerhouse

Best For Starting Price Free Version Free Features Standout Features
Free Paraphrasing Tool $36/month Free-Forever Plan 1 seat, 2,000 words in chat, 200 bonus credits – Tone Changer
– Paragraph and Sentence Rewriter
– Prompt Improver

CopyAI also offers article generation, social media post content creation, and product descriptions. We tried it out and noted how easy it was to create high-quality, long-form articles.

From its Tone Changer to its Prompt improver, this feature-rich tool can paraphrase text, but it can also do much more, adjusting and improving existing copy. On top of that, it also offers a free-forever plan, which is more than enough to get you started.

A downside worth noting is that the generated text can sometimes lack detail or subtlety. Otherwise, it’s worth checking out given its affordability – coming in at slightly less than JasperAI – and range of features.


Users have the option to select from four plans with varying word counts. The prices are reasonable, especially considering that each plan provides unlimited chat, projects, Infobase entries, and API access.

The free plan allows users to get started, while higher-tier plans provide the flexibility needed for businesses with greater requirements.’s pricing


  • Assists in creating unique, SEO-friendly content and maintaining your brand’s voice
  • A library of over 90 use cases is available, providing a broad range of options for content generation
  • Software is regularly updated, ensuring users have access to the latest algorithms and improvements
  • Compares favorably with other AI writing tools when it comes to pricing


  • Can sometimes lack detail or subtlety in the text produced

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing AI Paraphrasing Software

A recent survey revealed that respondents across regions and industries say they’re already using generative AI tools.

There are many different reasons why someone would use AI paraphrasing software, but it’s important to understand the different features on offer to select a tool that suits your requirements. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing AI paraphrasing software and paraphrasing tools.

Range of Options for Paraphrasing

When shopping for AI paraphrasing programs, think about the range of options available. An ideal program should allow users to choose between different levels of user control over their output, such as allowing full manual control or automatically generating synonyms and alternatives.

Plagiarism Checker

Generative AI and IP theft can be a concern in the realm of AI paraphrasing. Any AI software program worthy of your consideration should offer an integrated plagiarism checker to ensure that all results are original and authentic.

Quality of Text Produced

The quality of text generated with an AI paraphraser should be top-notch. Avoid any software that produces sloppy, robotic text that doesn’t read well. Look for programs that can generate high-quality results quickly and accurately without sacrificing clarity.

Availability of Other Writing Tools 

Some AI writing tools offer additional functionality beyond simple paraphrasing, such as content rewriting services, long-form article writing, or creative writing help.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive writing suite, be sure to check that the program offers other writing tools in addition to the technology for AI paraphrasing. QuillBot might be a good tool, but it isn’t going to write articles for you.

Price & Subscription Options

One key factor when selecting an AI paraphrasing software is cost. Some programs offer subscription-based plans, while others charge per project.

If you plan on using the program frequently, try to find one with an appropriate subscription plan that meets your needs. Look for any discounts or promotional opportunities that may be available.

AI-Detector Bypass

Google has said it doesn’t penalize AI content. Nevertheless, some AI-paraphrasing software comes with a built-in feature to help bypass AI detection systems and guarantee your content is up to par in terms of originality. It humanizes the content in a way that prevents a machine from detecting it was created by an AI tool.

What is the Best Free AI Paraphrasing Tool?

If you’re looking to try a paraphrasing tool for free, CopyAI is a great option. The free-forever plan includes one seat, 2,000 words of text in chat, and 200 bonus credits, and it’s earned praise as the best AI paraphrasing tool from Reddit.

This may seem enough for basic paraphrasing, but to get the best results, you should consider upgrading for an even better experience.

With a paid plan, you’ll reap the benefits of having access to broader resources and tools that can help produce original content.

Paid plans will also give you access to advanced AI that can pick up on more subtle tones and styles needed to create well-crafted posts. Most importantly, you can write more content as your use of words isn’t limited.

Our AI Writing Resources and Guides

Are you looking for help with your Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing project? Check out these pages for more information on getting started and writing great AI articles.

Conclusion – What’s the Best AI Paraphrasing Tool in 2024?

JasperAI is the clear winner of our top 10 list. This powerful AI-powered tool not only offers completely automated paraphrasing technology but also provides access to a range of content improvement and summarization features.

It even includes a Plagiarism Checker for added assurance that your writing is fully original and unique.

JasperAI is powerful and easy to use, and its lightning-fast AI engine takes your source material and can instantly transform it into new, engaging content.

With just the click of a button, JasperAI turbocharges your creative process to ensure every piece of writing you submit reads smoothly and naturally – without compromising on quality or accuracy.

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