The Best AI Story Generators For Short Stories And Novels – Top Products Compared

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Why Trust Techopedia

The best AI story generator tools are the ultimate application to help jump-start writing projects. With their intuitive user interface and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, these applications quickly and easily create unique stories, allowing you to focus on other creative tasks.

Whether you’re a writer searching for narrative ideas or someone looking for automated assistance, there are countless options available in our guide to the market’s best AI story generators, including Jasper AI, Scalenut, and Rytr. We compare what each has to offer and which is best for different use cases. Read on for a closer look at the best story AI generators.

The Best AI Storytelling Tools Ranked

ChatGPT’s rise opened up a world of possibilities for AI storytelling, from turning data into rich narratives to creating interactive worlds and experiences. We’ve ranked the best AI storytelling tools available today:

  1. Jasper AI – An intuitive option that has a library of templates and a plagiarism checker. It also has a tone-of-voice enhancer and flow creator for one-touch control.
  2. Scalenut – Content planning features with organized, efficient workflows to ensure you never get sidetracked. Also provides a “Cruise Mode,” which enables you to create articles and copy in less time.
  3. Rytr – A budget-friendly AI storyteller that’s perfect for starters looking for quick solutions as it includes an easy-to-use Story Plot Generator, Poem Maker, and Append Content feature.
  4. ClosersCopy – Best for a suite of 700+ customizable frameworks and features multiple AI models to make it faster and easier to tell stories.
  5. ShortlyAI – Designed for creating stories quickly and efficiently, this service offers features such as blog writing and commands to generate and tweak content.
  6. Writesonic – Perfect for business marketers and creative professionals. Offers a wide range of languages along with features such as a Sentence Expander and AIDA Framework to enhance your writing.
  7. StoryLab – An excellent free option that gives users five free runs each month and enables you to modify tone if needed while also offering content topic clusters.
  8. – Great choice for branding and marketing content that can automate many of the content creation elements, including briefs, post ideas, and prompts.

How Do Story AI Generators Work?

Story AI generators work by using advanced algorithms and AI to analyze patterns in existing stories and text.

By leveraging natural language processing (NLP) techniques such as recurrent neural networks (RNNs) and transformers, they can process vast amounts of data to generate unique stories with coherent narratives.

JasperAI’s Long-Form content generator

They can create characters, plotlines, and dialog based on the parameters or prompts provided. A great example is Jasper AI, a tool that uses AI and NLP to generate compelling stories. It can create interesting storylines and develop concise, coherent narratives based on user inputs.

The Benefits of Using AI Story Writers

AI content generators have been gaining increasing traction as valuable tools for content creators and writers. Here are some of the key benefits of using AI for storytelling:

Generate Unique and Creative Story Ideas

Many authors have started embracing AI-storytelling technology as a source of story ideas. Award-winning crime author Ajay Chowdhury commented on using AI tools to help write his novels and said AI story ideas are invaluable, though he’s not worried about the technology taking his job.

He said AI novel generators can only act as an assistant, providing him with new perspectives and helping break through creative blocks.

He believes story creation is still mainly a human endeavor and that AI’s greatest strength lies in its ability to provide unique and creative story ideas that may have otherwise been overlooked.

Time-Saving for Writers and Content Creators

Story generator AIs enable writers and content creators to create high-quality stories in a fraction of the usual time. This means they can produce more stories without sacrificing quality.

Personalized And Targeted Storytelling 

AI tools can provide suggestions that are tailored toward specific audience groups based on their demographic profile, interests, language, and location, allowing you to create personalized content that resonates more effectively.

Creative Input Tool

AI story-writing tools can provide creative input and inspiration for writers who need a boost in generating ideas for their stories. Many feature useful tools such as plot builders and outline generators to assist the creative process.

Enhanced Storytelling Capabilities 

AI storytelling tools are also equipped with features that enable the user to capture voice commands and audio and video input. They allow enhanced experiences involving interactive stories, multimedia exhibitions, and engaging visuals.

Comparing the Best AI Story Writers

The use of artificial intelligence tools in storytelling is increasingly popular. AI storytelling tools are more intelligent, efficient, and powerful than ever before. But with so many options available, how do you know which AI story maker is best for your needs?

To help make the decision easier, we’ve compared ten of the top AI story-writing tools side-by-side so you can quickly identify which one will work best for your project.

Best AI Story Generators Starting Price for Paid Plans Word Count Limit Free Version Free Version Offers Top 3 Paid Features
Jasper AI $39/month Unlimited 7-Day Free Trial Includes Everything, Limited to 2 Outputs Per Day – Template Library
– Plagiarism Checker
– Tone of Voice
Scalenut $23/month 100,000/month 7-Day Free Trial Includes Everything Except SEO and Analytics – Content Planning
– Cruise Mode
– 40+ AI Commands
Rytr $9/month 100,000/month Free Version – Generate 10k characters/month – Generate 10k Characters/month
– Access 40+ use-cases
– Write in 30+ languages
– Story Plot Generator
– Poem Maker
– Append Content
ClosersCopy $49.99/month 300 AI Runs/month No Free Version/Trial No Free Version/Trial – Storytelling Specific AI Model
– 700+ Frameworks
– 100% Cloud-Based
ShortlyAI $5.42/month (annual) Unlimited 3-Day Free Trial Includes Everything – Blog Writing
– Powerful Commands
– Unlimited Credits
Writesonic $15/month 10,000/month Free Version (GPT 3.5 Only) – AI Article Writer 4.0
– Sonic Editor
– Photosonic
– 25+ Languages
– Sentence Expander
– AIDA Framework
StoryLab $15/month 100 AI Runs/month Free Version – 5 Free Runs Per Month Includes Everything – Title Generator
– Tone Changer
– Topic Clusters $36/month 500 Workflow Credits/month Free Version – 2k Words in Chat, 200 Bonus Credits – 95+ Languages
– 90+ Prompt Templates
– Save Custom Prompts
– Generative AI
– Content Briefs
– Enhanced Prompts

Our Reviews On the Top AI Storytelling Software

Let’s dive deep into the best AI storywriters on the market right now. From their best features to their pricing, here’s what we think about the top AI storytellers.

1. Jasper AI – Fast, Intuitive AI Storytelling

Jasper AI is a revolutionary content generation tool for crafting high-caliber AI stories that rival the work of professionals. It boasts inclusive features such as a template library, plagiarism checking, and tone of voice capabilities, to name just a few.

One standout feature of Jasper AI’s suite of tools is its comprehensive template library. Drawing from templates curated by experts or creating your own means you can generate content that reflects your message and style with minimal hassle.

Jasper AI is ideal for those seeking an efficient storyteller to get their creative message across. Furthermore, the AI feature is constantly being updated, so you can remain on top of current trends.

JasperAI—Best AI Storytelling Platform

Starting Price for Paid Plans Word Count Limit Free Version Free Version Offers Top 3 Paid Features
$39/month Unlimited 7-Day Free Trial Includes Everything, Limited to 2 Outputs Per Day – Template Library
– Plagiarism Checker
– Tone of Voice

You also have complete control over altering tone of voice and vocabulary styles according to project type and preferences, ensuring each piece is individually distinct and personalized. Jasper AI has you covered when it comes to tailoring your story.

Another noteworthy feature we’ve seen from this product is its ability to check for plagiarism when creating stories, so there’s never any worry about breaching guidelines or infringing on copyright.

Jasper AI also provides users with abundant learning opportunities with its 50,000-member community and the wide range of resources available on using the platform.

Though not ideal for tech-heavy topics, there’s no denying that everyone – from story creators to casual bloggers alike – can benefit from using this powerful platform.


The Teams package offers features for content construction for multiple brands, synchronization between campaigns, and user management control, while the Business plan offers a fully tailored package.

JasperAI’s pricing


  • Can adopt tones for celebrities, professions, and more
  • Command feature allows for a natural language interface
  • Offers lots of flexibility
  • Plagiarism detector included


  • Struggles with technical topics

2. Scalenut – Streamlined Content Planning for Efficient Writing

Scalenut is one of the most popular AI-powered storytelling platforms on the market. It provides a comprehensive platform that empowers users to create highly engaging and SEO-friendly content tailored to their needs.

The platform offers great features that help users quickly and easily craft stories from start to finish. The Content Planning feature enables users to plan out a storyline in advance before writing it, ensuring you don’t miss any details.

Cruise Mode, meanwhile, helps create written content based on specific instructions. The 40+ commands allow you to customize your story.

Scalenut—Streamlined Content Planning for Efficient Writing

Starting Price for Paid Plans Word Count Limit Free Version Free Version Offers Top 3 Paid Features
$23/month 100,000/month 7-Day Free Trial Includes Everything Except SEO and Analytics – Content Planning
– Cruise Mode
– 40+ AI Commands

There’s also access to social media integration and professional editing support during the creation process.

Other helpful features include sentence connectors to ensure sentences have cohesion between them. The built-in AI toolbar can be used to discover topics or generate questions so users never run out of ideas to explore in their pieces.

The number of options is growing, as well, and will provide users with even more features in the future.


Scalenut’s Essential plan includes 100,000 AI words a month and SERP analysis.

The Growth plan offers unlimited words, keyword clustering, and page optimization, along with multiple integrations. The Pro plan features advanced SEO capabilities as well as access to customer support teams and user management options.

Scalenut’s pricing


  • Intuitive platform to create content in seconds
  • Affordable pricing
  • Long-form editor produces high-quality output
  • Can scale as your business grows


  • AI templates may be limited for some users

3. Rytr – Budget-Friendly AI Storyteller for Quick Solutions

Rytr is an AI story-writing assistant designed to help writers, marketers, and entrepreneurs create high-quality content quickly and efficiently. Boasting impressive storytelling capabilities, Rytr takes users through the process from start to finish.

With its story plot generator, poem, and AI-generated story maker, and ability to easily add to content, Rytr is sure to become a go-to tool for anyone looking to tell better stories in their work.

Rytr—Budget-Friendly AI Storyteller for Quick Solutions

Starting Price for Paid Plans Word Count Limit Free Version Free Version Offers Top 3 Paid Features
$9/month 100,000/month Free Version – Generate 10k characters/month – Generate 10k Characters/month
– Access 40+ Use-Cases
– Write in 30+ Languages
– Story Plot Generator
– Poem Maker
– Append Content

Rytr may be your best bet for those on a budget or who don’t have much time for creative projects but need a tool they can rely on for digital storytelling for presentations or videos.

Its story plot generator simplifies plotting ideas into clearly defined details, with plenty of freedom for managing the components of the story. The product is also known for its ability to build realistic and relatable characters.

We also tried its Poem Maker and were impressed by the results. Rytr is one of the few that has this feature – neither Writesonic nor Scalenut have an equivalent tool – and it allows you to specify the number of words to be included.

You can easily manipulate your content within the platform on the go, so it’s easy to create blogs, website copy, articles, and ads.

One thing worth noting is that Rytr didn’t allow us to input keywords to create meta descriptions. Overall, though, Rytr provides an efficient and reliable solution for crafting story-driven content. Those who are looking to hone their storytelling skills should certainly consider giving this tool a try.


Rytr offers simple, character-based plans that are reasonably priced. Their Free plan includes 10,000 characters per month, while their Saver plan provides 100,000 characters at an affordable price.

This approach to pricing makes it a great choice for just about any budget or workload.

Rytr’s pricing


  • Offers a story and poem-maker
  • Easy to use, providing options for the tone of voice and style
  • Over 30 languages supported
  • Free access up to 5,000 characters each month


  • Doesn’t let users input keywords to create meta descriptions

4. ClosersCopy – Best AI Storytelling Platform for Templates

ClosersCopy is a revolutionary tool that combines AI and augmented writing to help create compelling content for businesses.

This multi-AI model boasts features such as Improve, Rewrite, Summarize, and Translate, which are tremendous for the creation of high-quality stories. Powered by advanced algorithms, it offers 700+ frameworks.

ClosersCopy—Faster and Easier Storytelling with Multiple AI Models

Starting Price for Paid Plans Word Count Limit Free Version Free Version Offers Top 3 Paid Features
$49.99/month 300 AI Runs/month No Free Version/Trial No Free Version/Trial – Storytelling Specific AI Model
– 700+ Frameworks
– 100% Cloud-Based

ClosersCopy stands out from other storytelling tools because it supports 127 languages and has built-in templates designed specifically for story crafting. Moreover, its wizard feature provides users with all the information they need to construct an engaging story or script quickly and easily.

The StoryAI model is designed to create engaging content that engages the reader, crafting narratives and developing characters. The platform has a powerful AI engine that can detect incorrectly used structures in narratives while describing events and characters, helping to convey descriptions in your story.

The Summarize feature allows users to shorten content to a set length while maintaining key components such as character development, events, and more.

One thing to consider, though, is the learning curve associated with deploying multi-AI models like ClosersCopy does. It took us some time to get familiar with it. However, once you’ve mastered how it works, you’ll find it invaluable for story-writing tasks.


The “Power” plan provides essential features and collaborative capabilities for teams of two, while the “Superpower” and “Superpower Squad” plans extend these benefits to larger teams of three and five members, respectively.

All plans grant access to Community Libraries and employ Artificial Intelligence across various modules like BlogAI, SalesAI, and StoryAI, ensuring a wide range of creative possibilities.

ClosersCopy pricing


  • Lifetime unlimited use at a reasonable price
  • Powerful long-form and copywriting capabilities
  • Intuitive user interface and editor
  • Uses AI (GPT-4) deep learning skills for one-click copy analysis


  • Steep learning curve

5. ShortlyAI Fast and Efficient Story Creation Tool

ShortlyAI is a powerful writing and storytelling tool at the forefront of AI-driven content creation. This versatile platform is designed to be accessible to all writers – from novelists and bloggers to journalists and copywriters – and offers features that enable quick results with minimal effort.

By leveraging state-of-the-art language models, ShortlyAI helps you overcome writer’s block, identify ideas quickly, create compelling storylines, and streamline your overall approach.

ShortlyAI—Fast and Efficient Story Creation Tool

Starting Price for Paid Plans Word Count Limit Free Version Free Version Offers Top 3 Paid Features
$5.42/month (annual) Unlimited 3-Day Free Trial Includes Everything – Blog Writing
– Powerful Commands
– Unlimited Credits

The writing features on ShortlyAI can help you find inspiration for your next project in seconds. Simply enter some keywords for the area you need inspiration on – perhaps “fiction book” or “holidays” – and this feature will provide charts showing various topics related to what interests you.

By combining this data with its powerful command system, you can create a framework for your next creative project with ease.

ShortlyAI’s powerful commands feature gives you the ability to put together a single command that summarizes multiple steps or actions being performed. We used it to build content like product descriptions, short stories, and tutorials in seconds.

This feature also provides access to an extensive library of ready-made sample text that can help writers brainstorm better ideas and unique storytelling angles.

Finally, you get unlimited use from the platform, so you don’t have to worry about word caps or extra costs when creating multiple pieces of content per day – ideal for those who write frequently and have too much work to get done in too little time.


ShortlyAI has two plans to choose from. One is a monthly subscription, while the other is an annual subscription that offers significant savings over the course of a year. Both come with access to the full suite of features, so you can pick whichever suits your needs and budget.

ShortlyAI’s pricing


  • Write 10x faster with this AI assistant
  • No word limits
  • Content is well formed and passes plagiarism checks
  • Advanced commands for more efficient writing


  • Quality of output depends on quality of user input

6. Writesonic – Fuel Your Creativity Across Genres

WriteSonic is an AI-powered writing tool that’s found a lot of success in the world of content creation. With its advanced capabilities and innovative features, it stands out from other AI storytelling software on the market today.

The platform provides users with ready-made sentence structure options based on existing material – no matter what type of content you’re creating.

When we tested it, it allowed us to quickly pick up ideas and incorporate them into our own stories. But this isn’t just for forming stories. It can also be used in customer service, email campaigns, web copywriting – you name it.

Writesonic—Fuel Your Creativity Across Genres

Starting Price for Paid Plans Word Count Limit Free Version Free Version Offers Top 3 Paid Features
$15/month 10,000/month Free Version (GPT 3.5 Only) – AI Article Writer 4.0
– Sonic Editor
– Photosonic
– 25+ Languages
– Sentence Expander
– AIDA Framework

With 25+ languages and AIDA Framework support enabled by default, you’ll be able to create content for specific contexts without having to go through complex coding processes first.

Another great feature is the Sentence Expander tool, which allows you to generate multiple versions of any given sentence, so you can get the best text possible.

Some users do feel WriteSonic could offer better customization options to fine-tune text. For example, prompts can’t be saved for future use, unlike with other content generators.

Despite these drawbacks, WriteSonic provides users with a great set of features – and it comes in cheaper than ClosersCopy and Jasper AI.


WriteSonic offers one of the best free plans for hobbyists and small businesses, with access to essential features like Chatsonic, its AI Article Writer 4.0, and the Sonic Editor. The Small Team plan extends this with larger word limits, GPT-4 access, personalized article writing services, and priority customer support.

Individuals can take advantage of the unlimited word limit that comes with the Freelancer plan – a valuable package for content creators.

For medium-to-large businesses, there’s Enterprise, which offers tailored solutions such as Single Sign-On, custom AI model development, and premium customer service.

Writesonic’s pricing


  • Use different genres of content to generate compelling content
  • Offers 25+ language options
  • High-quality data used to generate stories
  • Auto-generate articles based on existing research and data


  • Limited customization options available to users

7. StoryLab – Best Free AI Storytelling with Customization is quickly becoming a go-to storytelling tool for marketers, brand builders, and content creators. With unlimited AI runs per month, premium AI tools, and an interactive Campaign Builder, StoryLab empowers users to enhance their content.

The AI-powered platform assists users in their creative process using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to generate ideas and assist in writing engaging stories.

StoryLab—Best Free AI Storytelling with Customization

Starting Price for Paid Plans Word Count Limit Free Version Free Version Offers Top 3 Paid Features
$15/month 100 AI Runs/month Free Version – 5 Free Runs Per Month Includes Everything – Title Generator
– Tone Changer
– Topic Clusters offers five free runs per month to get creators started with its innovative features, such as the Tone Changer, which allows users to flip between different perspectives as they create content.

The Topic Clusters feature enables makers at all levels to identify trending topics and flush out stories based on social media trends, hot spots in conversations, and suggested topics from StoryLab’s library of comprehensive stories that most closely resemble user interests.

The platform provides five free runs per month, which is generous for people just starting out and gives them the chance to really explore and understand the platform before committing financially.

We were able to create three stories on the platform for free, and it only took us a few minutes to build each one. Take note that all the features, such as the Topic Clusters and the Tone Changers, are available to free users.


You can pick between a free plan with five monthly runs or a pro package for 100 runs a month.

StoryLab’s pricing


  • Creates content ideas and supports the writing process
  • Works with 10+ different formats
  • Supportive community for unlimited learning
  • Best AI story generator for free


  • Output can be unreliable depending on the quality of input keywords

8. Automate Branding and Marketing Content is an AI-powered story maker that generates high-quality copy. It’s designed to help you work faster and smarter, offering features like long-form articles, social media content, product descriptions, ad copy, sales copy, and more, and providing both creativity and flexibility.

The platform has an impressive array of features that make it stand out in the marketplace. Firstly, its Generative AI empowers creative minds to quickly create stunning stories from scratch or get insights into topics with easy-to-use prompts.

CopyAI—Automate Branding and Marketing Content

Starting Price for Paid Plans Word Count Limit Free Version Free Version Offers Top 3 Paid Features
$36/month 500 Workflow Credits/month Free Version – 2k Words in Chat, 200 Bonus Credits – 95+ Languages
– 90+ Prompt Templates
– Save Custom Prompts
– Generative AI
– Content Briefs
– Enhanced Prompts

It also enables users to develop highly customized content briefs, following brand guidelines and incorporating audience and content trend analysis. This ensures the copy you receive is well-crafted and tailored to your specific needs.

We also tried its Enhanced Prompts tool, which allows you to generate powerful automated story angles with minimal effort using pre-built prompts.

In terms of usability, the platform is excellent. From brainstorming hooks for blog posts to utilizing customized prompts, the tool made creating content in our tests easy.

It’s worth considering, though, that its Generative AI function works smoothly but may be prone to some lagging depending on your internet connection.

Check out our in-depth review for more details on the platform.


Every paid package features the AI-powered service with unlimited chat, projects, Infobase entries, templates, and API access, with increasing workflow credits by package.’s pricing


  • Powerful pre-built prompts
  • Intuitive text editor
  • Ability to switch AI engines while writing
  • Style content to specific tones


  • May lag while generating content

Best of the Rest

Our shortlist of the best AI story generators ranks the providers we’ve identified as being at the front of the field. That’s not entirely the end of the story, however, and we also consider Sudowrite and PlotFactory as being strong contenders.

Sudowrite Compelling Fictional Narratives Made Easy

Sudowrite is an AI that writes stories and promises to take storytellers from concept to completion. It’s powered by two of the most advanced AI language models available – GPT-3 and GPT-4. Their capacity for understanding concepts makes them perfect for a fanfiction generator AI tool.

Through a series of features designed to streamline the creative process, preserving both the writers’ voice and vision, Sudowrite can help unlock plotlines and even provide surprising twists along the way.

Sudowrite—Compelling Fiction Stories Made Easy

Starting Price for Paid Plans Word Count Limit Free Version Free Version Offers Top 3 Paid Features
$10/month 30,000/month 3-Day Free Trial Includes Everything – Affordable
– Avoids Repetition
-Brainstorm & Canvas

Sudowrite’s Story Engine draws on its 175+ billion parameters Transformer models to help shape a narrative that fits with the characters, tone, and plot arc of your piece.

The autocomplete feature – Write – uses predictive text technology to generate up to 300 words based on your input. Expand offers analysis so you can make sure each scene has sufficient pacing and character development.

We also tried the Brainstorm & Canvas feature. It helps you articulate a concept from the smallest detail all the way up to a general overview, solving the problem of planning out a story.

For example, it can help to more fully describe a crucial plot point. With this feature, you can track all aspects of story writing in one place and edit them as necessary.

Sudowrite also offers helpful feedback about how you’re doing in three different areas. These indicators drill down into specifics, allowing the user to assess their progress and identify what they need to focus on.

The free trial allowed us to write one story, coming in at under 3,000 words. If writers find they need additional time – or simply extra assistance – Sudowrite has subscription options for any budget level that might work better for them over time.

Unlike Jasper AI and ShortlyAI, you don’t get unlimited words per month, however – and the caps can feel rather arbitrary.


Sudowrite offers three plans to suit various writing needs. The Hobby & Student plan is ideal for short projects.

The Professional plan is designed for longer works such as novels, while the Max plan is for users deeply integrating AI into their creative process. All plans come with a free trial, no need for credit cards, and the option to cancel anytime.

SudoWrite’s pricing


  • It doesn’t repeat words
  • Brainstorming & Canvas feature generates alternate plots
  • Affordable plans
  • Great AI fanfic generator


  • AI word limits seem arbitrary

PlotFactory Seamless Feature Article Creation for Writers

PlotFactory offers writers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to easily creating stories. It offers a range of capabilities, such as creating character sheets and outlines and name generators.

The PlotFactory character list feature stands out from other tools and helps you quickly visualize what type of characters you need to build a credible story with depth and complexity.

PlotFactory—Seamless Feature Article Creation for Writers

Starting Price for Paid Plans Word Count Limit Free Version Free Version Offers Top 3 Paid Features
$9/month Unlimited Free Version – 1 Story – Dark Mode
– Automated Backups
– Daily Goal Tracking
– Character Lists
– Plot Outlines
– Name Generator

With just a few clicks, you can generate detailed information about each character – including their physical appearance and personality traits.

Another standout feature offered by this tool is its plot helper outline creator. The plot helper will structure your ideas into an easy-to-follow plan while pointing out any inconsistencies or weak points that could affect how well readers identify with the story arc overall.

For those who are feeling uninspired, there’s also an on-site name generator that creates random character names at lightning speed.

You can also listen to your story while writing. This helps identify any issues with grammar or flow when creating your tale, ensuring a smooth experience and letting you catch errors fast so fixes don’t slow down progress.

Perhaps best of all, these features can be accessed for free through their 14-day trial.


The Basic plan provides essential tools for a single story, while the Hobbyist plan removes limitations, adds character sheets, and offers an ad-free experience. The Enthusiast plan stands out with a comprehensive suite, including plot organization, story questionnaires, and advanced word analysis.

For professional writers, the Novelist plan encompasses all features, including collaborative tools and extensive audio narration options. With a 14-day free trial for premium plans, PlotFactory caters to writers at every level.

PlotFactory’s pricing


  • Offers multiple outlining options to serve different needs
  • Exports ePub files for publishing
  • Affordable and has a free plan, making it accessible for all budgets
  • Accessible on most operating systems with an internet connection


  • Limited features in the free plan for just one story

What’s the Best Free AI Story Generator?

Most AI content generators offer some type of free trial or plan, and there are some great options for getting an AI-generated story for free.

The best of these is StoryLab’s free version, which allows users up to five free runs each month. Second on the list is a GPT-3.5-only version of Writesonic that’s completely free. In terms of sheer AI capabilities, it will provide a better result than StoryLab in most stories.

Last but not least is Ryte’s free version with 10,000 characters per month – perfect for shorter stories or quick writing tasks that don’t require deep AI analysis and intricate story arcs.

All three options are perfect for trying out basic AI-generated storytelling tools, although larger projects will likely need paid subscriptions.

Keep in mind that all these free versions carry certain limitations and will lack the features offered by more expensive programs. If you’re looking to test the waters and complete some shorter writing tasks without spending too much money upfront, any of these three are good options.

Limitations and Challenges of AI Story Writing Aids

Although AI technology can be a powerful tool in creating stories, there are still limitations and drawbacks that impede its successful deployment. One of the main issues is the limited quality of content generated by AI-generated story writing aids.

This type of content often lacks the nuances, emotions, and context that a human writer can provide. Machine writing can present promising leads for further research and iteration, but it requires manual editing to reach acceptable quality levels for a final product.

Nearly one in three college students have reportedly used AI content generators such as ChatGPT to write essays. This can be a violation of academic integrity and may have dangerous consequences.

Using AI in storytelling can sometimes suffer from being inconclusive, and it will take trial and error to see how best to use such technologies. Given this, AI writing tools are best treated as writing assistants rather than standalone content creators.

As the technology of AI continues to develop, the potential for more effective creation and use of AI-generated stories will increase. If used in conjunction with human input, ethical considerations will also need to be taken into account.

When using story generators or AI writing tools, you should also consider issues of plagiarism and ensure a human touch is applied to deliver high-quality content.

How We Ranked the Best AI Tools for Creative Writing

We took several key factors into account to rank the best AI tools for creative writing:

  • Use Case: Each tool’s ability to handle various tasks related to creative writing and whether they were equipped with features that can help boost creativity.
  • Cost: Whether the pricing plans provide a good value proposition for the feature provided. The “free tier” of each tool was also factored in.
  • Ease of Use: Usability is very important, and these tools should be easy yet powerful enough for any user to quickly start crafting stories.
  • AI Model: Many AI languages are now available. We examined each tool’s underlying AI model to assess its ability to craft convincing stories.
  • Features: We evaluated the features each AI tool provides at no cost to power the content creation process.

We also looked at user reviews in G2 and other outside sources to provide a comprehensive overview of each tool. This helped us get accounts of real user experiences, which we factored into our overall analysis of each AI tool before ranking them.

How to Make AI Write a Story

When it comes to writing stories using an AI content generator, it’s very similar to writing blogs or emails. The main difference is how you input your instructions. Let’s show you how, using Jasper AI:

Step 1. Create an Account with Jasper AI

Go to Jasper AI and provide your name, email address, and password – you can opt to use an existing Gmail or sign up for a new one.

Visit JasperAI’s website

Step 2. Pick a Plan for Your Needs

Jasper AI offers several options as a short story generator for your content. Take some time exploring and decide what works best for you.

JasperAI’s pricing

Step 3. Get Acquainted with the Dashboard Feature

Once logged in, familiarize yourself with its different sections, such as data analysis, campaigns, and the content creation tools. In our case, we’ll use Creative Story to generate an AI story.

Choose from different templates

Step 4. Write the Plot Outline 

To do this, click on the Creative Story template and write a plot outline. Consider your characters, settings, tempo, and other important details. Be specific, as this will help guide the AI during story creation.

Create a Plot Outline 

Step 5. Generate Your Story 

Once you’re done customizing your inputs, hit the generate button at the bottom of each block so Jasper AI can start writing your story. Make sure to review it for any necessary corrections before publishing it, and enjoy sharing your original story written using Jasper AI’s content generator.

Generated Stories with JasperAI

Our Other AI Tools Guides

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Nick Saraev
Tech and SaaS Expert

Nick Saraev is a writer & entrepreneur who pivoted from a path in medicine to forge a series of successful digital media businesses. He's been featured in Popular Mechanics, Apple News, & Bloomberg, and is an Amazon Kindle best-seller. He has extensive experience in the tech and SaaS industry, writing in-depth guides to help users grasp technical concepts better.