The Best AI Voice Generator Software for 2024

Why Trust Techopedia
Why Trust Techopedia

The best AI voice generator uses advanced AI voice technologies to produce voices that sound incredibly human. It can use a variety of presets or even clone your own voice, making AI voices popular for projects such as virtual assistants, video games, professional voiceovers, and social media content.

Nevertheless, the vast range of choices can be overwhelming. To help, we’ve conducted user-based testing of the leading AI voice generators available in 2024. In this article, we’ll reveal the top 7 AI voice tools selected based on their features, pricing, pros, and cons.

The 7 Best AI Voice Generator Tools

  1. Lovo AI — Best for all-in-one audio and video editing
  2. Murf AI — Best for in-depth voice editing
  3. ElevenLabs — Best for realistic AI voices
  4. KitsAI — Best for music production
  5. Uberduck — Best for AI-generated rap
  6. Altered — Best for real-time voice morphing
  7. Synthesia — Best for talking AI avatars
  8. Play.HT — Best for custom pronunciation
  9. Listnr AI — Best budget AI voice generator
  10. InVideo — Best combined voice and video generator

The Best AI Speech Generators Reviewed

Here, we explore each of the market’s best tools for AI voice apps in more depth to help you choose the one best suited to your needs and budget.

1. Lovo AI – Best for All-in-One Audio and Video Editing

Lovo AI Logo

Best For All-in-one audio and visual editing
Starting Price $24/month
Free Version 14-day trial
Voice Cloning
Languages 100+
Top Features Text-to-speech, AI script writer, video editing
Why We Picked It

Lovo AI’s Genny tool is an all-in-one platform that offers text, art, voice generation, and video editing in one user-friendly interface. Impressively, it offers over 500 voices spanning over 100 languages. It’s a great pick if you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool to create polished audiovisual content that’s ready to post.


AI Text-to-Speech – You can generate speech from text input using over 500 AI voices. You can also edit the emphasis and pronunciation to create natural-sounding voiceovers for advertising, educational, or creative content.

AI Art Generator – You can generate custom artwork from the Pro plan and up. Simply write a text prompt, select an art style from the 8 options, and it’ll produce your requested image.

Video Editor – Genny offers a beginner-friendly video editing platform. You can add artwork, subtitles, and music and edit the clip lengths of each element.


Besides its free plan, Lovo has 3 paid plans: Basic, Pro, and Pro+. We’ve outlined the costs of each plan below:

Plan Free Basic Pro Pro+
Price/month (Billed Annually) $0 $24/user $24/user (50% off first year) $75/user (50% off first year)
Price/month (Billed Monthly) $0 $29/user $48/user $149/user
  • Free – 5 projects, 1GB storage, 5 minutes of voice generation per month, 2k characters per generation in simple mode, and 5 voice clones. No credit card is required.
  • Basic – 10 projects, 30GB storage, 2 hours of voice generation per month, 2k characters per generation in simple mode, and 5 voice clones.
  • Pro – 50 projects, 100GB storage, 5 hours of voice generation per month, 5k characters per generation in simple mode, and unlimited voice clones.
  • Pro+ – Unlimited projects, 400GB storage, 20 hours of voice generation per month, 5k characters per generation in simple mode, and unlimited voice clones.
Who it's Best For

Genny is a comprehensive tool ideal for educators and content creators who want to create training videos or YouTube videos. It combines voice, text, and image generation, streamlining content creation.

It’s incredibly user-friendly; however, its art generation falls short when compared with Jasper or, and its voice generation lacks the realism of ElevenLabs. Additionally, Genny lacks AI avatar creation, dubbing, singing, rapping, and real-time voice morphing.

Read our full Lovo AI review.


  • Comprehensive tool
  • Discounted deal for first-year
  • User-friendly
  • Free plan


  • Lacks AI avatar, real-time voice morphing, and music tools
  • Many features are still in Beta mode

2. Murf AI — Best for In-Depth Voice Editing

Murf AI Logo

Best For In-depth voice editing
Starting Price $23/month
Free Version Free for 2 projects and 10 minutes of voice generation
Voice Cloning
Languages 20+
Top Features Voice cloning, text-to-speech, dubbing
Why We Picked It

Murf offers text-to-speech, voice cloning, dubbing, and translation in a range of voices and languages, which can be edited for tone of voice and emphasis.

The realistic voice quality and editing features mean you can create professional, studio-quality voiceovers for a fraction of the cost of live recording.


AI Text-to-Speech – You can import a script or type directly in the text field, choose from over 120 languages, and fine-tune the emphasis of words to produce human-sounding results.

Voice Changing – Murf can change the speaker’s voice on an existing audio file without you typing out a script. It can also preserve your accent or intonation but conceal your actual voice.

Dubbing – Enterprise users can access dubbing, which is a huge time and money saver for content creators or filmmakers who want to release their work to a global audience without needing to hire voice actors, a professional translator, or invest in a recording studio.


Besides its free plan, Murf offers 3 paid plans. Here are your options:

Plan Free Creator Business Enterprise
Price/month (Billed Annually) $0 $23 $79 Custom
Price/month (Billed Monthly) $0 $29 $99 Custom
  • Free – 2 projects, 10 minutes of voice generation, trial everything in the Business plan but no credit card is required.
  • Creator – 5 projects, 24 hours of voice generation per year, Canva integration, and commercial licensing for freelancers, content creators, and solopreneurs.
  • Business – 50 projects, 96 hours of voice generation per year, AI voice changer, Murf for Windows, Google Slides integration, and commercial licensing for businesses.
  • Enterprise – Custom projects, unlimited voice generation, everything in Business + single sign-on (SSO), dedicated account management, AI translation, and a master service agreement for licensing.
Who it's Best For

Murf is ideal for entrepreneurs, content creators, and businesses looking to produce professional voiceovers for presentations and videos, especially for international operations with its dubbing feature.

Since most features are limited to the Enterprise plan, we’d recommend Murf for larger businesses. That said, note that, unlike Lovo, Murf focuses solely on voice content — there’s no art generation, script writing, or video editing.

Read our full Murf AI review.


  • Free plan
  • Dubbing available
  • Voice emphasis controls


  • Broadcasting rights aren’t available on all plans
  • Many features are limited to the Enterprise plan

3. Altered — Best for Real-Time Voice Morphing

Altered Logo

Best For Real-time voice morphing
Starting Price $1/month (80% off first month)
Free Version Free 10k tokens
Voice Cloning
Languages 100+
Top Features Audio editing, voice morphing, and cloning
Why We Picked It

Altered AI offers unlimited real-time voice morphing for one voice, which allows you to disguise your voice in live situations through your microphone.

It also allows users to create studio-quality speech synthesis and clean up existing audio with its editing suite.


Voice Morphing – You can disguise your voice in real-time, or change an existing voice file in post-production.

Voice Cloning – Altered offers a Local or Rapid Voice Cloning feature, the former producing more accurate, professional results, while the latter is a quicker, cheaper option with less similitude to the source voice.

Audio Editing – The Voice Editor offers a suite of professional audio editing tools such as cleaning, de-noising, and mixing to deliver high-quality audio output.


Besides its free plan, Altered offers 4 paid plans. The costs of each one are outlined below:

Plan Free Real-time Creator Professional Enterprise
Price/month (Billed Annually) $0 $1/month (80% off first month) $30 $90 Custom
Price/month (Billed Quarterly) $0 $1/month (80% off first month) $36 $108 Custom
Price/month (Billed Monthly) $0 $1/month (80% off first month) $40 $120 Custom
  • Free – 10k characters, unlimited real-time voice morphing (1 voice only), 5 minutes per month voice morphing (5 additional voices), and 3 minutes per month post-production voice morphing. No credit card is required.
  • Real-time – 25k characters, unlimited real-time voice morphing with any voice, and 5 minutes per month of post-production voice morphing.
  • Creator – 325k characters, unlimited real-time voice morphing, and 60 minutes per month of post-production voice morphing.
  • Professional – 1 million characters, unlimited real-time and local voice morphing, and 180 minutes per month post-production voice morphing.
  • Enterprise – Unlimited characters and voice morphing, custom voice models, local voice cloning, API, and dedicated account management.
Who it's Best For

Altered’s AI text-to-speech doesn’t produce the most lifelike voices, but it stands out for offering real-time voice morphing. It’s accessible unlimitedly for free, too, making it ideal for maintaining privacy in online gaming or during calls, as long as the specific voice isn’t a concern.


  • Free plan
  • Unlimited real-time voice morphing
  • Ethical statement about deepfakes


  • Download required for some features
  • Less realistic voices than competitors

4. KitsAI — Best for Music Production

KitsAI Logo

Best For Music Production
Starting Price $9.99/month
Free Version Free forever, but no downloads
Voice Cloning
Languages 100+
Top Features AI singing, vocal remover, mastering
Why We Picked It

Kits AI is a popular AI music production tool that offers royalty-free vocals, track splitting, AI mastering, and voice cloning. We like that you can try most of its range of in-depth audio tools for free; paid plans allow you to download output.


Convert – Generate vocals and change to different voices with text-to-speech or audio input.

Custom voice – You can create your own AI voice model based on files of the voice you want to mimic or a blend of two voices.

AI Mastering – Kits AI can master your tracks according to a range of style presets or a reference track you’d like to emulate.


Kits AI offers the following plans:

Plan Free Converter Creator Composer
Price/month (Billed Monthly) $0 $9.99 $24.99 $59.99
  • Free – 1 custom voice, 1 project, most features included, but no downloads. No credit card is required.
  • Converter – 2 custom voices, 5 projects, and 30 download minutes per month.
  • Creator – 5 custom AI voices, 5 projects, and unlimited downloads.
  • Composer – 12 custom AI voices, 5 projects, and unlimited downloads.
Who it's Best For

Kits AI is ideal for music producers looking to swiftly conceptualize and test vocal parts without hiring singers and for novice bedroom producers with limited resources for live recording.

However, alternatives like ElevenLabs or Lovo would be more suitable for purposes beyond music production, such as voiceovers for educational (e-learning), commercial, or social media content.

Read our full Kits AI review.


  • Accessible for musical experimentation
  • Generous free plan
  • Fast and accurate processing


  • Not suited for spoken voice

5. Uberduck — Best for AI-Generated Rap

Uberduck Logo

Best For AI-generated rap
Starting Price $9.99/month
Free Version Free for non-commercial use
Voice Cloning
Languages 100+
Top Features Generative rap, voice chat, text-to-speech
Why We Picked It

Uberduck is an accessible AI music tool primarily used to create AI-generated lyrics and vocals for background music, for example. It offers a range of features not offered by many other providers, including generative rap music, recordable live voice chat with AI characters, and rapid voice cloning.


Rap Generator – You can select a beat or simply a BPM, select a voice, and use the AI-generated voice sound or custom lyrics to create a complete rap.

Voice Chat – You can choose from a variety of characters, such as Socrates or a game show host, to have recordable conversations out loud.

Speech Synthesis – Uberduck offers both text-to-speech technology and speech-to-speech in a range of voices and over 100 languages.


Lovo offers 3 plans, including a free one. Here are your options:

Plan Free Creator Enterprise
Price/year (Billed Annually) $0 $96 Custom
Price/Month (Billed Monthly) $0 $9.99 Custom
  • Free – 300 credits per month and private voice access, not suitable for commercial use. No credit card is required.
  • Creator – 3,600+ credits per month, private voice access, API access, and commercial use.
  • Enterprise – Everything in Creator + 5,000+ credits per month, custom voice cloning, collaboration features, and dedicated support.
Who it's Best For

Uberduck stands out for its unique AI-generated rap feature, a niche unmatched by other tools listed. While it leans more towards being a fun, easy-to-use tool rather than a professional one, it’s reasonably priced and ideal for beginners looking for AI entertainment rather than for professional projects.


  • Free plan
  • Easy to use
  • Unique features


  • A little bit gimmicky
  • Less professional UX and output than competitors

6. ElevenLabs — Best for Realistic AI Voices

ElevenLabs Logo

Best For Ultra-realistic AI voices
Starting Price $1/month (80% off first month)
Free Version Free 10k characters/month
Voice Cloning
Languages 29
Top Features Voice design, dubbing, speech synthesis
Why We Picked It

ElevenLabs is our frontrunner for natural-sounding AI voices. During testing, we were impressed by the fluency of its speech synthesis, which can be used for both short—and long-form projects.

It offers speech synthesis, voice cloning, and dubbing without having to subscribe to an Enterprise-level plan, as is the case with Murf.


Speech Synthesis – You can enter text, record audio, or upload your own audio file to be translated into AI-generated speech using both English and Multilingual AI models.

VoiceLab – ElevenLabs’ Voice Lab speech tools support the creation of unique generative or cloned voices.

AI Dubbing – You can translate your existing videos or online videos into 29+ different languages.


ElevenLabs offers numerous plans for varying needs and budgets. Here’s an overview of the options:

Plan Free Starter Creator Pro Scale
Price/year (2 Months Free) $0 $50 $220 $990 $3300
Price/month $0 $1(80% off first month) $11(80% off first month) $99 $330
  • Free – 10k characters, 10 minutes of audio per month, and 3 custom voices. Content must be credited to ElevenLabs. No credit card is required.
  • Starter – 30k characters, 30 minutes of audio per month, 10 custom voices, instant voice cloning, commercial license, and no attribution required.
  • Creator – 100k characters, 2 hours of audio per month, 30 custom voices, professional voice cloning, long-form projects, usage analytics.
  • Pro – Everything in Creator + 500k characters, 10 hours of audio per month, and 160 custom voices.
  • Scale – Everything in Creator + 2 million characters, 40 hours of audio per month, and 660 custom voices.
Who it's Best For

ElevenLabs is highly accessible thanks to its pricing, yet it offers high-quality AI voiceovers, dubbing, and voice cloning, ideal for solopreneurs, educators, and content creators.

It’s great for long-form projects, too, like audiobooks and podcasts, but it lacks script writing, art generation, and music tools, limiting its use to voice recording projects.

Read our full ElevenLabs review.


  • Discount on the first month
  • Premium features aren’t limited to higher tiers
  • Realistic AI voice generation
  • Excellent dubbing


  • No audio clean-up or de-noising
  • Inaccurate accents

7. Synthesia — Best for Talking AI Avatars

Synthesia Logo

Best For AI avatars
Starting Price $22/month
Free Version Free for 36 minutes of video per year
Voice Cloning
Languages 120+
Top Features Custom avatars, video generation, video assistant
Why We Picked It

Synthesia simplifies the creation of professional-quality videos by blending AI voice and AI video generation, making it easy to convert text into speech and generate lifelike avatars for lip-syncing. We found it great for enlivening lengthy texts, like training materials and product demos, making them more engaging.


Video Generator – You can generate videos from a range of 60+ templates for professional or educational use.

Custom Avatars – If you don’t find your ideal representative in the 160+ avatars available, you can create a digital version of yourself.

AI Video Assistant – You can also import a text document to convert it directly into video.


Here are the plans on offer with Synthesia:

Plan Free Starter Creator Enterprise
Price/month (Billed Annually) $0 $22 $67 Custom
Price/month (Billed Monthly) $0 $29 $89 Custom
  • Free – 36 minutes of video per year, 6 avatars, 130+ languages and voices, and 60+ templates. No credit card is required.
  • Starter – Everything in free + 120 minutes of video per year, 70+ avatars, avatar builder, and custom web cam avatar.
  • Creator – Everything in Starter + 360 minutes of video per year, 90+ avatars, and custom fonts.
  • Enterprise – Everything in Creator + unlimited minutes of video, 140+ avatars, collaboration features, translation, and priority customer support.
Who it's Best For

Synthesia is the best tool in our list for creating educational videos, such as sales or IT training videos, how-to and product videos, YouTube videos, or for adding a personal touch to your company website with a talking avatar.

Spoken content is more engaging, trustworthy, and accessible, especially for the visually impaired. However, Synthesia is less suitable for creative or experimental content.


  • Highly rated online
  • Free plan
  • Custom avatars
  • Fluent AI speech


  • High starting price for paid plans
  • Avatars could be more lifelike e.g. better lipsyncing

The Best AI Voice Generators Compared

Here’s a table outlining the key distinctions between each of our top recommendations so you can compare them and make a well-informed choice when selecting an AI voice tool:

Best AI Voice Tools Best for Starting Price Free Version Voice Changing Voice Cloning Dubbing Languages API
Lovo AI All-in-one audio and video editing $24/month 14-day trial 100+
Murf AI In-depth voice editing $23/month Free for 2 projects + 10 minutes voice generation 20+
Altered Real-time voice morphing $1/month (80% off first month) Free for 10k characters + 3 minutes voice morphing 75+
KitsAI Music production $9.99/month Free plan with no downloads 60
Uberduck AI-generated rap $9.99/month Free for non-commercial use 25
ElevenLabs Ultra-realistic AI voices $1/month (80% off first month) Free for 10k characters per month 29
Synthesia Talking avatars $22/month Free for 36 minutes of video per year 130+

How We Review And Test AI Tools

We base our recommendations on first-hand testing. All the products we feature, have been tested based on the following criteria:

  • Accuracy: The accuracy of every AI tool varies and is largely dependent on the AI model used and the quality of the input. We test each tool to gauge its accuracy across the tasks and use cases it supports.
  • Performance: We also test how long it takes the AI tool to deliver results and weigh this time against the quality of the output. Quick results mean nothing if the output isn’t accurate, relevant, or what you expected.
  • Ethical Considerations: We explore any issues with bias, transparency, and privacy to ensure we recommend only the best artificial intelligence solutions that take these ethical concerns seriously.
  • User Experience: We test every AI tool on all the supported platforms to gauge its user-friendliness and whether it works as advertised. We also explore any online documentation available.
  • Value for Money: We weigh the features, performance, and accuracy of the market’s best AI tools against their cost to determine their value for money. We also factor in the cost to scale with the platform.
  • Features: We test every feature on offer with the service over a two-week period. This includes testing their functionality (whether it’s art generation, or voiceovers, for example) across all the platforms the tool supports.
  • Security: From data privacy to ensuring the tools haven’t had a data breach, we take security seriously, checking their regulatory compliance and how vulnerable the AI models are to exploitation.

How Do AI Voice Generators Work?

AI voice generators use deep learning techniques, particularly generative models, a type of neural network architecture.

First, the AI voice generator is trained on recorded human speech, covering a wide variety of regional accents, languages, and speech patterns. Important vocal intricacies, such as intonation, cadence, and pronunciation, are also extracted.

Once trained, the AI voice simulator can convert text input to AI-generated speech. This process involves converting the text into a sequence of phonemes and then synthesizing the corresponding audio waveform using the learned patterns and knowledge from the training data.

The generated audio may need post-production editing to improve transitions, add natural-sounding pauses, or adjust pitch, speed, and emphasis. The end result is natural, human-like voices.

Key Features of the Best AI Voice Generator Software

AI voice generator software platforms offer a range of functionalities for creating and editing audio content. Here are some of the top features:

Text-to-SpeechSpeech-to-SpeechVoice MorphingVoice CloningTranslationTalking AvatarEditing

The basis of many AI voice tools is text-to-speech (TTS) generation, which refers to the process of converting text into synthesized speech. This is now increasingly used in both commercial and creative projects.

Similar to TTS, speech-to-speech generates synthesized speech using audio samples, which are then transcribed to text and converted into a new, unique voice.

Comparable to speech-to-speech, except generated in real-time. Voice morphing disguises your own voice as you speak and can be used when you want to maintain privacy, such as online gaming or chatrooms.

While many are understandably wary of deepfake technology, when used ethically, it can be a huge timesaver. If you want to quickly create content with your own voice but avoid recording it live, you can create a voice clone and use text-to-speech to generate lifelike voice overs that sound just like you.

AI voice technology can also reach international audiences by translating existing audio files into multiple languages and dubbing video content.

To personalize your websites and apps, you can combine art generation with vocal cloning and speech synthesis to create a lifelike customer service agent or brand representative.

Besides generating new audio content, AI voice tools can enhance existing voiceovers with audio clean-up and de-noising tools that can help you produce studio-quality results from home.

Who Should Use an AI Voice Generator?

The potential use cases of AI voice technology are numerous. Here are a few of the most common implementations of computer-generated voice software:

Content CreatorsAccessibility ServicesLanguage Learning PlatformsCustomer Service AgentsEducational InstitutionsEntertainment Industry

AI voice generators can add narration, voice overs, or character dialogue to digital content such as podcasts, audiobooks, or social media posts — in just a few clicks, saving time and money compared to hiring a voice actor.

An AI tool for voice generation can also provide equal access to information by creating audio versions of text for individuals with visual impairments or reading difficulties.

Language learning apps can use AI voice technology to help their users fine-tune pronunciation and listening skills by offering accurate audio examples of words, phrases, and conversations.

Customer service teams can use AI technology to create automated voice response systems or virtual chatbots capable of handling common issues and tasks. Overall, this can reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

Schools, colleges, and training organizations can also use AI voice tools to create e-learning materials, including educational videos, lectures, and language courses, to foster a more interactive, engaged student experience.

In terms of content creation, game developers, filmmakers, musicians, and animation studios can create lifelike AI voices, narrations, and backing tracks for their projects, reducing the need for lengthy and expensive live recording sessions.

How to Choose the Best Tool for AI Voices

With so many outstanding AI voice tools to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to start to find your best fit. Here are some of the top considerations to make before deciding:

Voice QualityLanguage/Accent SupportUsage RightsCostEase of UseCustomization

All AI voice tools intend to deliver realistic, human-like voices, but not all of them succeed. Ensure you choose a tool that can successfully deliver AI voices that emulate human speech in terms of cadence, pronunciation, and tone of voice.

If you want to create voiceovers in a particular accent or translate your audio content into certain languages, you’ll want to ensure that your chosen tool supports this.

Depending on your use case, you should ensure that the AI tool you choose offers a commercial license, allowing you to use the content for monetized purposes.

AI tools offer a broad spectrum of price points. Some charge a one-time fee, while others offer a rolling subscription. You should set a budget and stick to it, and be sure to check the specific functionalities offered in your chosen plan. Free versions are a great way to test tools, but they’ll be quite limited.

Some AI tools are more beginner-friendly, while others are more suited to those with web development or other technical literacy. It’s wise to leverage free plans and trials to get a feel for your chosen tool before committing to a paid plan.

Different tools offer varying degrees of customization. Some focus on automation and efficiency but give you less control. Others allow you to finely edit the tone of voice, intonation, and audio quality of your projects. Decide which approach best suits your needs and choose a tool accordingly.

How to Use an AI Voice Generator

In this walkthrough, we'll demonstrate how Lovo's Genny tool can create quick, AI-generated voiceovers from text input. Most AI voice providers work in a similar way:

  1. Generate a Script

    If your script isn’t ready for Genny to convert to audio, you can use the AI writer tool. While it’s still in Beta mode, this is a quick way to generate scripts for advertisements, podcasts, YouTube videos, and more without having to spend time writing them.

    The feature asks for details on the subject, audience, tone, and intention of the piece before generating a text for you.

    <strong>Generate a Script</strong>
  2. Create a Project

    Once you have your text ready, you can navigate to the homepage to start a new project. Here, you can choose the type of project you want to create, whether it’s subtitles, a video, or, in our case, a short voiceover.

    <strong>Create a Project</strong>
  3. Enter Your Script

    Now, you can paste the script you created into the text input field or, alternatively, import a script. You’re free to edit the text at this stage, too. The character limit is 2,000 if you’re working with the free plan, which is handy to know in case you’re planning on using this for a lengthy text.

    <strong>Enter Your Script</strong>
  4. Choose a Voice

    Next, you can select an appropriate speaker for your voiceover from the 500+ unique voices. You can filter voices by age, gender, region, and best use case. If you’ve created a voice clone, you’ll also select it from the library to generate the voice content in your own voice.

    <strong>Choose a Voice</strong>
  5. Set Pronunciation Rules

    If you want to customize the pronunciation of certain words in your text, such as a unique brand name, or use a distinctive regional accent, you can set rules for how you’d like the AI voice to pronounce each word. This will improve the natural quality of your voiceover overall, so it’s worth taking the time to complete this step.

    <strong>Set Pronunciation Rules</strong>
  6. Generate Audio

    Once all your settings are in place, you can click ‘Generate’ to receive your completed voiceover. You can then download the audio file to use in your project or share it with your network via email or social media.

    <strong>Generate Audio</strong>


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