The 8 Best AI Writing Tools to Use in 2024: Tested and Compared

Why Trust Techopedia
Why Trust Techopedia

The best AI writing tools out there can make content production far smoother by helping with brainstorming, improving your writing, offering built-in SEO optimization, and even adopting your tone of voice to better engage with your audience.

With new AI tools entering the market at a rapid pace, finding the right one can feel overwhelming. To make your search easier, we’ve whittled down the most advanced AI writing tools to a top 8 based on criteria like pricing, ease of use, and accuracy.

Jasper – Best AI Content Generator for Images & Copywriting

Get 10,000 Credits
7-Day Free Trial

HubSpot – Best User Experience, Ease of Use, and Accessibility

No CC Required
14-Day Free Trial

Scalenut – Best AI Content Writing Tool for SEO & Content Marketing

Access All Features
7-Day Free Trial

The Best AI Writing Tools

  1. Jasper AI — Best AI writing app for brand voices
  2. HubSpot — Best CRM with AI writing tool
  3. Scalenut — Best SEO AI writing tool
  4. Rytr — Best budget-friendly AI writing bot
  5. Writesonic — Best AI writing software for factual accuracy
  6. AI-Writer — Best AI writing assistant for research writing
  7. Describely — Best AI writing software for ecommerce
  8. — Best AI writing bot for sales and marketing

The Best AI Tools for Writing Reviewed

We explore each of the market’s best AI writing software in more depth to help you choose one that best suits your needs and budget.


1. Jasper AI – Best AI Writing App for Brand Voices

Jasper AI Logo

Best For Unique brand tones
Starting Price $39/month
Free Version
Standout Features 30+ languages, SurferSEO and Grammarly integration, Brand voice representation
Why We Picked It

Jasper AI, previously known as Jarvis AI, is an advanced, comprehensive AI writing tool that can create just about any type of content, including Facebook ads, blog posts, and emails. Thanks to the launch of Jasper Art, it’s also considered one of the best AI art generators.

While it does not offer preset tones of voice, it can recognize and learn your individual brand voice and infuses it into the tone of its AI-generated content. It also considers extra context about your business, audience, and the type of content you want to create.

Overall, Jasper AI is great for creating high-quality written content that sticks to your brief and can stay on brand.


Brand Voice – If you’re worried about an abrupt shift in tone of voice when using AI writing tools, Jasper AI can train a custom voice based on your own writing for a smooth transition.

Campaigns – This AI writing assistant is capable of generating complete, end-to-end marketing campaigns from your own briefs.

Jasper Art – If you’d like to complete your blog posts with AI-generated imagery, Jasper Art uses Stable Diffusion 3 to create images from your prompts.


Jasper offers three pricing plans: Creator, Pro, and Business. We’ve highlighted the monthly and annual costs of each plan below:

Plan Creator Pro Business
Monthly $49/user/month $69/user/month Custom
Annual $39/user/month $59/user/month Custom
  • Creator – 1 user, 1 brand voice, SEO mode, Google Chrome browser extension.
  • Pro – 6 seats, 3 brand voices, 10 knowledge assets, 3 instant campaigns, and access to Jasper Art.
  • Business – Unlimited feature access, performance analytics, enterprise-level security, API access, dedicated account manager, and custom style guides.

Jasper allows you to try the Creator or Pro plans on a 7-day free trial. You must provide your credit card information to start the free trial, but you can cancel at any time.

Who it's Best For

Jasper AI is a great choice for small and large businesses wanting to generate on-brand marketing copy and campaigns for a variety of purposes. It’s also ideal for those looking to combine art and text generation in one tool, which saves you from taking out two subscriptions.

Jasper AI’s Chrome extension is also very efficient. It can be used directly in Gmail, Google Docs, and WordPress, meaning sending business emails will take seconds without needing to copy and paste.

It’s difficult to pick faults with Jasper AI, but its pricing is steeper than competitors like Rytr. However, I’ve found that the higher price does reflect the accuracy of the output, so it’s worth the investment.

Read our full Jasper AI review.


  • Chrome extension available
  • Extensive template options
  • Creates plagiarism-free content
  • Works for both short-form and long-form content


  • Pricier than competitors
  • Free trial requires credit card information

2. HubSpot – Best CRM with AI Writing Tool

Best For CRM with AI writing tool
Starting Price Starting from $15/month/seat
Free Version
Standout Features SEO Recommendations, Dynamic Content Types, Content Remix
Why We Picked It

As well as being one of the best CRM software platforms on the market, HubSpot now offers a range of AI features housed within its larger CRM platform. Our testing confirms that HubSpot is an ideal choice for those seeking a complete customer relationship management (CRM) solution that’s supercharged with AI assistance.

Its AI content assistant uses OpenAI’s GPT model to develop high-quality content that resonates with your audience. In addition, it offers SEO optimization functionality, blog writing, content improvement, and translation services among its AI-powered features.


SEO Recommendations – Without needing an extra tool, you can optimize your AI-generated content to maximize its visibility on the search engine’s results pages using HubSpot AI’s recommendations. This allows you to quickly build SEO-friendly titles and meta descriptions for blogs, landing pages, and websites.

Dynamic Content Types HubSpot AI is not limited to developing blog post content. With a few prompts, it’ll help you create social media, email, and landing page copy.

Content Remix – HubSpot products prioritize productivity and efficiency, so it’s no surprise that its platform allows you to repurpose valuable content across many platforms instead of creating this separately.


HubSpot allows you to use some of its AI-powered content features for free, although some will only be available on one of the four paid plans that make up the Content Hub. Let’s take a closer look:

Plan Free Content Hub Starter Starter Customer Platform Content Hub Professional Content Hub Enterprise
Monthly $0/user/month $20/user/month $20/user/month $500/user/month $1,500/user/month
Annual $0/user/month $15/user/month $15/user/month $450/user/month $1,500/user/month

Free — This plan could be a great budget option if you’re working with a team of five or fewer people. You have access to a basic AI blog post generator that allows you to create 100 posts from 20 different authors — just bear in mind that they will feature HubSpot branding. Image generation and AI assistants are not included.

    Content Hub Starter — Unlike with the free version, this starter plan gives you access to the AI image generation and AI assistants, and you can remove HubSpot branding from your content. It’s a good choice if you’re looking for content marketing tools to engage and convert leads.

    Starter Customer Platform — This plan includes everything from Content Hub Starter as well as essential features from the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and Operations Hub. It enables you to create content, generate leads, nurture relationships, and manage customer interactions all in one place.

    Content Hub Professional — This plan introduces tools like brand voice, podcasts, AI translation, A/B testing, smart content, content remix, content embed, custom reporting, memberships, and dynamic pages.

    Content Hub Enterprise — Building on the robust features of Content Hub Professional, this plan introduces advanced tools like content approvals, multi-sites, activity logging, and serverless functions. These features allow you to manage large-scale content operations with ease and precision.

    Who it's Best For

    We recommend HubSpot to businesses already seeking a customer relationship management (CRM) platform but also want to use AI to improve their content production.

    A bonus is that some of HubSpot’s AI features are included in its free plan, so you can use it to build stronger connections with your customers via high-quality content at no extra cost if you have a small team of five people or fewer.


    • Offers SEO recommendations
    • Supports content repurposing
    • Some AI-based features are included in the free plan
    • It provides a meta-description generator


    • It requires human quality control for reliable results
    • Its paid plans are expensive

    3. Scalenut – Best SEO AI Writer

    A logo of Scalenut

    Best For Search engine optimization
    Starting Price $39 $18/month (55% off launch offer)
    Free Version
    Standout Features Keyword planner, Real-time SERP stats, Keyword cluster generator
    Why We Picked It

    Scalenut is a standout AI writing platform designed for marketers and SEO journalists. It offers many SEO-oriented features and advanced AI writing capabilities, making it a valuable addition to your content production pipeline.

    Scalenut provides support with keyword research, which is a crucial step when creating worthwhile online content.

    Like Jasper AI, Scalenut has an SEO assistant. However, it surpasses the competition because it offers competitor research features that let you see different parameters in the top 30 SERP pages.


    Cruise Mode – A lifesaver for long-form written content, Scalenut’s Cruise Mode can generate upwards of 1,500 SEO-optimized words in a matter of minutes.

    Keyword Planner – Scalenut generates location-specific topic clusters with multiple secondary and tertiary keywords based on your chosen primary keyword.

    Content Optimizer – This AI writing software tool can generate new content and optimize your existing articles for search engines.


    Scalenut has four subscription options: Essential, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise. We’ve outlined the costs of each plan below:

    Plan Essential Growth Pro Enterprise
    Monthly $39/month $79/month $149/user/month Custom
    Annual $18/month $39/month $74/month Custom
    • Essential – 100,000 words, 5 SEO articles per month, SEO templates, AI images, factual content.
    • Growth – Unlimited words, 30 SEO articles per month, audit and optimize 30 articles per month, 60 keyword clusters per month, analyze 200 webpages per month on a single domain.
    • Pro – Everything in Growth + 75 SEO articles per month, 75 keyword clusters per month, and analyze 500 webpages per month on 5 different domains.
    • Enterprise – Custom limit on SEO articles, unlimited webpage analysis, advanced AI models, enterprise-level security, tailored onboarding.

    While it lacks a completely free tier, you can try the Essential, Growth, and Pro plans for 7 days free of charge. You must enter your credit card information to access the trial, but you can cancel at any time.

    Who it's Best For

    Scalenut is best for blog writers and business owners who need to ensure their online content is engaging, accurate, and optimized for Google’s search rankings. It takes the guesswork out of SEO with a user-friendly scoring system that gives a rating out of 100 and suggestions to improve it.

    While Scalenut is an invaluable tool for those interested in SEO, some of its features may feel redundant for writers who don’t need to optimize their output for search engines, such as academics, students, and creative writers.

    Scalenut also does not offer an art generator, so if you’re looking for a comprehensive text and art generator, you may want to consider Jasper AI or Writesonic.

    Read our full Scalenut review.


    • Effective SEO reports
    • Live chat support
    • Various integration options
    • High-quality content
    • Great long-form editor


    • Tone options not available on basic plan
    • Lacks a history tab

    4. Rytr — Best Budget-Friendly AI Writing Bot

    Rytr Logo

    Best For Low pricing
    Starting Price $7.50/month
    Free Version
    Standout Features Great free plan, 20+ tone presets, 30+ languages
    Why We Picked It

    Rytr is a handy AI writing assistant that excels in two departments: ease of use and pricing. It offers a wide range of languages, use case templates, and tones of voice. This means you are provided with an adequate amount of customization and flexibility when writing without overwhelming the user with unnecessary choices.

    It also offers a chat-style interface or a word processor, depending on how you prefer to work. Overall, I like that Rytr offers an accessible solution in both usability and price, but its output leaves a little to be desired.


    40+ Use Cases – Rytr offers a wide range of use case-specific templates, including a Business Idea Pitch, Cover Letter, and SEO Meta Title.

    Plagiarism Checker – Ensure your written work is original with Rytr’s built-in plagiarism checker, which can be accessed on the paid plan.

    Create a Voice – In addition to its 20+ preset tones, Rytr allows you to train a custom tone of voice from your own writing.


    In addition to its Free plan, Rytr offers two paid-for tiers: Unlimited and Premium. We’ve outlined the costs of each plan in the table below:

    Plan Free Unlimited Premium
    Monthly $0 $9/month $29/month
    Annual $0 $7.50/month $24.16/month
    • Free – 10,000 characters, no plagiarism checks or tone matching, 1 language.
    • Unlimited – Unlimited AI content generation, 1 tone match, 50 plagiarism checks per month, 1 language, priority support.
    • Premium – Unlimited AI content generation, multiple tone matches, 100 plagiarism checks per month, 35+ languages per month, priority support, custom use cases.

    All plans include a Chrome extension, 20+ pre-programmed voice tones, and access to a community of Rytr users.

    Who it's Best For

    Rytr is one of the most budget-friendly AI content writers on the market. It’s a great choice for small business owners looking to experiment with AI at little-to-no cost.

    It does have a simple user interface, so there aren’t as many features available as offered by However, it’s easier to navigate, making Rytr a more suitable option for beginners.

    I found that when working with the long-form templates, Rytr’s output was a little less polished than Jasper AI or Writesonic, but this can be circumnavigated if you don’t mind spending some time doing a few edits.

    If you’re looking for more niche sales and marketing templates, such as cold emailing, competitive analysis, and cost-benefit analysis, might be more suitable for you.

    Unlike Jasper and Writesonic, Rytr also does not offer art generation. If you’re looking for an all-in-one text and image generator, we’d recommend one of its competitors.

    Read our full Rytr review.


    • Value for money
    • Great for beginners
    • Ideal for short-form content
    • 40+ use cases


    • Not recommended for long-form content
    • No AI art generator

    5. Writesonic — Best AI Writing Software for Factual Accuracy

    Writesonic Logo

    Best For Accurate article writing
    Starting Price $12/month
    Free Version
    Standout Features SEO-optimized content, 100+ AI templates, real-time research
    Why We Picked It

    Writesonic stands out as one of the best AI writing tools for generating factually correct, long-form content. which is thanks to its live Google research. It can also generate SEO-friendly content as it integrates with SurferSEO.

    In addition to writing, it also has a library of Sonic tools, including Photosonic and Chatsonic, that let you create images from text. There’s even a built-in image editing tool if you want to tweak the results. If you’re into podcasting or audiobooks, you can also turn your writing into audio with Audiosonic.


    AI Article Writer – Writesonic’s latest AI tool, Article Writer 6.0, can generate factually accurate text in less than five minutes.

    Online Ads – Writesonic’s Facebook and Google ad copy generator can also help you grab your audience’s attention online.

    Audiosonic – If you want to convert your writing into audio, such as for a social media post, audiobook, or for accessibility purposes, you can use Writesonic’s text-to-speech (TTS) feature, Audiosonic.


    Writesonic has seven pricing plans, including a free plan. The table below breaks down each pricing plan, and its monthly and annual costs:

    Plan Free Chatsonic Individual Standard Professional Advanced Enterprise
    Monthly $0 $15/month $20/month $99/month $249/month $499/month Custom
    Annual $0 $12/month $16/month $79/month $199/month $399/month Custom
    • Free – Try all Writesonic and Chatsonic features for 25 generations per month, 25 one-off free credits for Advanced templates.
    • Chatsonic – Unlimited Chatsonic generations, no access to Standard or Advanced templates.
    • Individual – Unlimited generations on Standard templates, 50 credits per month for Advanced templates.
    • Standard – Everything in Individual + 1,000 credits per month, automated internal linking, AI keyword clusters, and improvements to Article Writer 6.0.
    • Professional – Everything in Standard + 3 team members, 3,000 credits per month, AI content gap analysis, and personalized onboarding.
    • Advanced – Everything in Professional + 5 team members, 6,500 credits per month, and priority support.
    • Enterprise – Custom number of team members, custom apps, enhanced security, SSO/SAML login, personalized training, and priority support.
    Who it's Best For

    Writesonic’s is best for bloggers who require up-to-date, accurate copy as it uses Article Writer 6.0, which pulls real-time data from the SERP. The quality far outweighs that of competitors such as Rytr and is on par with leading tools like Jasper AI.

    The inclusion of Photosonic and Audiosonic means that Writesonic can be an all-in-one AI tool, saving you from signing up for multiple subscriptions.

    Its credit system is slightly limiting as the most advanced features understandably cost more credits than its more basic features, so you can quickly drain your allowance if you’re set on only using Article Writer 6.0.

    While Writesonic may seem like a cheaper option, you may have to upgrade to a higher-paid subscription to access the same amount of AI generations as equivalent competitor plans.

    Read our full Writesonic review.


    • Strong paraphrasing capabilities
    • SEO-optimized content
    • GPT-4 support on paid plans
    • Customizable plans


    • No plagiarism checker
    • Credits are used quickly

    6. AI-Writer – Best AI Writing Assistant for Research Writing

    AI-Writer Logo

    Best For Citations
    Starting Price $41/month
    Free Version
    Standout Features Sub-topic generator, Verifiable citations, Text rewriting
    Why We Picked It

    AI-Writer is one of the most credible AI writing assistants for academic and research writing.

    Its standout feature is its ‘Research and Write’ tool, which allows you to create full essays and articles. All you need to provide is a title, and AI-Writer will fill in the rest, even the citations.

    In addition to this, AI-Writer offers a range of tools, such as summarization, proofreading, and rewording, which makes it a great AI tool for non-commercial writing.


    Topic Suggest – If you don’t know what to write your next article on, AI-Writer provides SEO-informed ideas based on trending topics.

    Summarizer – AI-Writer can take large chunks of text, extract key points, and generate an easily digestible summary.

    Citations – Unlike many AI tools, AI-Writer provides you with accurate citations of where it has sourced information from, which helps when using AI for research or academic papers.


    AI-Writer offers a 7-day free trial, after which you can choose to subscribe to one of its three paid plans. We’ve outlined each plan in the table below:

    Plan Basic Standard Power
    Monthly $49/month $69/month $375/month
    Annual $41/month $58/month $312/month
    • Basic – 1 user, up to 5,000 words per article, all features included.
    • Standard – 3 users, up to 5,000 words per article, all features included.
    • Power – 10 users, up to 5,000 words per article, all features included.

    AI-Writer offers a 7-day free trial, and you don’t need to enter any credit card information.

    Who it's Best For

    While its features predominantly fit the use case for research or creative writing, AI-Writer’s toolkit also caters to SEO and marketing.

    Its Topic Suggestion feature, Social Media Post generator, and Email generator present AI-Writer to another demographic of small businesses or marketing professionals looking to outsource some of their content production to AI.

    Looking at value for money, AI-Writer’s plans start at an eye-watering $41 per month, which is higher than Rytr, Jasper, and The price makes it less accessible for students and rather aimed at a commercial audience.


    • Minimal input required
    • Handy topic generator
    • Citations can be verified


    • Expensive
    • Fewer customization options

    7. Describely – Best AI Writing Software for Ecommerce


    Best For Online stores
    Starting Price $28/month
    Free Version
    Standout Features Product descriptions, Bulk generation, SEO tools for ecommerce
    Why We Picked It

    Describely, formerly Copysmith, is an AI writing assistant predominantly catering to ecommerce professionals

    Describely allows you to link your online store and create product catalogs and product descriptions within its user-friendly interface. It integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, SquareSpace, and Wix, which supports you when importing your products.

    Describely is one of the simplest tools to use that I’ve encountered – it’s clean and intuitive. If you do ever get stuck, there are help guides on the left side of the home dashboard to guide you.


    Product Descriptions – Describely generates product descriptions in a range of languages and tones of voice. All you need to do is provide an overview and an existing product image.

    SEO Keywords – It can optimize your products for SEO with suggested keywords, helping direct more organic traffic to your online store.

    Bulk Generation – If you have hundreds or thousands of products, generating product descriptions in bulk can save you valuable time.


    Unlike its competitors, Describely offers its services on a sliding-scale pricing model. Below, we’ve listed some examples of how much it will cost you.

    Plan 50 Products 250 Products 450 Products
    Monthly $28/month $138/month $250/month
    Annual $280/year $1,380/year $2,500/year
    • 50 – 450 Product Descriptions – The price varies depending on the number of product descriptions you want to generate, ranging from $28 per month for 50 products to $250 per month for 450 products.

    Describely offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, in case its services are not aligned with your expectations.

    Who it's Best For

    While Describely might not offer the wide-ranging capabilities of some other tools on our list, it excels in a niche that’s key to ecommerce success.

    Describely offers an unparalleled solution for online store owners in need of a reliable solution to generate product descriptions. Its integration with ecommerce platforms minimizes the risk of human error and duplicated efforts, while its SEO-conscious functionality ensures that your products don’t just sound good, they’re also optimized to attract more online visibility.

    If you’re a blog writer, creative writer, or other long-form content whiz, we’d recommend looking at Jasper AI or Writesonic.


    • Focused on ecommerce
    • 30-day money-back guarantee
    • Integration with online stores


    • Expensive for narrow feature-set
    • Not intended for long-form content generation

    8. – Best AI Writing Bot for Sales and Marketing

    CopyAI Logo

    Best For Sales and marketing
    Starting Price $36/month
    Free Version
    Standout Features 90+ copywriting templates, Plagiarism checker, multi-language support
    Why We Picked It is a popular AI writing tool that offers plenty of options for both customization and flexibility, but also lots of preset templates.

    While I found that its templates cater to marketers and sales professionals, is also a solid writing tool for PR, social media, and recruitment. It offers a wide range of use cases, from social media captions to meta descriptions.


    Brand Voice – takes samples of between 50 to 500 words and analyzes your tone of voice so that the AI can easily replicate it for a consistent brand voice.

    Translation – With support for over 30 languages, including Arabic, Mandarin, and German, you can translate your content to reach international audiences.

    Chat – offers a ChatGPT-style Q&A format, which makes it easy to perform edits without scrolling through various tools and templates.

    Pricing offers three pricing plans, including a free forever option. In the table below, you’ll find a breakdown of each plan’s monthly and annual costs:

    Plan Free Starter Advanced
    Monthly $0/month $49/month $249/month
    Annual $0/month $36/month $186/month
    • Free – 1 seat, 2,000 words in chat, 200 bonus credits.
    • Starter – 1 seat, unlimited words in chat, 500 workflow credits per month.
    • Advanced – 5 seats, unlimited words in chat, 3,000 workflow credits per month.
    Who it's Best For is geared for sales and marketing professionals, which is proven by some of the ultra-specific templates on offer. It works at both a strategic level and a practical level.

    It suggests a range of popular business strategy frameworks such as Six Thinking Hats, The Five Whys, and The OODA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) to help you plan and reflect intelligently.

    Since it’s targeted for those with a commercial mindset, may not be the first choice for creative writers or academics, as many of the preset prompts are not useful outside of a business environment.

    Read our full review.


    • Quick and reliable email support
    • Offers generous free plan
    • Customizable tone of voice
    • Very niche templates


    • Not a great choice for short-form content
    • Lots of sales jargon

    The Best AI Writing Generators Compared

    To help you easily compare the top AI writing tools, the table below highlights the key differences between each of our top picks to help you make an informed decision about which one is best aligned with your needs and budget:

    Best AI Writers Best for Starting Price Free Version Plagiarism Checker
    Jasper AI Brand Voices $39/month
    HubSpot Usability $15/month
    Scalenut SEO $39 $18/month (55% off launch offer)
    Rytr Affordability $7.50/month
    Writesonic Accuracy $12/month
    AI-Writer Research Writing $41/month
    Describely Ecommerce $28/month Sales and Marketing $36/month

    How We Review And Test AI Tools

    We base our recommendations on first-hand testing. All the products we feature, have been tested based on the following criteria:

    • Accuracy: The accuracy of every AI tool varies and is largely dependent on the AI model used and the quality of the input. We test each tool to gauge its accuracy across the tasks and use cases it supports.
    • Performance: We also test how long it takes the AI tool to deliver results and weigh this time against the quality of the output. Quick results mean nothing if the output isn’t accurate, relevant, or what you expected.
    • Ethical Considerations: We explore any issues with bias, transparency, and privacy to ensure we recommend only the best artificial intelligence solutions that take these ethical concerns seriously.
    • User Experience: We test every AI tool on all the supported platforms to gauge its user-friendliness and whether it works as advertised. We also explore any online documentation available.
    • Value for Money: We weigh the features, performance, and accuracy of the market’s best AI tools against their cost to determine their value for money. We also factor in the cost to scale with the platform.
    • Features: We test every feature on offer with the service over a two-week period. This includes testing their functionality (whether it’s art generation, or voiceovers, for example) across all the platforms the tool supports.
    • Security: From data privacy to ensuring the tools haven’t had a data breach, we take security seriously, checking their regulatory compliance and how vulnerable the AI models are to exploitation.

    What Is an AI Writing Tool?

    An AI writing tool is an AI platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to complete a variety of text-based tasks in response to user prompts.

    These AI writing assistants are trained on vast amounts of textual data, ranging from books and articles to websites and social media. These tools can be used for article writing, brainstorming ideas, creating outlines, and even for improving existing content.

    The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using AI Writing Tools

    AI writing tools have attracted their fair share of positive and negative attention, so we’ve outlined both of these below to offer you a deeper reflection on AI tools.

    Saves timeHelps writer’s blockRepurpose, rewrite, and improve existing contentLacking a personal tone of voice and individualityChance of inaccuracies

    AI writing tools can generate ideas, content outlines, and even full articles in a matter of seconds.

    If you’re stuck for ideas, you can use AI writing software as a sounding board to generate new ideas that can form the basis of writing exercises.

    You don’t have to fully outsource the whole writing process to AI. You can utilize an AI content generator as a loyal writing sidekick that offers a fresh perspective on your work.

    Since AI is trained on existing writing, its output can often be generic, repetitive, and lack the nuance of human writing.

    Many AI models do not work with real-time research. They might be trained on out-of-date information, which can lead to inaccurate results.

    How to Choose the Best AI Writing Generator

    AI writing apps are becoming increasingly popular as a way to save time and improve the quality of your writing. However, with so many different apps on the market, knowing which one is right for you can be difficult. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best AI writer app for you:

    Natural Language GenerationPlagiarism-Free CopySEO-Friendly ContentEase of Use

    When opting to use an AI writing generator, ensure that it doesn’t negatively affect your engagement with your audience due to generic and robotic-sounding language. Ideally, choose a tool that offers customization and personalization of your tone of voice to preserve your unique brand voice.

    One of the biggest concerns when working with AI writing software is the lack of originality and the potential for plagiarism. It’s important to work with tools that take steps to maintain originality within content production, such as by providing an integrated plagiarism detector.

    To maintain integrity, it’s also wise to perform a quality control check before publishing content online, as there’s always the possibility that AI can generate false or inaccurate information.

    Many AI tools now incorporate SEO optimization into their content production workflows, which attests to how important it is for successful online content. Look out for products that can help with keyword research and content optimization.

    There’s a wide range of AI writing tools out there, some created for complete beginners while others are created for advanced users.

    If a tool is too complex or easy for your level of technical expertise, then it may not align with your expectations. Make use of free trials and plans before committing to a paid subscription to ensure it delivers in terms of ease of use.

    How to Use an AI Content Writing Tool

    In this walkthrough, we’ll demonstrate how you can use Rytr — one of the top AI content writing tools — to create blog post outlines.

    1. Create New Document

      Once you’ve signed up with Rytr, click ‘New Document’ on the homepage. At this stage, you don’t need to specify what kind of project you’re working on. Just give it a title and then proceed to the editor.

    2. Select Tone of Voice

      Your tone of voice should be brand-specific and in line with the topic you are dealing with. Luckily, Rytr offers an excellent range of 20+ tones of voice, so the generated text will align with your subject matter and audience. Paid plans let you create your own tones of voice so that the AI generator writes in your brand’s voice and sounds less generic.

    3. Choose Use Case

      Now, it’s time to specify your use case from the 40+ options available. We chose Blog Idea & Outline, but you can also ask Rytr to generate Facebook or LinkedIn posts, AIDA framework copywriting, or email replies.

    4. Enter Primary Keyword

      If you’re also generating blog ideas and outlines, you’ll now be able to provide your primary keyword for SEO relevance. Other than the primary keyword, you can also specify how many variants you’d like to receive and also indicate the level of creativity you’d like to see on a scale of ‘None’ to ‘Max’. I couldn’t find whether or not Rytr uses live SEO research to inform its idea generation, and I would have liked the option to add in additional information here, such as the intended audience, brand, and blog description.

    5. Generate Content

      Once you’re happy with your settings, you can click ‘Ryte for me’ and you’ll see the output appear in the right-hand side of the editor within seconds.

    6. Edit Output

      After you’ve generated the outline, you can also fill the sections in with AI-generated copy. Just highlight between 100-4,000 characters, and Rytr will continue writing. You can also change the tone or length and insert your own content.


    Is an AI writing tool plagiarism-free?

    What are the limitations of AI writing?

    Can an AI writing tool’s copy be detected?

    How do AI writing tools work?

    Will I need to edit an AI writing tool’s copy?

    Alice Martin
    Senior Writer
    Alice Martin
    Senior Writer

    Alice Martin has five years experience as a writer before joining Techopedia in 2024. After completing an interdisciplinary degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, she began writing in the arts and music industries. Driven by a love of research and analysis, Alice turned her attention towards all things software and technology. She now offers expert advice in these fields to help readers make informed decisions.