The 10 Best Free AI Content Generators for Blogs, Marketing, and Copywriting in 2024

If you’re looking for the best, free AI content generator, this article will provide you with 10 incredible options to choose from, as well as give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

We’ve reviewed and compared the best AI writing software on the market, looking at free plans, features and functionality, and the quality of the generated text. Read on to learn more about the best free AI content generators and find the one that best fits your needs.

The Top 10 Best Free AI Writers Ranked

Before we get to our individual reviews, here’s a quick rundown of the top free text generators on the market, alongside their key strengths, so you can get a good overview of the different solutions at your disposal:

  1. Copy AI — The best free AI generator on the market, which gives you the freedom to create in-depth prompts and generate any type of content while keeping it on-brand.
  2. Rytr — Dozens of use cases, over 20 tones, and more than 30 languages supported. Ideal for generating content outlines and briefs, as well as improving existing content.
  3. Writesonic — The top choice for updating old content with the latest information and relevant, high-volume keywords.
  4. Simplified — Super intuitive and easy to use, and includes an improved version of Google Docs with a built-in AI writing assistant.
  5. Scalenut — The #1 choice for creating SEO-optimized articles, with advanced content planning, in-depth keyword research and clusters, and real-time insight into competitor strategies.
  6. Paragraph AI — Great for AI-assisted writing and improving existing content. Comes with a free browser extension, so you can use it in Google Docs, while writing emails, or to generate posts directly on your social media profiles.
  7. Smart Copy — An ideal tool for experienced copywriters who want to save a lot of time. Translates your instructions and product descriptions into high-quality copy in seconds.
  8. Hypotenuse AI — Provides full control over the article generation process and the best AI-generated long-form copy of all the tools we’ve tested.
  9. Jasper AI — The leading premium AI writing tool, with a seven-day free trial. Over 50 AI templates, on-brand copy, a native Grammarly integration, and an excellent browser extension.
  10. Shortly AI — Simple AI writing assistant for freelancers and experienced content writers who want to bypass writer’s block and create content five times faster.

Are Free AI Writing Tools Worth It?

The short answer is that it depends. There are quite a few limitations on what you can do with AI writing tools with a free plan. The most common approach is to give users complete access to all the features but limit the number of characters or words that you can generate each month without upgrading to a paid plan.

While character limits vary dramatically between different tools, you’ll be able to create five pieces of long-form content at most, even with the most generous AI writer free plan. If you’re looking to generate hundreds of pages of content each month, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan.

That said, if you’re only looking to create a single blog post each month, a few marketing emails, or copy for a handful of paid ads, then free AI tools are an excellent choice.

In any case, the free plans are a great way to test different AI writing tools in practice and see what they’re capable of first-hand before committing to a monthly or annual pricing plan.

In this guide, we’ll show you exactly what the top 10 leading free online AI tools offer so you can decide whether they’re worth it for your needs.

Are Free AI Text Generators Accurate?

There’s really no difference between free and paid plans in terms of accuracy. We’ve thoroughly tested all ten of the AI writing tools on our list, using both their free and paid plans, and there’s no perceivable difference in the quality or accuracy of the generated text.

What this means is you’ll get a pretty good idea of the tool’s AI content generation capabilities without paying a cent. In our experience, and from what we’ve seen online, the quality and accuracy of generated content is generally impressive.

That said, you need to be mindful of the limitations we’ve mentioned with the free versions of these tools.

In addition to being able to generate a limited amount of text each month, you’ll also miss out on features such as leveraging pre-built prompt templates and implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices into your copy.

That’s why we firmly recommend viewing the free plans as unlimited free trials that let you play around with the tools and try them out in practice and then upgrading to a paid plan once you find the AI writing tool that suits you best.

The Pros and Cons of Free AI Writing Software

The most common question on everyone’s mind when considering utilizing AI writing software is how it compares to actual experienced content and copywriters, both in terms of the quality and cost-effectiveness. You’ll also probably be curious about the differences between the free and premium versions of these tools.

To help answer these questions, here’s a breakdown of the biggest pros and cons of free AI writing software:


  • Create content 10x faster and at a lower cost
  • High-quality content with no experience needed
  • Saved time on research, outlines, and keyword analysis
  • Automatically applies SEO best practices
  • Can write fluently in multiple languages


  • Free services lack the functionality of paid plans
  • Tools still require human fine-tuning

All in all, even the best AI content generator can’t completely replace an experienced writer. It can act as an incredible assistant, though, and greatly reduce the time it takes to research topics and create first drafts.

If you train a writer to use AI in their day-to-day work, you can produce five or even ten times the amount of content in the same timespan and at a fraction of the cost.

The Best Free AI Writers Compared

Here’s a quick comparison of the best free AI writing generator software on the market to provide an overview of each of the tools, the limitations of the free plans, and how much money you’d have to set aside to upgrade:

AI Content Generator Best For Free Version Free Version Offers Starting Price of Paid Plans Top 3 Paid Features
Copy AI Best overall Free-forever plan – 2,000 words in chat
– 200 bonus credits
$36/month – Custom workflows
– Unlimited words in chat
– 95+ languages
Rytr Content outlines and briefs Free-forever plan – 30+ languages
– 20+ tones
– Up to 10,000 characters per month
$9/month – Custom use cases
– Unlimited content generation
– Priority support
Writesonic Updating existing content Free-forever plan 10,000 words $15/month – Up to 4m words monthly
– Priority AI processing
– Workplace analytics
Simplified Blog sections Free-forever plan – 70+ templates
– 2,000 free credits
– One-click WordPress export
$12/month – Grammarly integration
– 20+ languages
– Publish directly to Shopify
Scalenut SEO-optimized content 7-day free trial N/A $20/month – Weekly trend digests
– Web page analytics
– Keyword cluster building
Paragraph AI AI-assisted writing Free-forever plan – 5 uses per day
– Chrome extension
$9.99/month – Unlimited usage
– 30+ languages
– Android and iOS apps
Smart Copy Landing pages and Google ads Free-forever plan – 40 credits
– 45+ templates
– 30+ languages
$8/month – Diverse templates
– Priority support
– 30+ languages
Hypotenuse AI Long-form content 7-day free trial – 6,000 words
– Document insights
– Article summaries
$15/month – Plagiarism checker
– 25+ languages
– Range of templates
Jasper AI Branded copy 7-day free trial Access to all features, templates, and SEO optimizer $39/month – Brand Voice
– Templates and automations
– API access
Shortly AI AI-assisted blog writing 3-day free trial 4 uses per day $65/month – Unlimited text generation
– Powerful commands
– Constant updates

Our Reviews of the Top Free Content Generators

Here are our in-depth reviews of the best free AI writing assistant tools so you can see exactly what they’re capable of and make an informed decision on which one is best for you.

1. Copy AI — Best Free AI Generator on the Market

Copy AI is the best free AI copywriting tool on the market and is extremely flexible. While most tools rely on preset use cases, Copy AI lets you type instructions for the tool in as much detail as you want to generate any type of text, from long-form content to engaging, compelling copy for paid ads.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend ages figuring out how to provide Copy AI with the right instructions to generate the content you need, though. You can browse a vast library of prompt templates and fill in the blanks, explaining what topic or product the text needs to cover.

What’s more, Copy AI lets you generate copy that’s aligned with your brand voice. You can upload your style guide, existing articles, most successful paid campaigns, and other content, and the tool will analyze your brand voice and automatically apply it to any text it generates.

CopyAI best Free Ai Content Generator

Best For Free Version Free Version Offers Starting Price of Paid Plans Top 3 Paid Features
Best overall Free-forever plan – 2,000 words in chat
– 200 bonus credits
$36/month – Custom workflows
– Unlimited words in chat
– 95+ languages

Given that Copy AI works off user prompts rather than just use cases, its free plan is a great deal. And instead of the usual limit on the number of characters or words generated, you’ll have 2,000 words to use when writing the instructions for the free AI text generator.

To put things into perspective, tools like Writesonic limit the monthly output to 2,000 words, while Copy AI can easily generate ten times as much based on your instructions. This makes it the most generous free AI writing tool on the market.

In addition to generating content, Copy AI can also automatically cite all resources used and provide external links at the end of the article. This lets you include authoritative links in your content, thus boosting the credibility of your site.

The sources are also invaluable for the writer editing the content, as they can see exactly where the tool pooled information from, saving time on fact-checking and tweaking the article.

In our testing, we were impressed with the quality of the generated content and the sheer amount of useful information Copy AI provides. As well as being informative and accurate, the articles had excellent flow, no grammatical errors, and no repetition.

When it comes to the copy, we were blown away, but that should be expected given the tool’s name. The website copy, ads, marketing emails, and sales text were all excellent at both positioning the product we had it promote and pitching it to the reader to try it out.

That said, Copy AI, much like any other AI text generator, can’t account for design choices when it comes to websites, landing pages, and sales pages, so while the generated copy is excellent, you’ll need to tweak it to align with the design you have in mind.

What’s also great about Copy AI is that it features a built-in Rewrite function, which lets you select up to 300 words and have the tool generate that portion of the text again.

That said, we don’t like the fact that this is done through the editor rather than directly on the generated text, so you have to copy and paste the generated article into a much smaller window and make changes to it there – and the tool can certainly be improved. For more information, read our comprehensive Copy AI review.


  • One of the most generous free plans
  • Gives you complete freedom when writing instructions for the AI
  • Offers dozens of premade prompts
  • Creates on-brand copy based on your style guide
  • High-quality content with no grammatical errors or repetition


  • Can’t generate long-form articles in a single block
  • Editing generated text is done in a small, separate side window

2. Rytr — Dozens of Use Cases, Over 20 Tones, and More Than 30 Supported Languages

Rytr is another incredible free AI writer. It’s super-intuitive, with dozens of built-in use cases for different types of text, so you can get started in seconds and generate content ideas, outlines, blogs, cover letters, ad copy, job descriptions, and more.

What’s unique about Rytr is that it can also help you generate keywords for the topics you want to cover. Granted, this research isn’t as in-depth as it would be if you were to do it manually with a dedicated tool like Ahrefs, but it’s good enough to ensure you rank for the relevant, high-volume keywords for any given topic.

As well as creating copy around keywords provided by you or generated automatically, Rytr also lets you select the tone for its articles. There are over 20 different tones currently available, ranging from informative and convincing to casual and humorous.

Rytr plagiarism

Best For Free Version Free Version Offers Starting Price of Paid Plans Top 3 Paid Features
Content outlines and briefs Free-forever plan – 30+ languages
– 20+ tones
– Up to 10,000 characters per month
$9/month – Custom use cases
– Unlimited content generation
– Priority support

The quality of the content generated with Rytr is excellent. The tool struggles a bit with repetition when generating long-form articles, but this is remedied by the built-in Improve and Rephrase features, so you can easily select a phrase, sentence, or paragraph and have the tool rewrite, improve, or expand on it.

That said, in our experience, the best use case for Rytr is for content briefs. The tool generates in-depth briefs with a breakdown of each heading, alongside the keywords and sub-topics that need to be covered in each part of the article.

This makes it easy to generate blog ideas and helps ensure you’ll cover all the information on the topic so you can build authority in your niche, establish trust with your audience, and drive a ton of qualified traffic to your website.

The biggest downside of Rytr is that its free plan is pretty limited. You’ll only have 10,000 characters to work with each month, which is just about enough to generate a single long-form article.

The free plan is still an excellent way to test out the tool in practice and could be a viable option for generating high-quality, engaging copy a few times each month, but if you want to use the tool’s full potential and create a ton of AI content, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan.

To learn more about this tool, you can also read our in-depth Rytr review.


  • Intuitive and can be used by anyone regardless of their writing experience
  • Choose between dozens of use cases and over 20 tones
  • Features a built-in plagiarism checker and Improve and Rephrase functions
  • Performs basic keyword research


  • Struggles with repetitiveness with long-form content

3. Writesonic — Top Choice for Updating Old Content

Writesonic is an AI text generator with an online free plan that lets you generate up to 10,000 words per month. It’s based on GPT 3.5, so it’s been trained on billions of pieces of content and can generate virtually any kind of text.

Much like Copy AI, Writesonic lets you provide more than just simple instructions. You can upload trending keywords, statistical data, brand guidelines, and even your best-performing pieces of content, and it will use all of this to ensure the generated content is on-brand, follows your style preferences, and uses the right terminology.


Best For Free Version Free Version Offers Starting Price of Paid Plans Top 3 Paid Features
Updating existing content Free-forever plan 10,000 words $15/month – Up to 4 million words monthly
– Priority AI processing
– Workplace analytics

This makes Writesonic an excellent choice for complex topics, such as healthcare, law, and tech, where extensive knowledge of technical terms is necessary to create well-written articles. With Writesonic, you can have any writer generate superb content in minutes, regardless of their experience with the topic.

Alongside articles and blog posts, Writesonic can generate professional-looking landing pages that are ready to publish. And rather than just generating copy, Writesonic can generate code, so you’ll have design outlines, pre-formatted text with headings and bullet points, and CTA sections all in place. All you need to do is add images.

Another great use for Writesonic is improving your existing content. The Paraphrasing tool can rewrite sentences, paragraphs, and even whole articles and essays.

This helps you instantly update old content with the latest information, improve structure and flow, help you rank by adding relevant keywords, adjust the tone and voice, or even rewrite the content in another language.

Writesonic isn’t only great for content agencies and businesses – it can also be used by creative individuals who want to write their own short stories. The Story Generator feature lets you bring creative ideas to life and generate captivating stories with a single click in over 25 languages – just slightly fewer than Rytr.


  • Generate up to 10,000 words/month with the free plan
  • Update existing content with recent information
  • Generates text based on brand guidelines, data, and top-performing content
  • Comes with built-in AI SEO optimization features
  • Extensive prompt library, so you don’t have to start from scratch


  • Occasionally makes grammatical errors when generating or paraphrasing long-form content
  • Results are dependent on the detail and creativity of user input

4. Simplified — Google Docs-Like Tool with a Built-in AI Writing Assistant

Simplified, as the name suggests, is an AI writing assistant that significantly simplifies content creation. It lets you bypass writer’s block and generate ideas for your blog, outlines, paragraphs, entire sections, and conclusions in seconds.

It can also turn your creative ideas into compelling copy that’s guaranteed to grab the attention of your target audience.

What writers will love about Simplified is that it looks and feels familiar, especially if you’re used to working in Google Docs. The layout of the documents in the editor is nearly identical to Google Docs, and you’ll have quick and easy access to all the formatting tools you’re used to.


Best For Free Version Free Version Offers Starting Price of Paid Plans Top 3 Paid Features
Blog sections Free-forever plan – 70+ templates
– 2,000 free credits
– One-click WordPress export
$12/month – Grammarly integration
– 20+ languages
– Publish directly to Shopify

Additionally, editors can go over the generated articles and leave comments directly on the documents in Simplified, making it easier for the writers to implement the necessary changes and polish the AI content to perfection.

Simplified is a great option for solopreneurs who’re handling content creation by themselves. It provides you with 70+ premade AI templates for virtually any type of text you might need, from blogs, resumes, and Amazon product descriptions to website copy, company bio, and marketing emails.

What’s unique about Simplified is that you can utilize quick commands to instruct the AI writer, as well as spruce up your content with banners, quotes, and embedded images and videos. To access the commands, all you have to do is type / into the editor, and choose the desired command from a drop-down menu.

With all that said, the free plan is limited to 2,000 credits, where one word equals one credit. So, you’ll be able to generate a dozen emails, a few landing pages, or a single long-form blog post per month on the free plan. While this is pretty generous, all things considered, Copy AI and Writesonic let you generate five times as much text.

Lastly, one drawback of Simplified to be aware of is the fact that it can’t generate full articles at once. Instead, you’d have to go through the AI Blog Section Completer and generate one heading at a time.

Not only does this break up the flow of the article since the AI doesn’t factor in the previous section, but it’s also limited to only 20 words of prompts as headlines, so there’s no room for detailed instructions or inputting keywords for the AI to use.


  • 70+ AI templates to help you get started in seconds
  • Engaging, accurate text with no grammatical errors
  • Built-in AI chat to guide you through content creation
  • Issue commands to the AI from the editor
  • Plagiarism checker within the tool and native Grammarly integration


  • You have to generate each article section separately
  • Paid plans still have a word limit

5. Scalenut — #1 Choice for Creating Fully SEO-Optimized Articles

Scalenut is a rather unique AI writing tool due to its strong emphasis on SEO optimization. The tool doesn’t just help you write articles but ensures the content is fully optimized for search engines, so it will rank on the first page of Google and consistently drive qualified traffic to your website.

With that in mind, it’s not the most intuitive option out there. To make the most out of Scalenut, you’ll need to have both extensive writing and SEO experience or hire an SEO strategist to ensure you don’t end up ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for the wrong words or cannibalizing your content.

Scalenut dashboard

Best For Free Version Free Version Offers Starting Price of Paid Plans Top 3 Paid Features
SEO-optimized content 7-day free trial N/A $20/month – Weekly trend digests
– Web page analytics
– Keyword cluster building

That said, if you do have the required SEO knowledge, Scalenut can help you sweep the competition.

It generates relevant, high-volume keywords based on your topics, groups them into keyword clusters for each piece, provides you with accurate, real-time metrics, such as keyword difficulty and search volume, and gives you insights into your competitors’ strategies.

Scalenut doesn’t simply generate text, either, but analyzes SERP data to provide you with a complete, SEO-friendly article outline, with the H2s and H3s mapped out. This ensures the generated text covers all the relevant information on the topic, so you’ll provide your readers with everything they need.

What’s more, Scalenut will write in your brand voice by automatically detecting your tone and style based on existing content pieces. All you need to do is provide the URLs to your published articles. Alternatively, you can input the desired voice manually or choose between the preset tones (informative, humorous, friendly, etc.).

The downside of this tool, aside from the level of SEO knowledge required, is that it doesn’t have a free-forever plan. Instead, it gives you a seven-day free trial of the tool to test it out in practice, after which your subscription will automatically renew based on which plan you selected when creating your account.


  • SEO-optimized article generation
  • In-depth keyword research and clustering
  • 40+ AI templates
  • Content plans and outlines based on real-time SERP data
  • Writes in your brand voice


  • No free-forever plan
  • Limited number of SEO articles you can create per month
  • Requires a decent level of SEO knowledge to fully utilize

6. Paragraph AI — Great for AI-Assisted Writing and Improving Existing Content

Paragraph AI is a super-simple AI assistant software that helps you boost productivity, create engaging content faster, and boost brand awareness by dominating social media with compelling posts and ads.

As the name suggests, Paragraph AI isn’t exactly envisioned as a tool that generates entire articles at once. Where it truly shines is when it comes to generating smaller sections of up to 200 words based on your prompts.

The generated text is informative, engaging, and to the point, but the quality of the output greatly depends on how descriptive and easy-to-follow your instructions are.

Paragraph AI browser extension

Best For Free Version Free Version Offers Starting Price of Paid Plans Top 3 Paid Features
AI-assisted writing Free-forever plan – 5 uses per day
– Chrome extension
$9.99/month – Unlimited usage
– 30+ languages
– Android and iOS apps

It’s best to view Paragraph AI as an assistant that writes alongside you rather than instead of you. In addition to generating text based on your prompts, the tool can offer suggestions for sentence structure and help you expand your vocabulary and adjust the tone of the article.

It can also rephrase and improve the content and expand on it, so you’ll never be stuck with writer’s block again.

There are dozens of other uses for Paragraph AI. For example, you can generate social media posts and tweets, have the AI suggest hashtags for Instagram, or get formal documents like press releases, sales proposals, technical manuals, and reports.

What’s also great about Paragraph AI is that it offers a free Chrome extension, so you can use it wherever you type, be it Google Docs, your mailbox, or social media profiles. One thing to keep in mind is that installing the browser extension and logging in with your Google account automatically initiates the seven-day free trial.

You’ll have access to all the tool’s features, and after the trial, you’ll be reverted to the free plan unless you provide up-to-date payment information. We weren’t particularly happy with this type of free trial, especially after learning that the free plan is limited to just five uses per day.

While five daily uses might sound like plenty, you should keep a mental note that this tool is a free AI paragraph generator, so it can’t write full blog sections or complete articles.

This amounts to over 30,000 words, but it would take you a week to put together a single long-form article, whereas tools like Writesonic let you generate 10,000 words in a single day if you choose.


  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Provides suggestions on sentence structure and vocabulary
  • Instantly improves and rephrases existing text
  • Generates engaging social media posts with one click
  • Can generate a wide variety of technical documents


  • Not well-suited for generating long-form content
  • More of a writing assistant than a standalone AI writer

7. Smart Copy — Ideal Tool for Experienced Copywriters who Want to Save Time

Smart Copy is a free AI copywriting tool that lets you create landing pages, pop-ups, banners, marketing emails, and Google ads for your campaigns in the blink of an eye.

The tool offers dozens of templates for virtually any kind of copy, so you can get started right away. What we love about Smart Copy’s templates is their level of detail. If you choose a landing page, for example, you’ll be prompted to list the main benefits and features of the subject, as well as general information on the topic.

And it doesn’t just generate text – you get a full-fledged landing page, complete with buttons, icons for the bullets, and a CTA (Call to Action) section. This can save you a ton of time on graphic design work and ensures the text perfectly aligns with the layout.

Smart Copy

Best For Free Version Free Version Offers Starting Price of Paid Plans Top 3 Paid Features
Landing pages and Google ads Free-forever plan – 40 credits
– 45+ templates
– 30+ languages
$8/month – Diverse templates
– Priority support
– 30+ languages

Another super useful feature of Smart Copy is the ability to convert URLs into engaging ads. With this, you don’t even have to worry about providing instructions and product descriptions.

Instead, you can have the smart AI scan through a particular webpage, analyze all the information present, and put together a compelling ad that contains all the key information on the product or service you’re selling.

The biggest downside of Smart Copy, in our experience, is that it heavily relies on user input. You need to have decent copywriting knowledge and must know how to properly write the instructions for the AI, otherwise, it will generate dry copy that’s often repetitive.

With that in mind, we’d recommend Smart Copy as an AI assistant rather than a full-fledged AI copywriter. It can save you a ton of valuable time, help you brainstorm new ideas, and bypass writer’s block, but it can’t do as much on its own.

Another thing worth noting is that the free plan is extremely limited. You only get 40 credits, and a single 100-word landing page uses up 30. Compared to generous Copy AI’s free plan, which gives you 2,000 words and 200 free credits to work with, Smart Copy is rather stingy.


  • Templates for virtually any type of copy
  • Use existing website content to generate ads
  • Generates copy in 30+ languages
  • Provides a sample design alongside generated copy


  • Free plan is limited
  • Text gets repetitive

8. Hypotenuse AI — High-Quality AI Long-Form Articles

Hypotenuse AI is another great AI writing tool, especially if you’re primarily interested in long-form content. It excels at generating content outlines and writing full-length articles based on user-provided keywords but can also generate ecommerce product descriptions, social media copy, Google ads, and marketing emails.

Hypotenuse AI functions similarly to Copy AI and Rytr in that you’ll need to provide the AI with an in-depth description of the topic and the keywords you’d like to implement. You’ll also be able to choose one of the preset tones for the generated text, as well as create your own custom tone to ensure the content is on-brand.

You’ll also have the option to add a reference file. This is done to help the AI gain a better understanding of the topic, so you can feed it product descriptions, business information, your own research on the topic, whitepapers, and other documents to provide more context.

Hypotenuse AI

Best For Free Version Free Version Offers Starting Price of Paid Plans Top 3 Paid Features
Long-form content 7-day free trial – 6,000 words
– Document insights
– Article summaries
$15/month – Plagiarism checker
– 25+ languages
– Range of templates

What we love about Hypotenuse AI is that the content creation process is split into three stages, where you have full control over the title of the article and the headings included in the generated text.

When selecting which of the generated headings to use and in which order, you can also further direct the AI by providing the key talking points for each heading. Additionally, you can manually add headings if you feel like the AI skipped an important sub-topic.

While the process takes a bit longer compared to other AI writing tools, if you’re willing to put some thought into the instructions, you’ll get a full-fledged article in under a minute.

Of all the tools we’ve tested, Hypotenuse AI is by far the most impressive when it comes to the level of information provided, the grammar and vocabulary, and the structure and flow of the article.

Another useful feature is the ability to convert generated articles into LinkedIn and Instagram posts. The AI shortens the text and pulls the most relevant information to create engaging posts for your social media profiles that’ll grab your audience’s attention and make them want to read more.

The downside of this tool is that it doesn’t offer a free plan, only a free trial. Additionally, even the premium plans enforce a strict limit on the number of words you can generate, but we believe the $39/month for 50,000 words is a fair price given the incredible quality of the articles.


  • High level of control over the generated content
  • Superb quality of long-form articles
  • Ability to provide reference documents to the AI
  • One-click conversion for articles to social media posts


  • No free plan
  • Paid plans still enforce a word limit

9. Jasper AI — Leading Premium AI Writing Tool with a Seven-Day Free Trial

Jasper AI is one of the best AI writing tools on the market in terms of the quality of the generated copy. The reason why it’s at the bottom of our list is that it’s relatively expensive and doesn’t offer an entirely free plan.

That said, you can still test it out and compare it to other tools on our list with Jasper AI’s seven-day free trial to see the difference between a free tool and a premium one and make an informed choice.

What Jasper AI excels at is generating high-converting copy in your brand’s voice, similarly to Copy AI. The tool lets you upload your knowledge base articles, information about your business and your products, and details about your target audience.

Jasper-AI dashboard

Best For Free Version Free Version Offers Starting Price of Paid Plans Top 3 Paid Features
Branded copy 7-day free trial Access to all features, templates, and SEO optimizer $39/month – Brand Voice
– Templates and automations
– API access

It studies the provided information to ensure that the generated copy is 100% factually accurate and that it is conveyed in your established brand voice.

There are over 50 templates in Jasper AI’s library, and you can use them to generate anything from website copy and ads for your marketing campaign to promotional emails and social media posts in as little as 15 seconds.

What you’ll also love about Jasper AI is the tool’s ability to find the most up-to-date information and cite resources for every claim it makes in the content.

When generating blogs, you’ll also be able to select the intended audience, choose a tone of voice, and provide in-depth information on the topic to ensure the AI knows what needs to be covered. This makes Jasper AI a great option for writing articles that position your business as an authority in your niche.

Another reason to opt for this tool is the Jasper Everywhere Chrome extension. This allows you to take your copywriting assistant with you wherever you’re writing, be it your company’s Slack channel, your emails, Google Docs, Word, or WordPress.

On top of that, Jasper AI boasts native Grammarly integration, so you’ll never have to worry about typos or grammatical errors again.


  • Superb quality of generated text
  • Captures your brand voice by learning from existing materials
  • Offers over 50 AI templates to choose from
  • Generates factually accurate content with up-to-date info and cites sources
  • Strong browser extension that lets you use the AI writer anywhere


  • No free plan, only a seven-day free trial
  • Expensive paid plans

10. Shortly AI — Simple AI Writing Assistant for Freelancers and Experienced Content Writers

Shortly AI is the best entry-level AI writing assistant on the market. The UI is stripped down to just the essentials, so you won’t be overwhelmed with dozens of buttons, features, drop-down menus, and options.

That’s not to say that Shortly AI isn’t a powerful text generator. Quite the contrary, it’s capable of generating sentences, paragraphs, headings, and even complete long-form articles, provided you learn how to utilize the available commands to properly instruct it.

The commands are /instruct, /rewrite, /shorten, and /expand. While this might not sound like much, the instruct command is very flexible, given that you can write virtually anything and go as in-depth as you believe is necessary.


Best For Free Version Free Version Offers Starting Price of Paid Plans Top 3 Paid Features
AI-assisted blog writing 3-day free trial 4 uses per day $65/month – Unlimited text generation
– Powerful commands
– Constant updates

Another aspect of Shortly AI that’s worth mentioning is its unique approach to keywords. After typing out a command, you can simply add + and – signs in front of specific words that you’d like the AI to use more frequently or avoid.

This lets you utilize negative keywords, as well as gives you control over keyword frequency, so you can ensure your main keyword appears multiple times in the generated text while still hitting all the tertiary keywords as well.

If you don’t want to use the commands, you can simply provide Shortly AI with an article brief, choose input length, and have it auto-generate the text. We don’t recommend this option since you’re relinquishing control. Even if you choose the maximum output length, you’ll only get a few paragraphs’ worth of text.

Shortly AI’s biggest drawback is its simplicity. There are no templates, no settings to adjust the tone, or any advanced SEO analytics to speak of. That’s why we believe it’s best used as an entry-level tool for the world of AI writing or as an AI writing assistant for freelance writers and experienced content writing professionals.

Additionally, there is no free plan. The free trial lasts only three days, compared to Jasper’s 7-day free trial, and you’ll only be able to use Shortly AI to generate text four times per day during those three days.


  • Simple, minimalistic UI
  • Full control over the generated text with commands
  • Can rephrase or expand on text in seconds
  • Completely original text that passes plagiarism checks


  • Text quality depends on your ability to write detailed instructions
  • Doesn’t offer a free plan

How We Ranked the Best Free AI Content Creators

We meticulously tested each of the AI writing tools on our list, trying out all the different features available on the free plans and free trials and generating at least one long-form article with each.

We then compared the results, taking into account the factual accuracy, the grammar and vocabulary, the sentence structure, the flow of the copy, and other aspects like ease of use, use cases, and free add-ons like built-in plagiarism checkers and integration with other tools.

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the key factors that contributed to our rankings across AI writing generator free tools:

  • Ease of use — How easy it is for someone with limited writing experience and no previous experience with AI writing software to generate content. The best free AI text generator should greatly speed up your writing process, so it should be simple enough to where you can generate anything in a few minutes.
  • Templates — How many templates are on offer, how detailed they are, and what level of customization they allow. You should ideally have templates for technical documents, short stories, emails, and other forms of text.
  • Level of control over generated text — The more detailed your instructions and descriptions, the better the quality of the generated text will be. The best tools let you import existing content, add keywords, provide in-depth product and topic descriptions, and rephrase and improve generated text.
  • Quality of AI-generated content — The text quality and grammatical and factual accuracy are paramount. The less time you spend editing and manually rewriting the generated content, the better.
  • Free plan limitations — Most free plans are limited in one way or another, typically in terms of the number of words you can generate each month. The more generous the free plan, the higher the rating of the free AI content creator tools on our list.
  • Functionality on the paid plans — If you want to generate content at scale, free plans won’t be enough. They’re great for trying out the tools, but word count limits typically only allow a handful of articles per month. That’s why we took the additional features available on paid plans into account as well.
  • User experiences — To be as objective as possible, we took the experience of other users into consideration as well. We’ve crawled through popular review sites and read dozens of comments on each tool, focusing on their benefits and drawbacks, and have taken them into account with our ratings.

How Do I Make An AI Article for Free?

Here’s a step-by-step guide you can follow to generate your first piece of AI-written content in minutes. We’ll use Copy AI for this example since it’s the highest rated on our list, but the process is similar for other AI tools.

Step 1. Get Started with Copy AI for Free

Visit the official Copy AI website and click the “Try for free” button in the top right corner.

CopyAI Get Started

Create an account or choose to proceed with your existing Google account. After logging in, you’ll be automatically redirected to the dashboard where you can start generating the article.

Step 2. Choose a Prompt and Provide Instructions to the AI

Once you’re inside the dashboard, you’ll be greeted with a page that provides you with three example use cases. At the very bottom, you’ll find a chat field where you can input instructions for Copy AI to have it generate virtually anything.

If you’re feeling creative, you can type out instructions manually and see what the AI comes up with. Alternatively, you can click on the “Browse Prompts” button and select one of the pre-written templates on the left in the image below.

CopyAI Step 2

For this example, let’s go with the Article Generator template.

Step 3. Configure the Template

Once you’ve selected the prompt, it’s time to fill in the blanks. Explain to the AI what topic it needs to cover and tell it what tone it should use, depending on whether you’d like the generated article to be informative, humorous, casual, or invoking a particular emotion in the reader.

Copy AI

You can edit any part of the prompt. So, if you’d rather have some other information in place of statistics, you can edit the second line of the prompt to your liking.

The great thing about Copy AI is that you can go as in-depth as you’d like, meaning you can write a single-sentence instruction or write entire paragraphs with detailed guidelines.

Step 4. Fine-Tune the Article with the Improve and Rephrase Features

Once you’re satisfied with your instructions, hit the green button in the bottom right. Copy AI will instantly generate the text, and you’ll be able to edit it on the spot.

Read through the generated text and take note of the areas you’d like to improve. After you’re done, click the “Add to Editor” button.

CopyAI step 4

The text will appear in a separate window on the right, where you’ll be able to format it to your liking, tweak it manually, or have Copy AI rewrite parts you’re not satisfied with.

Simply select up to 300 characters and hit “Rewrite” to have Copy AI generate a different variation of the text until you’re satisfied with the results.

Step 5. Publish Your Article

Once you’re done polishing your article, you can copy it directly to WordPress, Shopify, or any other content management system you’re using. Don’t forget to write the metadata or have Copy AI generate it for you before you hit that Publish button.

Our AI Software Guides

Our team has created a range of guides and resources on the best AI tools available, which include:

Conclusion — What is the Best Free AI Content Generator in 2024?

After reviewing, testing, and comparing the top 10 AI writing tools on the market, we have to give the title of the best free AI blog content generator to Copy AI. In addition to the generous free plan, it creates undeniably great content.

With dozens of premade templates and full control over the instructions you can provide the AI, you’ll be able to generate virtually any type of text on any topic.

What’s unique about Copy AI is that the monthly word count limit applies to prompts you enter and not the amount of generated content. With 2,000 words in chat, you can provide instructions for dozens of different articles and pieces of copy, whereas most other tools limit you to only a handful of blog posts.

On top of text generation, you can also create custom workflows to have Copy AI generate content for you at scale. This is a life-saver for content agencies and businesses that want to cover all the relevant topics and dominate their niche.

Don’t just take our word for it – click the button below to test Copy AI for free and see first-hand why it’s the best free AI content writer in 2024.

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